[MOD] Homeworld Fulcrum Single player mission available

(doci7) #365

Ironically to explain our complete thought process as to some of the title options, links to backstory won't be adequate. It treads the fine line of spoiler territory in some instances.

(Chimas) #366

Hmm, I have HW@'s pdf here, it's extensive, so it might contain spoilers, can't remember right now.
But you could round up a few paragraphs to provide some context. For example, "Fulcrum" can be a good option, depending on the context. If there's no context, so the word will have to rely in its aesthetics alone.

(Leonardo) #367

I would change "The Silence of 10000 years" to "The Aeon of silence"

(doci7) #368

That's... a mighty good name. I'll make sure the whole team hears your suggestion!

(REARM V2) #369

I like that one. Actually a first one I liked if I'm being honest. All of the other ones seemed hard and sharp and your mod feels rounder and more elegant to me. (...and no, I don't have synesthesia)

(doci7) #370

Yeah, nothing's a perfect fit. The fortunate thing is whatever name gets finalized, it'll eventually seem natural, if only given enough time. That's how things tend to work out.

(REARM V2) #371

That is true. However you name it, it'll eventually naturally be exactly that.

(Siber) #372

If people want to read the manual and haven't already, it's available at http://hwat.pathstoeat.com/versions/Readme.pdf. It doesn't contain spoilers, but it does contain hints, as it should. It's also nearly novel length, so I wouldn't really want to make it required reading just to vote on this :slight_smile:

(Leonardo) #373

I've followed the manual's versions since I heard of the mod and I deeply love it, but I think it lacks of images(like faction logos or images for the ships). Do you plan to include them in any release?

(doci7) #374

Faction logos have been almost as slow and second-guessed in developing as the new name for the mod itself. But I can't make much of an effective excuse for not having ship pictures - certainly not without being a pdf author myself. Good constructive criticism anyway! I expect it is nothing that isn't planned for the manual.

(REARM V2) #375

You posted the topic on moddb, it got me thinking again, so allow me to actually comment this time:

  • Firstly it does not help at all that the manual is in rar. I'll be honest with you, even I stopped the download the first time couple days ago and I love the mod. Incredibly lazy, I know, but that's how it is. You can't ask people for their time and investment and not provide the simplest solution of the direct link. Most people just won't be bothered.

  • Secondly it's long. Long as in "you know what, I'll leave it open and finish my comment after I've read it, instead of doing it now and form said educated opinion."

But basically, for an average person it's too complicated and to put it bluntly you haven't earned their dedication to invest their time and effort (that has nothing at all to do with the quality, just with how you sell it). We are all stupid short attention span monkeys and we all have things to do and if you don't serve it in a digestible way, you'll have silence.

Now since I haven't read it yet, I'll comment with my ignorant first (second) impression:

  • After Landfall - Apocalyptic but not too cheesy, I like it.
  • The Second Homeworld War - Confusing. There has been numerous Homeworld wars and you got all kinds of numbers depending on how you count. And yeah, you're rewriting HW2, but even though what you say makes a certain amount of sense, it's somewhat intuitive to be counting to three with a WH'2' mod, people don't expect retcon, they expect continuation. But my biggest problem is simply this, the full name: "Homeworld 2: The Second Homeworld War".
  • The Silence of 10 000 Years - I much preferred mentioned Silence of Aeons. Shorter, punchier, more elegant. Yet, since I haven't read your manual, I don't get the silence part. The history of HW universe is very much vibrant and not silent.
  • Inheritance - If it has a relevance to something in the story, it's good. And short, which is important. Imagine this context: "let's go play Complex", "let's play REARM", "I'm in the mood for some TFS". In opposite of "let's play The silence of the 10 000 Years". So Inheritance has clear points here for not being the longest title. ...Though, what's the relevance? What are we inheriting?
  • Fulcrum - googles fulcrum in the dictionary - oh yeah, I actually though that's something like a pendulum, so I wasn't too far off. Good name. But again only if it's relevant to the story.

You might know I always give the blunt opinions, so here it is.

(doci7) #376

That's nothing if not helpful. Hosting the manual as an uncompressed pdf that people can bring up in their browser would be a smart move for us, I agree. Personally I found the name critiques helpful too. Granted, a long name isn't a death sentence because the community always finds a clever way to shorten it (Tactical Fleet Simulator being one of the above examples), but having been rather proud of coming up with "The Second Homeworld War", it's good to have an effective objective look at why that one isn't the dead-ringer I hoped it would be. Although now I half fancy a future where "The Silence of 10000 Years" gets shortened to "HW:10000" XD

(REARM V2) #377

That's actually quite nice. You could plant it yourself in news articles and such, by using HW:10000 yourself as its nickname. The mod officially called by its full name and each time you adress it you say HW:10000 is finally here, HW:10000 is updated with new drone frigates models etc...

EDIT: I just realized my sentence "if you don't serve it in a digestible way, you'll have silence" has a beautiful double meaning. If you make it complicated, you may end up with your "Silence of 10 000 years". :slight_smile:

(REARM V2) #378

Wait, why not "10 000 years of silence"? I know "silence of 10 000 years" might be more poetic, but 10 000 years of silence (or even smoother "Aeons of silence") are easier on the tongue.
Or I'd call it just "1000 years of silence" (thousand years of silence). It's a beautifully smooth and yet poetic.

The only problem I see it's sort of reminiscent of "100 years of solitude".

EDIT: What about:
Homeworld: Infinite Silence.
Homeworld: Endless Silence.
I love that one.

Homeworld: End of Silence
or Homeworld: End of < insert time period > Silence
:slight_smile: I like that one. It's your fulcrum and 10 000 years combined. It signifies both the silence and the change.

(Siber) #379

That's a fair point. I'd originally uploaded that as a way to get the various mod docs to steam users. I should be able to upload a bare pdf version and swap out the links shortly.

Also very true, and why I was originally just going to go with the synopsis. The manual doesn't really tell people where we're going with the story either, so it's mostly there for people that feel like consuming 30k words of hw fanfic.

Regarding the commentary on each name, I won't go for point by point responses, but your opinion is very appreciated.

It'd probably get chopped down further to HW:10k, though.

(Siber) #380

that kind of thing is something we'd love to include, but don't have specific plans to focus on in the foreseeable future.

(Lazer72) #381

Homeworld : Serenity

(raw_bean) #382

Everyone would assume that's a Firefly mod!

(Lazer72) #383

Homeworld : Age of Serenity

(doci7) #384

No one would play because they would assume there is no fighting to be had (:

Also the lore - spoilers or no - doesn't so much describe an era that can generally be considered serene, lol.