[MOD] Homeworld Fulcrum Single player mission available

(Leonardo) #445

Segomo class destroyer

(doci7) #446

Well, lol, the project has enjoyed success in the ship-naming department. Ironically we’re also trying to limit our references to earth mythology and we’re probably not too inclined to use free-association tactics to name things… we’d rather have the names be carefully chosen and ‘tailored’. Your exercise does produce some appealing-sounding results though, I will happily concede!

(doci7) #447

Dom inspired me to again perform a round-up of the odd bits and pieces of irons we have in the fire. The frigate is on hold for the moment, but is really not far from the texture-mapping phase, so don’t worry too much. I’ve been working on another model in the meantime; it may not be a popular one, but it’s one I’m oddly determined to makes something of…

The rough original sketch I can’t take credit for. And here’s the rough current model:

And the team has already generated scores of overpaints to help me advance the ship further.

Probably not going with the ‘eye’ there, but the folding engines and the ventral bridge are definitely going to happen.

This one’s also especially helpful. I really hope I can get those turrets just right, because they are gorgeous.

Our Tobari, I don’t believe, are a very well understood or oft-thought-about element of the mod, and probably deservedly so, because they aren’t terrifically important on the galactic scene these days. Their Empire fizzled out ages ago and they are pretty sad shambles of their former selves, still very arrogant in their faded glory, claiming most of the galaxy still belongs to them, though the territories they actually control are rather small and strewn about. At their peak their technology was considerably more impressive than the modern standard, but much of their old engineering prowess is forgotten, and knowledge and resources unevenly distributed across their fractured holdings. It’s not hard to imagine that truly nightmarish fleets maintained since the days of their galactic dominance are still out there somewhere, but Tobari have come across as generally impotent for so long that it is not often worried about.

What I’m taking the long-way-round to say is, Tobari are going to have at least some exotic attributes to their weapons technologies. They have some ships that have some of that old gusto and sport more punch for their size than their counterparts. Some will be at or possibly even below contemporary fighting standards, and some ships may even mix-and-match impressive and underwhelming weapons. But one weapon system Tobari still specialize in (and as far as I know will probably have widespread access to) is the Hyper-Velocity cannon. It’s essentially a glorified Rail Gun… a kinetic weapon of insane speed. The Advanced Assault Frigate we already implemented for the Tobari has two of these cannons, and up until very recently we were just using an undoctored Keeper pulsar sprite to represent that. But now, we have a custom sprite for it…


Those who played Deserts of Kharak will hopefully notice the heavy Rail Gun inspiration. Custom firing and hit FX are also being worked on, but are being surprisingly buggy… the hit FX currently wants to show up only after the weapon sprite has cycled through its animation. But we’ll figure it out eventually, I guess.

That’s all for now. Hope it was slightly interesting!

(Siber) #448

<img src="/uploads/default/original/4X/4/a/4/4a43606096a69f70ae49824e6e502e6093ce8684.png" width=“46” height=46"> HOMEWORLD FULCRUM <img src="/uploads/default/original/4X/4/a/4/4a43606096a69f70ae49824e6e502e6093ce8684.png" width=“46” height=46">

That’s right, we’ve finally decided. Going forward, Homeworld:@ is now Homeworld Fulcrum. As you can likely guess by the time it took, it was not an easy decision. In fact, many of the other candidates, including some that didn’t even make it to public voting, are slated to show up in other parts of the mod. But even with how good it’s competition was, Fulcrum goes on the banners now. You can extract a good amount of symbolism both for the mod itself and elements of the story from the right point of view but I think that’s best left for your imaginations for the time being.

While the winner was not picked by popular vote, the input of the community was very useful, and many of the suggestions for alternative options were quite great. I can also now say with certainty that the community greatly prefers single word titles. :slight_smile:

With the name picked there’s a fair amount of re-branding work left. Text needs to be hunted down and changed, graphics remade, and so forth. This will be a gradual process, and we’ll try not to hold up work on other more substantial things for it. I’m sure that HWAT will linger on in many parts of the documentation and media for a long time, and it’ll definitely live on under the hood in code and file names forever. And I’m sure we’ll slip up and use hwat still in conversation for a long time, at the very least people should soon be able to find the mod if they google it.

