[MOD] EVE Online Total Conversion

As a 7 year old Eve Online player i really appreciate this mod. And hope development wont stop :slight_smile:

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Random bump to confirm that since the Citadel expansion the setup of carriers and super carrier should eventually involve launching of 9-unit fighter squads. Once I get into map editing I might try making some super huge maps with each player have a Keepstar citadel, but with them positioned JUST outside the map. This should HOPEFULLY address the insanity that the model that big would cause in terms of collision detection.


With the addition of EVE fighters I figure this is how the conversion will match up:

EVE Fighter - interceptor
Heavy fighter - bomber
Support fighter - command fighter?

Frigates - corvette
Destroyer - heavy corvette

Cruiser - frigate
Battlecruiser - heavy frigate

Battleship - capital (destroyer)
Dreadnaught - capital (BC/HC)
Force Auxiliary - capital
Carrier - capital (carrier)
Super carrier - mothership

Don’t have plans to include titans at this time because they will break EVERYTHING. Also don’t plan on doing T2 ships


Do Titans as ‘planets’/megaliths in the background?


I need to learn map stuff regardless :stuck_out_tongue:

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are you the only one who working this mod ?

Putting animated stuff (or just big cool stationary stuff) in the background is pretty easy, and there are some great tools you can use to do animations, shader effects, etc. Hopefully I’ll get some free personal time in the near future to make some examples of how crazy you can get :wink:


At the moment, yes.


Also having the need for large off map objects, is there, other than performance limitations from mesh/texture complexity, other limitations for background objects?

I’ve always been interested in doing an atmosphere map where the planets surface is just at the bottom of the map or right below it and ships would get a push downward when they are destroyed, though I would imagine that there would no way to do surface impacts because of the limits of collision mesh size. I guess it could be scripted in a campaign.

Another interesting one would be a ring world


If you make your maps too large you’ll get Problems with your ships. I think float point or something like that has reached it’s limit then.

WHile in HW2 the ships where jittering around this seems to be fixed in HWR but on the other hand the mesh itself starts to deform.

I noticed this is small (not really noticeable) if you go with a Radius of about 250 - 300 km, everything bigger is going to have really noticeable deformations.


My Steam Source with comments.

You probably want to take this into account when playing around with big maps.


Yeah this is the exact kind of limitation I’d like to have in mind, thanks.

I suggest staying below 200km units for many reasons - including numerical stability.


How’s it coming?

Not been doing much because of busyness IRL. Will prob do a whole lot all at once though once I have the time :stuck_out_tongue:

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I would be Helping @Xercodo with this if Hodor/Hodorest would work for one smeging day

This is why we can’t have titans


Impressive! Could you give me that image in full resolution? :stuck_out_tongue:

Prepare to lose an hour looking for everything


Holy S**T


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I see Sajuuk! :wink:
9 days for that whoops

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