MOD Encryption for homeworld remastered

Just posted to see if the XOR encryption used for RM bigs has to be interfaced with some DLL in our game apps.
If not can we use other XOR methods on our bigs to help prevent unauthorized theft.

I say this as after pulling apart the ‘Bigdecrypter’, the format used for the key can’t really be used the other way around due the formats/methods used.

You should probably “summon” the devs with the @ tag.

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Summon eeey
Won’t allow me to link bitvenom :frowning:

How come? @bitvenom

Noooo idea :frowning:

DLL? What? XOR? Again, what? We aren’t using the ‘encoded’ format any longer. Hell, if we decide to revisit the issue again, it’ll be with a new format that no tools open, not by re-using the old quickie version…

As for ‘Mod access’ - no, because the code doesn’t somehow prevent opening the .big - what you need to open the .big is already inside of the .big - once you have the code… which has been reverse-compiled for 3+ months now. Once a Mod has been mapped we’re way past having a use for any key or fingerprint data it might have contained…

As for DLLs… I have no idea what that’s in reference to - Mods are effectively just art and LUA script - both being quite transparent and easy to edit by anyone, and not in the least bit ‘DLL’.