[MOD] Homeworld 2 : The Dark Wars: Update: Campaign missions needs testing! (Restarted)

Hello I am Mr. S and the other day I stumbled upon a Homeworld 2 mod called "Homeworld 2: The Dark Wars.

(This mod has been in hiatus for 2 years). I was considering remastering it(on DarkSajuuk’s behalf) but unfortunately I don’t know how to! I am only a beginner at modding.

The Homeworld 2 mod link is here:

Homeworld 2 The Dark Wars

Story Of The Dark Wars
Fifty years after the Hiigarans united the 3 hyperspace cores, and unleashed the Great Maker Sajuuk, things were going well as they repaired the damage the Vaygr did to Hiigara, or so they thought. In the shadows of the galaxy, there was an ancient Progenitor gate, on the other side there was a darkness, more eviler then anyone could of imagined. Behind this gate was Dark Sajuuk the Great Destroyer, and his Dark Progenitors, the evil cousins of the Progenitors, by unlocking Sajuuk the Hiigarans also unlocked the Gate of Darkness, and so the Darkness was released. Now Dark Sajuuk and his minions are after the 3 hyperspace cores, if he gets them there will be no hope for anyone. Only the Hiigarans and Sajuuk can stop the coming Darkness but will they find out how to?

Meanwhile in the dark corners of the Galaxy a monster that everyone though was dead has been reborn, and it hungers for revenge, and the galaxy. As it turns out the Beast Infection wasn’t completely stopped a small pocket of it survived and now it is rampaging through the galaxy feeding on every thing in it’s path. The Beast may be using old technology but it has vastly upgraded them.

Even though their leader Makaan is now dead, and their fleet shattered, this didn’t mean the end for the Vaygr for a new warlord has come to power Rajas-Veer. Rajas-Veer was Makaan’s second in command and one of his closest friends, because of this Rajas-Veer wants revenge on the Hiigarans but can’t with the kind of fleet he has now, and because of this he is looking for ways to fix that problem.

Within their shattered empire, the Taiidan are rebuilding for War, a new emperor has risen, and wants revenge on the Hiigarans for everything they have done to the once great Taiidan Empire, and is willing to work with the Vaygr. The Taiidan were the most feared empire, and they shall be again.

In a far away sector there is an icy world where the advanced, and peaceful Kardarans are preparing for war just like they have for many unending years, in their war against the Beast.

Now soon all of these races shall meet and thus the Dark Wars shall begin, there can only be one victor but who shall be that one? You decide.

This is the ship line-up of the Dark Progenitors
Fighter Class
Scout Drone
Interceptor Drone
Attack Bomber Drone
Elite Drone

Corvette Class
Light Mover
Heavy Mover
Capture Mover

Frigate Class
Sentinel (Assault Frigate)
Guardian (Ion Frigate)
Hunter (Heavy Ion Frigate)

Capital Ship Class
The Dark One’s Hand (Mothership/Carrier)
Dark Space Gateway (Shipyard)
Sleeper (Attack Carrier)
Keeper (Destroyer)
Reaver (Artillery Cruiser)
The Dark Star (Ultimate Ship/Sajuuk)

Platform/Defence Class
Hyperspace Generator
Shredder Turret
Repair Facility

Utility Class
Slave Miner (Resource Collector)
Overseer (Resource Controller)

Kardaran Ship or Kadeshi ships:
This is the Kardaran’s ship line-up
Fighter Class
Assault Swarmer
Pulsar Swarmer

Corvette Class
Advanced Swarmer
Advanced Assault Swarmer
Advanced Pulsar Swarmer
Zealot (Elite Swarmer)
Saber (Ion Corvette)
Missile Swarmer

Frigate Class
Aunes-Naba (Assault Frigate)
Tries-Naba (Capture Frigate)
Multi-Beam Frigate
Command Pod

Capital Ship Class
Kardaran Needleship
Spire (Elite Carrier)
Crusader (Dreadnaught)
Templar (Battlecruiser)
Avatar (Artillery Cruiser)
Khar-Toba (Carrier)

Platform/Defence Class
Gun Turret
Heavy Gun Turret
Ion Gun Turret
Repair Drone

Utility Class
Salvager (Resource Collector)
Advanced Salvager (Advanced Resource Collector)
Fuel Pod (Resource Controller)
Proximity Sensor

Beast Custom Fleet:
Kushan: Minelayer Corvette, Defender, Attack Bomber and Probe
Taiidan: Destroyer, Resource Controller and Proximity Sensor
Somtaaw: Dreadnaught, Carrier(and it’s support modules), Command Ship(and it’s topside modules) and Mimic
The Beast Infection Corvette supplied by @herobrine101902

I would like this mod Remastered because I would think people would like to see this in HD and see what the Darkness looks like. Besides its a new take of a existing race in the Homeworld Universe…The Progenitors.

