[MOD] Homeworld Fulcrum Single player mission available

Homeworld:@ is an alternate fan-sequel project. We take Homeworld 1 and Cataclysm as our starting point and build new art, gameplay, and story out from those, discarding all but a few starting-point elements of Homeworld 2. We have a playable skirmish mode with all new fleets, and even new mechanics such as drone frigates akin to Cataclysm’s hive frigates. We also have a survival mode where you fight against ever increasing waves of enemies, and later on special extra threatening boss ships.

We have over 40 fully modeled and textured ships from a variety of contributors. However, new players should be aware that our planned ship lists are large and to fill out the gameplay we’ve put placeholder models in many roles. These range from untextured rectangles to partially finished actual models. If you’re playing the survival mode you have the option of only fighting ships with finished art, though you can still build placeholder ships yourself if you choose to.

Downloads for the mod can be found at http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=636887139 or at http://www.moddb.com/mods/homeworld2. Information about our ships can also be found at http://hwat.pathstoeat.com/, however that information is currently quite out of date, pertaining only to the last classic game version of the mod.

It’s been a long time since we got to increase that second version counter, but here we are. I’m proud to present something that’s been in the works for a long time, campaign content.

Patrol of the Lihal-Adaar Mission 01: Convoy
Long teased, a single player mission is available. Fully voice acted and featuring a short introductory cutscene, it follows a rising Command officer leading a carrier group to stomp out pirate activity in allied territory. A lot of work went into making the objectives more complex than just two fleets smashing into each other, and we look forward to seeing the community’s response to it.

Special thanks go out to our voice actors and the artists that let us use their music. The mission features two tracks new to Homeworld and four different actors lending their voices, with care given to get as close as possible to Homeworld’s style of delivery and voice processing. To me these have really brought the mission to life.

Included are two different difficulty levels, and if they’re both too hard or too easy for some people I can look into expanding that range in the future. Difficulty will likely have to be tweaked once mission 2 comes along as we start to get a handle on how to design for persistent fleet, which seems to be one of the biggest design challenges of a Homeworld campaign.

However, I’d like to be clear about something. Fulcrum has big plans for a large campaign, with outlines coming to between 14 and 20 missions. This mission is part of a separate campaign, that will span 2 to 4 missions when complete. Think of it as like old RTS demos that had small unique campaigns rather than a small part of the main campaign. It’s in the same world and it may set up things the main campaign builds on, but it is a stand-alone story. This was done to give us a chance to build our mission design skills without worrying as much about screwing up the campaign we’ve invested so much in planning out. It exists now as a proof of concept that while mission making may be very demanding, it is possible. As it is very much a path-finding experiment for us, any and all feedback on it’s quality and fun level is valued.

Thanks also to the folks that have helped test the mission before release, both recently and back before the mission development had to be put hold for the HWR and 2.0 transitions, their input has led to important improvements in areas that I thought were good enough but turned out not to be. If I’ve forgotten to add anyone who tested it to our credits, just send me a message and I’ll add you for future versions

Vaygr Heavy Fighter
Also included in this released is a finished version of a Vaygr strikecraft. This heavy fighter represents a newer wave of concept art than the past placeholder ships were based on, and better matches the story our vaygr art is intended to tell.

(View in 3D)

As always we’ve got a lot of other irons in the fire that aren’t quite done, but I’m quite excited to finally have representatives of all sizes of Vaygr combat craft in the game.
There have been a few other changes and tweaks as we get more comfortable with HWR 2.0, but I’ll leave them for the full changelog. As always, thanks for playing, and have fun!



Before exhibiting the actual mod content, I felt the need to show the marvelous inspiration behind the work. For those who have not seen it before, this is a rendering of HW@'s Taiidan Republic Destroyer, imagined and illustrated by Talhydras, or as many know him from the old Relic Forums, Avatar II. A very dang long time ago, I saw this picture and was amazed that with such a beautiful design as this, nobody on the team was actually making it at the time. I try to be patient about stuff but my eagerness to see this ship exist eventually led me to attempt to go well beyond my actual skill level and make it for them. After working closely with them for some time, trading the model back and forth with Avatar for tweaks, adjustments, realignments, and a little hi-poly adaptation for ambient occlusion mapping, the texturing started. And it got almost nowhere. But after years away from the project, I finally got back to it, and with Dark Sentinel’s updated HW1 Taiidan Destroyer as a guide (as well as the source of some of the verbatum details), lots of encouragement, feedback, and suggestions from the team, a finalized set of conventional textures was at last completed.

Be sure to check out the ship in 3D on p3d. For those who have known this ship was in the works for a long time, I hope your patience is justified by the end result. For those who didn’t know about this ship at all, I hope it’s a splendid surprise!

