[MOD] Homeworld 2:The Ultimate HW2 Mod[Pic Heavy]

The webpage that has the download link can be found here:
[URL=http://www.homeworldaccess.net/viewpage.php?page_id=67]Ultimate Homeworld 2 Mod[/URL] or further down on this page…
Main mod page at Relic Forums

Go to bottom of page to get the link to d/l the mod.I would like to thank Homy_NB from HWACCESS.net for hosting my mod.:thumb:What my mod is going to be is the following.Ever wanted to build Hiigaran ships while playing as the Vaygr?Well in my mod you’ll be able to build the Vaygr ships as well as the Hiigaran ships as well which should be very interesting.My mod will not contain any custom ships, only ships from sp,etc…Unfortunately atm I can’t get the Vaygr carrier and shipyard to work with the Hiigarans and vise versa(ie. the vaygr carrier won’t build either the fighter,corvette or the frigate production facilities or subsystems also with the shipyard…).Single player has been disabled.

[B]This mod is made for HW2 v1.1 (Classic)
Most likely will crash HWRM.Try at your own risk.[/B]

Here are a couple of screenshots from the mod:

v4.0 build 427(Not yet uploaded)
*Fixed change profile menu bug.
*Added missing Vaygr(Keeper) Attack Droid’s .mad animation and .madstate files.
*Disabled the build ability for the Keeper Destroyer and the m10 version so the build queue on the left of the screen isn’t cluttered up.
*Also the Vaygr Keeper Destroyer and m10 version has their build ability disabled for multiplayer…
*The Keeper Destroyer m10 and Vaygr Keeper Destroyer m10 has been given the standard Keeper Destroyer .events file.
*Some entries in the classdef.lua file have been fixed\added,removed and is being reviewed for errors,mistakes,missing entries.

v4.0 build 386(Direct download link)
Fixed the following Hiigran-Vaygr ship descriptions in the Hiigaran research menu so far:
*Hgr_Vgr_Command Corvette
*Hgr_Vgr_Missile Corvette
*Hgr_Vgr_Laser Corvette
*Hgr_Vgr_Interceptor(Assault Craft)

*Fixed a spelling mistake that prevented the lvl 2 armor of the Hiigaran-Vaygr Missile corvette from being researched.
“Polishing” the mod in the hope that this version be the final version.May re-add the Vaygr planet killer to both the Hiigarans and Vaygr.

*Removed build code from the following ships because the code were for another mod plus the build queue menu is less clutered as a result:

Fixed the following ship’s research descriptions:

*Can get the mover subsystem built on the Hiigaran mothership but I can’t link the Kpr_mover to the mover corvette production subsystem for it to be built once the subsystem is built as it stays unbuildable.
*Removed all custom maps.Rather pointless because I have updated them since I last uploaded the mod.
*Removed Makaan as the Vaygr mothership and use the standard Vaygr mothership as the default one.
*Hiigaran Dreadnaught can now be built\hyperspaced in by the Hiigaran mothership.Added to the Vaygr to be built as well.
*New ultimate hw2 fleetbadge. :slight_smile:
*Might add the motherships as buildable ships.
*Maps will be able to be downloaded separately.
*Fixed save game bug

*Fixed hgn_vgr_carrier animation with the resource docking arm.
*Removed armour and engine level 1 & 2 for the hgn_vgr_minelayer as hgn_minelayer does not have upgrades available for it.
*Fixed some maps.Made some new maps as well.

Mod Database link for my mod:[URL=“http://www.moddb.com/mods/ultimate-homeworld-2-mod-intro-and-download-link”][/URL]

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