Mod documentation

What’s the best way of including documentation with a mod? ModDB and Steam both limit the amount of text you can post. (Because we all know what a huge strain plain text places on their servers compared to gameplay videos.)

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I dont have a downloadable solution, but you are always welcome to create a Page for your mod on HWMOD wiki and mirror all the documentation there.

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Either way you can make a web page and link to it.

You could make a video of yourself reading out the documentation…

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What I used to do was create a thread for each mod on Relic News forums and link to there. But most of those forums are now locked. HWMOD wiki might be a good alternate solution.

You can just put a page in your mod’s mainmenu ingame. :grinning:


That’s actually not a bad idea.

FYI, I actually do keep copies of all my readmes on my website. But I’ve already lost my domain once, and moved from GeoCities before that, so I wouldn’t consider my website reliable.