But wait, that’s not all! Allow me to treat you to this other “inspiring and lovely” doodle:

LOL. This didn’t quite reach the same artistry quota as Avatar’s Destroyer concept, but it was enough for me to go on, I suppose. After the team produced this lovely vessel:

I decided that I really wanted to try my hand at making a Fighter for them that would fit in with the design motifs but still blaze its own path. Mostly I was hoping to make something that would not be built all that much like the body of a fish, lest the entire Tobari fleet would start to appear like different-sized fishes, which apparently I wanted to avoid for whatever reason. So now, after doing my best to flesh-out my doodle and getting much-needed artistic suggestions from the team, we have this:

You can also find a 3D view of this ship by clicking on these blue letters.

So there’s some updates… enjoy!!!


That Destroyer, I don’t have words.


It really is beautiful, isn’t it? It’s been a joy to watch it come together and an honor to be even peripherally involved in it’s creation(all I really did on this one was help keep people in touch with each other.). I encourage everyone to check out the p3d link for both ships, though it’s a pitty you don’t get to see the interceptor’s animation that way. Will have to get that into people’s games as soon as we can.


Shoot; there was more I was supposed to talk about. HW@ is working really hard to make different instances of the ‘same’ ship each have its own distinctiveness. Your standard Destroyers are going to play somewhat differently depending on whether you’re Vaygr, UNH, Frerrn, or one of the Taiidan factions. The UNH Destroyer has mad coverage for its big guns, but it’s no better protected from fighters than it was in the HW1 era. Races like the Frerrn and Vaygr haven’t moved past spinal-mounted ions yet, but sacrifice some of their anti-Frigate prowess to integrate moderately effective fighter-screening turrets. In the case of this particular Destroyer, as Chris Pratt might say, “That thing’s part Support Frigate!” The great big spiky parts along the flanks are actually beefy industrial versions of the Corvette docking arms of the Support Frigate, and you will find five fighter dockpads along the ventral side of the ship. So it will be able to maintain some decent support craft for itself, and hopefully cart escorts through Hyperspace, if the devs ever resurrect the old ferry system.


Um. Damn. That is really, really sexy. Amazing work guys!

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That Destroyer would normally make me depressed, but it’s so beautiful it just makes me happy. It’s when you’re simply glad that something exists.

BTW, you don’t have a HWRM HW@ page. Make it now, upload it there. Uplaod it to the HW@ Classic, upload it everywhere. This has to be seen.


Lol, I’m glad it makes you happy because the last thing anyone would want is for it to make you depressed! Sharing projects is great for the enjoyment of positive feedback, but it’s also my hope that something I can post will build up the community by basically sending the message, ‘the modding community is still thriving, and our collective list of accomplishments has just gotten one ship (in this case, two ships) bigger!’

I’m not sure what you mean by a HWRM HW@ page. Like the Steam listing? There’s not a lot I can do in that department until the workshop file goes live. In any case there probably are plenty of other places to make the announcement; ModDB, Relic Forums, maybe the HW3 facebook page, stuff like that. But right now I’m in no hurry… just glad it’s posted here.

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I expect he means a HW@RM page in the HWRM section of ModDB. It’s something I do intend to do, and showing this off is some extra motivation for it for sure. I’mm have to get RN too. Facebook will have to be someone else if anyone, though.

Lol, yeah, the facebook page is kinda dumb; lots of people being REALLY off-topic more than half the time, unfortunately, but I guess that’s what you have to expect. If I dig really deep I can find some Homeworld-related material under pictures of Pluto and Futurama and stuff.

Did I miss a “moddb” in that message? It was in my head (not just thinking about it, but specificaly thinking about typing the word moddb), I suppose it didn’t make it pass the keyboard.

Doesn’t matter how dumb the facebook page is, you should post there as well. Every exposure counts.

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[quote=“Pouk, post:12, topic:362850”]
Doesn’t matter how dumb the facebook page is, you should post there as well. Every exposure counts.
[/quote]I can’t argue with that! But I think it may be better to wait until there’s a mod release that includes the new content; facebook has a short attention span after all!

Timing? Yeah I understand. But I have a counterargument (but a last one, I promise). See, in my oppinion it’s better to attract your players soon, because by the time you actually release, you already have a nice healthy sized playerbase. And the sooner you’ll start gathering your followers/subscribers, the more you’ll have, it’s as simple as that.

And anyway, who says you can’t show it on facebook now and then show it again when the timing/pacing actually suits you…
But that’s a last one from me on this topic. The Destroyer is just too gorgeous for me to grasp how are you even able to hold back.

Man, I love that ship!
I wanna play with it!

Well I did post the ship on facebook; now I’m definitely glad I took your advice! The amount of attention its getting is measurably substantial; this was probably easily the farthest-reaching means of circulating the update. My only gripe is that facebook was a jerk and decided to post just the picture of the new model above my actual post that showed the model and the concept, had a link to the p3d file, and most importantly tied the ship to HW@; I don’t know why or how that happened.


That FB post is an absolute triumph. You got to show your work more often.

I was actually remarking to Siber that I should post about mod updates there again in the future - the circulation was definitely impressive!

Where can I get it?

In the future.

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