[MOD] Homeworld 2 : The Dark Wars: Update: Campaign missions needs testing!

(Darksajuuk) #41

Wow it has been a long time since I’ve seen anything to do with this mod of mine let alone work on it.

Sadly I lost all interest in working on it which is why It has been on hiatus for 2 years now and why I ended up archiving it on MODDB. It was interesting working on it but as said I lost all interest on working on it and life got in the way as well.

In any event I just want to say that @nathanbcoco anyone helping them to work on this port/update is welcome to do so and who knows maybe one day I’ll pick this stuff up once again and start working on the mod once more myself.

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #42

Great to have your endorsement on the re-energising done by @nathanbcoco

I hope you do decide to return to modding and help him out with the remaster!

(Caal-Shto) #43

This is just a small update of what been happening on the Mod! And possible

1: Released a Teaser possible plot outline (might update it when necessary)
2: Installed the Homeworld 2.3 player Patch into the mod so that it works as intended now!

Teaser Mission plot outline

The Taiidan Empire and Vaygr in this area are working together. Hiigaran patrols are patrolling this area and are wondering what is going on. Upon closer inspection it turns out that they are looking for Sajuuk! The Great Maker . You must destroy them before they capture the warship otherwise it is a only a matter of time before they can reach Hiigara.

There are allied fleets located in this sector.

And to make matters worse sensors detect a unknown third race detected.

01: Prevent the enemy from reaching Sajuuk.
02: Identify the unknown third race.

Secondary Objectives:
01: Protect the allied fleets from destruction.

What do you guys think of the teaser mission plot outline . Do you think I should change anything or should I keep it as it.

(Goose3) #44

Sounds interesting but that teaser mission will require many additional sub objectives to make it interesting. And perhaps some additional information told within the Mission as to what exactly Sajuuk is. Early on in Hw2 timeline it should be nothing more than fairytale to the Hiigarans… So some concept on how they become to believe these ancient stories about the great maker should make sense and not necessarily follow the original Hw2 retail plot mission by mission.

(Caal-Shto) #45

I will update the teaser mission plotline when I have finalised the teaser mission and I will add the

additional information told within the Mission as to what exactly Sajuuk is and how they become to believe these ancient stories about the great maker.

And @goose3 you are right I will have to add more additional sub objectives so that it is interesting.

(doci7) #46

I gotta be honest, it confuses me. I’m not sure when or under what circumstances it would make sense for Taiidan and Vaygr to be looking for Sajuuk.

If it’s before HW2 that this is happening, then they shouldn’t need to try to find Sajuuk, because Makaan knew both the locations of the other cores, as well as the need to use Balcora Gate to access Sajuuk itself. It might make more sense in this instance if they were trying to locate Balcora or the “second Dreadnaught”.

If it’s after HW2, merely looking for Sajuuk seems like an odd pass-time, because everyone would know the Hiigarans have it.

Of course there’s always alternate timelines :sweat_smile:

The other thing that doesn’t make sense to me is that the second mission objective is to “Identify the unknown third race and destroy them”… but how can you know you need to destroy them before you’ve identified them?! For all you know they are some really nice folks.

(Goose3) #47

Back then HW2 was completely rewritten for some strange purpose which is why the original hw2 storyline was somewhat “mhh”. In the original story they had in mind you could explore megaliths and even capture the huge progenitor flagship apparently it was the Vaygr Flagship back then not sure.

Anyway the original game would’ve introduced a lot more races in the game than hw2 actually did. In a similar manner than Hw1 did with couple sub factions. I suppose Nathan is following the same footsteps. So we may in for a big huge campaign here.

@Nathanbcoco : Let me know in due time when you need an internal beta tester. I helped the Republic mod by providing tons of ideas for their missions. Having been a mission designer myself for many years I know how to tell good stories and provide unique missions. If it weren’t for the none existent 3d map editor Homeworld lacks I would be building many campaigns for that game. My lua is rusty since 2008.

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #48

Yes, @goose3 is very helpful as a tester. His feedback made our missions much better.

I assumed all this was an alternate hw2 story…

(Caal-Shto) #49

So @darksajuuk if you decide to come back and help me with the remaster there are lots of people wiling to beta test the mod! To give us feedback and help us improve the mod!

(Caal-Shto) #50

I know this is not part of the mod but does anyone aware that there was supposed to be Keepers Destroyers and Movers in Homeworld 2 Mission 3 Tutorial?

I wonder why they didn’t add them to the tutorial mission?!

(DoomLord) #51

maybe just testing stuff and forgot to remove the code

(Caal-Shto) #52

Have a Look at this hyperspace jump (in the middle) and tell me which Homeworld Race/ ship this is?

  1. Progenitor
    2: Vaygr
    3: Kushan.
    4: Hiigaran
    5: Taiidan

I Wonder how many people get this answer right.

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #53


(Herbyguitar) #54

It looks like Kushan from behind but it’s hard to tell from this distance.

(doci7) #55

Well the middle one might be either the Kushan Mothership or the Pride of Hiigara; it’s sort of inconclusive, especially since I don’t remember whether they changed the original parade formation in order to segregate different frigates. The Turanic vessels are where they would usually be in the ‘captured ship’ queue for the Kushan parade formation. Plus the Resource Controller is Kushan which further reinforces Kushan. Overall I would guess that this is the Kushan with the HS window changed to yellow.

(EDIT) The ships on the other side of the Mothership are almost certainly Kushan Frigates upon closer inspection. So unless you went to great pains to make it shockingly the Pride of Hiigara surrounded by Kushan ships and others in Kushan parade formation, this is definitely Kushan.

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #56

I thought the question was to do with the colour, not the ships themselves…

(Caal-Shto) #57

The answer to the question is 3: The Kushan Mothership!

So @herbyguitar and @Kragle you go it right. @Dom2 it was about the ship itself. Sorry for the confusion.

(Herbyguitar) #58

Do we get a prize? :nerd_face:

(DoomLord) #59

Digital Cake!?

(ajlsunrise) #60

So I take it you found the answer to the question you posted on the other thread?