[MOD] Homeworld Fulcrum Single player mission available

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if you haven't voted yet, the plan is to close the polls in about 44 hours, give or take a few.

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Has anyone thought "Homeworld: Broken silence"?

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Yes, that's the one I was looking for.

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A lot of the suggestions for alternatives are pretty good, but I'd rather not put up a list of things for public vote and then pick something that wasn't on that list :frowning:

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If you find something that suits your taste, take it. We're glad to help or participate, either by voting or by suggesting. Don't create a wall against opportunity. In strategy you have planned strategy, executed strategy and emerging strategy which fills the gap between the other two ...

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Well, here’s something then. It wasn’t what I was trying to work on earlier, but it’s definitely something to show…

Czalkir Throne (v2) (View in 3D)

Treat it like a model showroom if you want. Pick it apart, ask questions, make recommendations, if any pickings/questions/recommendations come to mind.

EDIT: for ship description, see two posts below:

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Capital Ship? Frigate? Fighter?

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Good question, lol… I completely forgot that I didn’t even specify what the ship is.

It’s a fighter… basically a re-imagining of my original Czalkir ship, the Tagfighter (advanced scout/artillery spotter ship). Now that I have a much better handle on a much better modeling program, I can’t help but try to dream up more respectable designs for them.

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Ah, I remember that thing… Good times. :slight_smile:

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You probably would remember it… I seem to recall you were one of the folks who were generously attempting to think up a way to make it actually work the way I imagined it. It was a perfect first mod ship… based entirely on a silly notion that anyone experienced in the game code would have known was pie in the sky.

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I totally forgot to reply to this.

Beautiful model, very well made. I love the fact you’re good at this and there are no technical flaws in it. The polycount might be slightly generous, but I wouldn’t worry. It’s always nice to see quality models in here, so it’s a crime against everything that I stand for that I didn’t respond earlier. -Especially when this is a reply to my direct hint to show something. It’s incredibly rude of me. So here’s me correcting this.

You asked or mentioned criticism? Not that I have objectively anything against it, the design is recognizable/typical to Czalkir and elegant, you made your own alien race with its own design philosophy and that’s nowhere as easy as many might think. But if I was forced to point out a couple of things? This would be the list:

  • Honestly I never knew where the cockpit is…
  • The Tag Fighter right? So it is supposed to be fragile. But maybe all the gaps dividing the engine block into three sections and the weaker neck between the engines and the body is a bit too much? A typical Homeworld ship is ugly sturdy, as in utility first, sleek design later. Same reason I rebuilt my Artillery Frigate from that anime thing into a solid ship. I understand this is an alien race, so the exception to the rule is obvious. But still, a couple of tiny touches would improve structural integrity by 200% and the ship would overall look the same.
  • I don’t know your texturing plans, but the original Czalkir always felt too colorful to me, too saturated. Slightly cartoonish even. This time around I would add some solid metal in the construction and couple patches of worn out paint.

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Don’t take it as me touching your sacred creation, just something I would personally do:



I know it “de-alienize” them a bit, but in my opinion aliens believable in real world are even cooler.

(doci7) #398

Thanks a bunch Pouk… a very big bunch! I did despair somewhat when I heard nothing from you but that is more than made up for now!

I’ll happily address all of your bullet points:

  • The cockpit is not present yet, but I can show you what it was always supposed to be:

    The blue circled area is where it was on the Tagfighter… the Interceptor had a second ‘window’ circled in red that actually became the pilot seat… I wanted to have a gyroscopic view-port on Czalkir fighters for the gunner. As the Tagfighter didn’t have much need of a gunner, with its weapons being forward-fixed and very sustained attack runs not expected, I just used the gyroscope cockpit as the sole cockpit because it was more interesting. I had planned to do the same this time around, but I need to redesign that element as well, given that I’d like to have something that actually looks capable of somehow fitting a living organism in it, lol.

  • I will take to heart the matter of greater structure. I wanted to give the ship a skeletal quality but I see that I’ve gone too minimalist… it’s hard to imagine that if these fighters were deployed atmospherically that the high-performance engine in the back combined with air resistance wouldn’t shear the ship in half. (Atmospheric flight is probably out of the question anyway, but it’s still an unpleasant thought). I’ll probably do very close to what you suggested there! Still on the fence about whether I want to fill in the gaps in the engine itself though…

  • Texturing… At this point my approach is a matter mostly of speculation even to me, but of course, I am comforted in feeling much, much better versed in the art of texturing now than when I began with Czalkir ships. Larger patches of plain metal and signs of wear sound good to me! In any case I certainly hope the design will benefit from the intervening years of learning about texturing as much as it hopefully has so far from what I’ve learned about modeling.

Thanks again for your critique, it has been most uplifting!

(REARM V2) #399

These gyro capsules rotate, don’t they? As 0 damage turrets perhaps.

(doci7) #400

Yes, that’s right. Well, it never did on the Tagfighter, but the Interceptor was rigged exactly that way. Figured if the Tag only has one pilot, they probably oughta be facing forward all the time (:

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@Pouk: This is rather preliminary, but I hope it gives you fuel:

Taiidan Republic Assault Frigate (View in 3D)

It’s Avatar II/Talhydras/Paul’s latest artwork as best I have been able to render it so far:

His artwork is also undergoing some level of evolution at the moment, so it may be some time before we reach a mutually agreed upon 100% completion of the model.

(REARM V2) #402

Looking really nice. What do you disagree about?

(doci7) #403

Well, it’s not really a matter of disagreeing as much as it is that I’m trying to make the model before he’s really finalized the art. So the process is somewhat fluid, or whatever you would say.

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #404

The more I look at this the more I approve of it. I like the concept as a whole, but I’m really not convinced by those long barrels on the turrets. They just don’t quite feel “Homeworld” to me. The side bits are great, they really recall that design feature on the HW1 Taiidan frigate. The engine is great, it fits well with your destroyer. The bridge section is also a good piece of design - the outline reminds me a bit of the originals, but the implementation is fresh. In summary :thumbsup: