[MOD] Homeworld Fulcrum Single player mission available

(ajlsunrise) #405

@Dom2, It’s somewhat of a shame we already have an assault frigate, because I’m really digging this design… I say somewhat, because I like the one we have too…

(doci7) #406

I’m glad you like it! There’s much work to do on it… the turrets for instance (since you bring them up, lol) are placeholder meshes; I do hope the end result will seem more suitable… That is also true of the defense laser domes and all the spiky bits… only the main body has been seriously labored over as of yet, and that needs a lot of work too.

This is an older drawing, but it’s the one I have from Talhydras with the turret in place, just to show there’s something more refined being planned:

More or less Destroyer-caliber turrets. Which is ironic because the turrets that I made for the Destroyer more resemble Cruiser turrets, lol…

(doci7) #407

Well, I think it’s worth mentioning that the respective Assault Frigates also probably have drastically different functions in the fleet. I expect yours’ is more of a fighter massacre ship like the Flak Frigate, and ours is still a more traditional brawler - decent at fighting most things, but not phenomenal at fighting anything in particular. It’s armed with plasma bombs and the aforementioned destroyer turrets, and also has some defense lasers.

(Chimas) #408

I’m calling the middle of the ship as the “Pyramid”. The proportion of this part in the sketch seems to be better than the actual mesh. I hope you can improve it, either by changing the mesh or via textures. Just an impression.

I advise also to save the mesh in P3D with the same perspective of the sketch above, if possible.

(doci7) #409

Ironically, width proportions of this and other parts of the ship have come up as the first order of business in the last ~13 hours. So you’re not at all alone! I’m working on fixing it currently.

(doci7) #410

Here it is again with the updated width and new, sculpted bomb launchers, with a few other, mostly un-noteworthy little tiny adjustments.

Taiidan Republic Assault Frigate (View in 3D)


How about “Homeworld @wesome”?

‘Homeworld @wakenings

(Goose3) #412

Homeworld @Forgotten decades
Homeworld @Lost decades
Homeworld @Past decades
Homeworld @Missing decades

^^ Since your mod is bound on recreating the major faction ships in a complete new and unique style remaining closer to Homeworld1 Kushan & Taiidan designs why not incorporating it into the story. It could play 25yrs to 90yrs after landfall. :slight_smile: And you would no longer have to worry about of why you chose your designs the way you did (I remember you devs said it made no sense that Hiigaran ships looked totally different compared to the Kushan designs.)

Well I agree. Should you ever consider a sp campaign it would even allow you to build a vast stretched campaign at least timeline wise leading from Kushan and Taiidan designs to yours till the Hw2 era or yours again as some sort of “revision project” done by the Hiigarans.

(doci7) #413

Well, the trouble is, this mod is really meant to happen at basically the same time as HW2… like, the two stories do not coexist in the same timeline at all. If we were to use language like “Forgotten, Lost, Past, or Missing” decades, it would mislead people to believe that this is indeed a bridge between HW1 and HW2, but that’s really not what we want to do. Really we’re making our own HW2 that we think would have been a better sequel to HW1, not involving things like Progenitors and Hyperspace Cores.

That’s very much part of the plan! Trust me… lots of thinking went into that component.

(doci7) #414

Check out the Frigate again to see the recently overhauled turrets, if you haven’t examined the link in the last couple of days.

(doci7) #415

Lots more time put in today… wish the results were more obvious. Talhydras personally made some of these alterations!

(ajlsunrise) #416

This part still bugs me… It’s either too wide, or too short. Or both?

Try this:

(That circle I drew is a little too high, but I think you get the point.)

(REARM V2) #417

I would personally go with shortening it by cutting a small piece of it off, thus creating a flat platform and then slap that cylinder on top of that.

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #418

I love it. Still think the turret barrels should be shorter, but apart from that I think its great! :thumbsup:

(doci7) #419

Well, no guarantees on anything about the side parts at the moment, but I’ll resolve to keep this in mind and bring it up as we work our way backwards. As for the barrels, HW@ is kind of the school of long barrels, for better or worse, lol. I was told by the concept artist that the barrels are “perfect”, which is the only perfect I’ve elicited so far, so I’m not likely to alter them much at this point :smile:

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #420

In that case can you make each barrel a subsystem so that I can play as imperial and order my bombers to knock them off? :wink:

(doci7) #421

Well, if you played as the Taiidan Confederacy, you’d probably regret it… when you saw the length of THEIR Assault Frigate gun barrels :sweat_smile:

Imperials “no longer exist” in HW@. The Confederacy is by far the largest contemporary Taiidan sovereignty of former Imperial holdings that still strives against the Republic and romanticizes the glory days of the Empire. Lol, which sounds like it could have been a sentence describing the First Order…

(doci7) #422

Barrels barrels barrels!!!

Of note: this isn’t a strictly modern Confederate frigate… it’s interim, probably somewhere towards halfway between Cataclysm and the present day, last I understood. A different line of Confederate Frigates is on the drawing board.

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #423

Ah yes, I remember now. There is that queen character. In my eagerness to write a witty response I had forgotten that…

(doci7) #424

Lol, yes… I consider it a rather humorous irony that we are going through the trouble to introduce the Confederacy as a post-Imperial state at exactly the moment in time when it strongly appears that they’ve chosen their heir to the Imperial throne. Sort of like they are the Empire, but we need you to know that they weren’t the Empire just a little bit ago, lol. But I guess that’s the nature of good backstory…