A introduction gameplay video was made by the original mod author. The link is here

On January 13th 2018 I released the Teaser Mission plot outline. Actual mission will be released when done!


The Taiidan Empire and Vaygr in this area are working together. Hiigaran patrols are patrolling this area and are wondering what is going on. Upon closer inspection it turns out that they are looking for Sajuuk! The Great Maker . You must destroy them before they capture the warship otherwise it is a only a matter of time before they can reach Hiigara.
There are allied fleets located in this sector.
And to make matters worse sensors detect a unknown third race detected.

01: Prevent the enemy from reaching Sajuuk.
02: Identify the unknown third race.
Secondary Objectives:
01: Protect the allied fleets from destruction.


These are the three add on’s to this mod.
First the Dark Progenitor Demo which is basically a whole fleet of Progenitor ships but with black and purple colour scheme.

Second is the Dark Progenitors and Kardaran demo

And thirdly is the Beast Custom ships

I already seen it can be done brilliantly in Homeworld Cataclysm Remastered Beta 2.0 so I can’t see why these custom ships can’t be remastered also.

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No-one was born an expert at modding homeworld, so that’s where we all start. Take a look at the tutorials and have a go! If/when you get stuck, ask a question here and someone will help you.

I think remastering this mod is a great idea. Start by using RODOH to turn the original HOD files into DAE files. From there you can make adjustments (eg higher Res textures) or just feed them straight into HODOR to produce HOD files compatible with homeworld remastered.


Amen to this. I myself started by porting an abandoned HW2 mod to Remastered, then it kinda sorta snowballed from there.


I have decided to do a Campaign based on the storyline.
One of the ideas that I have is: to ultimately battle Dark Sajuuk and its forces. It’s starts at Hiigara and ends up at Dark Sajuuk liar.Its starts with Hiigaran Sajuuk getting blown up and ends finishing off the Darkness .
Might involve Taiidan and Vaygr.

Another idea is to discover who the Kardaran fleet are and ultimately find a way to stop them.

What do you guys think? Do you have any ideas for a campaign for this mod.

I would highly recommend that you start tinkering with the game first before attempting to build a campaign. I’ve done mission-scripting, and it is quite complex, even when you already know how to build your own factions, ships and add scripts.

Porting the mod to RM would already be a good objective that has the advantage of teaching you many things.

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I would throw a curve ball into the campaign by eventually winning over the Kardaran (Kadesh) to your side. Maybe battle them for a while and then diplomacy kicks in and they decide that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. They hyperspace in and save your butt.

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The campaign is a future thing that I was planning to do. I was just thinking up ideas. I am planning to modify the game first then do the campaign.

Plus I have already have some experience at mission design, because I have created some test missions. They worked.

A bit like what The Taiidan Rebellion in Homeworld 1 and cataclysm did to the Kushan/Somtaaw

How to input the files into HODOR and make HOD files? I tried it via the tutorials but It always keeps failing.

In what way does it fail? Do you get an error message?


Your workflow is going to be:

HOD* > DAE > HOD**

*This file is from the original mod
**This file is for remastered

The first step will be done by RODOH, the second by HODOR.

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Yes it had an error message as you described.

Don’t keep us in suspense. What’s the content of the error message?

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It said that the texture of the ships weren’t compatible with the editor. Also it said that i was using the wrong HOD files. But that’s impossible because I was using the files that the mod give me.

And that was RODOH giving the error message?

Were the modded textures edited with CFHodEd? If so then this is your problem.

Depends, I’ve been using CFHodEd without compatibility issues with RODOH/HODOR.

Yes the RODOH was messing with things. That why it give the error message

I manged to get the RODOH working. Now the error message doesn’t pop up anymore. Thanks

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I never ever used CFHodEd before in my life.