Mod development efficency

Some thoughts from me: On any solo project, my mind wanders around to other things pretty freely. Having a team with regular input and discussion from others helps bring my attention back to the project frequently, and get things done. I’ve had a lot of ideas for smaller mods or mods for different games, but completion on them is rare, while HW:@ keeps chugging along.

Having a team does have overhead of course. Everyone has their own lives, their own schedules, and so forth, and nobody is getting paid. Sometimes you end up waiting for someone else to finish something, or just be online for a conversation about something. I’m a big proponent for keeping busy making things, so having a side project or two makes some sense, but for me those are things besides homeworld mods. And they don’t(usually) involve big modeling efforts, which are a considerable time sink.

(I was writing this while others replied, so their aguments where not taken into account).

The personal mod, actually can be a mod where you propose and/or lead it. While the team mod is a group of ppl that you won’t matter much if you lose some decisions and things go on into another direction. But I think a mod team has to stablish some goals, so ppl won’t get upset or offended when new opportunities arrive.

Below, I’m proposing a body of concepts. I’ll provide an example later.

Being part of a team, goals are divided in 2 types:

  • Content - which is the main goal (new race, new game, etc)
  • Support - the set of personal rules that will tend to motivate you.

Being part of a team, my support goals are:
1 - ETA for the first interesting release?;
2 - Can we discuss and stablish the minimal accepted content before starting to work?;
3 - Can we chop the schedule to make partial releases like screenshots, balance tests (with place holders), teasers, etc?;
4 - Can we focus on new in-game assets and game rules or game modes for the first release?;
5 - Can we make a single stylized PDF (or even TXT) with some features and credits of all the things found inside that build?

1 - A complete mod can take years, but something made by a team,must be more agile;
2 - The problem is not 10 ships taking an year, but becoming 20;
3 - “We’re not dead” marketing;
4 - that means, we won’t play with NIS, animatics, voiceovers, soundtracks before there is something playable and releaseable and we will focus on player base feedbacks and replayability (this is more a personal choice);
5 - Answering why did you create things or fantasizing it is appreciated by the players and game’s enthusiasts (like HW1’s H&TB)

Have to do something here, be back later…

Another factor of how grand scale your mod has is: A total conversion or ship addition. …Or a gameplay rules mod.

having only started modding homeworld at all in the past week or two, ive probobly bitten off a hell of alot more than i can chew.

so far i have 4 mostly working models ingame(horribly textured, i plan on redoing the uvs at a later date), carrier/mothership, frigate , corvette and destroyer

Im aiming for an entire custom race to start with, so probobly another 20 or so ships to sort out. If i can get all that working satisfactorily, ill probobly try and turn it into a TC race by race


Well we’re always thrilled to see new people try their hand at modding, no matter their ambitions! Welcome!

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Cheers, ive done mods for other games before, but first forray into homeworld modding :smile:

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Do you have screenshots of your previous mods, so we can take a look at the art style?

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not anymore idt, been through a few harddrive failures and a couple of computer changes and sadly lost alot of my old stuff, most of what i did was for X3, as for the style, the stuff i did for X3 was all Battlefleet gothic ships, more of a moddler than a texturer

There’s an equal but opposite force to that: If there’s no one else contributing to your objective, the only way to get closer to it is by sitting down and actually doing something!

Basically, every time I think to myself: “I wish there was more going on in the dev community”, I follow it up by: “well, I better get back to that damn boring texturing then”.
In another words, if you want news, you have to generate them.