Thanks again to everyone for their patience and input, and I’m sure we’ll have more things to share with you in the future.

(Not actually Jesus Christ) #449

Oh god those in the second mission uuh the pain…

And congrats on the new name @EatThePath!
And everyone else on the team!

(x-Ray) #450

Reminds me of a good old pice CCCP Military Aerospace Technology MiG 29 Fulcrum, but nice Name for the Mod it means Turningpoint or Anglepoint right?

(Siber) #451

Roughly yeah. It’s the place that the arm of a lever rests on or is attached to, and the lever turns around.

(doci7) #452

Sharable amounts of progress have been made on the Tobari Destroyer. Observe:

Tobari Destroyer (View in 3D)

Looking at the front (as one is in my ‘signature’ default view here), the right side of the model is in Code Red mode, the left in Code Green. Lots and lots left to do, but it’s been a fun project, and one I’ve been pretty good about working on on a nearly daily basis.

(REARM V2) #453

Good stuff.

You know your Tobari reminds me of Abiogenesis’ work lately. This for instance: http://abiogenisis.deviantart.com/art/The-Shadow-of-the-Sun-58459821

The Destroyer is a really cool alien ship that also looks practical. As I said the last time a combination of both is usually not the case in sci-fi.

(doci7) #454

Thank you very much, Pouk! I’m glad the work is coming across favorably to an outside observer. It’s a unique ship to the mod for the sheer amount of in-team collaboration (though actually this seems to be a common feature lately). It’s Dark Sentinel’s concept, which I always loved and recently decided to try to make. He’s since contributed important new and exciting features and so has Avatar/Talhydras, as the above overpaints can attest to. In just those two sketches they gave me more to add to the ship than I’ve even gotten around to in the weeks since!

It’s this enhanced collaboration that I need to bring up here because I want to assure anyone who was watching the progress of the Republic Assault Frigate that it’s not been brushed aside by this project. Rather, the model has been passed along to Talhydras, and when he has made all the changes he’s working on, it’s going to go to Dark Sentinel as well. After that the model should be done and texturing can begin. But since the model is in other folks’ hands I needed something else to work on, and I chose this.

EDIT: WHOA, DUH! I spaced epic-ly in forgetting to comment on that drawing you linked. If this reminds you of that, then we must be doing something right. That drawing is awesome! I love that thingy with the lone tentacle… I might filibuster for us to more or less hijack some of that form for a Tobari ship someday :smile:

(Siber) #455


While the work continues on ships with everyone else, I’ve been working on graphics, as well as on mission refinement and audio mongling. A small sneak peak:

Everything in this post is subject to continued revision of course :slight_smile:

(Snake_B5) #456

The Banner (even not being green, and without shorts) is really great :slight_smile:

(Siber) #457

@Dwarfinator I’m sure you’re referencing something there with the green and shorts, but I have no idea what. Thanks, though.

(REARM V2) #458

I somehow got the reference (I don’t know why, I couldn’t care less for the thing).

Anyway it’s not green because it’s calm, obviously.

(Snake_B5) #459

Hulk (Bruce Banner) ^^

(Leonardo) #460

If I recall, the lore said that the UNH still uses the Imperator carrier. Do you plan to make any design change so it looks refitted?

(doci7) #461

The UNH carrier is a matter of no small consideration, I can assure that much. I believe it’s one of EatThePath’s very favorites. What I most expect you’ll see is some new carrier design eventually, but a refit of the Imperator probably isn’t off the table… we are a mod known to pursue one idea and another at times, lol. But I would wait for word on this from @EatThePath.

Unrelatedly, updates to the ongoing Tobari Destroyer model have been living at this link for a while:

Tobari Destroyer (alternate engines) (View in 3D)

That’s in full Code Red mode… I sort of got tired of seeing it half-and-half, lol.

The engine’s designed to fold in for better hangar compactness (you know us, we like folding stuff), which you can see here too:


(REARM V2) #462

It looks better and better. Great to see progress in here.

(Siber) #463

Due to our inability to extract models, a new modern UNH carrier is more likely than a refit. If we do get an imperator update it’ll mean I went full crazy and did my own remodel of the thing, which isn’t impossible but is quite low on my priority list.

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #464

I remember this though…