[MOD] Homeworld Fulcrum Single player mission available

(Siber) #465

Okay, true, I did start that already. But I haven’t put work in it since then, it’s still a very long way from releasable. I was also working on it somewhat unteathered from the mod. We’ve built up our own visual of higher detail kushan style, and I was trying to attack the carrier from as purely a HW1 update angle as I could. The final result there might fit into the mod well, or it might not.

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(REARM V2) #467


You even managed to make the missile trails to be “deep sea creature-like”.

(Christoph Timmermann) #468

Looks extremely badass, nicely done.

(Lazer72) #469

Looks amazing. Can’t wait until you properly texture it

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #470

Yeah, it is a mark of @Pouk’s respect for this Fulcrum team that he didn’t make his customary “grey ships syndrome” comment…

(REARM V2) #471

It doesn’t count with work in progress that’s in game flying and shooting. It’s about the ship model renders that will never ever be anything more than that.

Nevertheless yeah, respect.

(doci7) #472

Well, and remember Pouk’s project and ours have grown alongside each other long enough that he no doubt knows that we have a pretty good record of finishing ships we start, even if it takes seemingly hundreds of years to get to that point :smile:.

I’m certainly hoping to work on this ship a great deal more before the turn of the year, but like the Republic Frigate, I’m on a hiatus now as I wait for other members of the team to execute whatever, if ultimately any, changes they want to make to the model before it can be taken to the UV phase. If I don’t get either back very soon I’ll be looking into modelling yet other ships. And into finishing the long-held-up Tobari advanced Defender.

Thank you all for the very kind feedback on this Destroyer! Destroyers are my favorite, and whatever success I enjoy working on them is the sweetest success I tend to know in HW modding.

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #473

Your Destroyer work is great, but I for one am very much looking forward to seeing that Republic Assault Frigate textured. And to seeing what you come up with for their Ion Cannon Frigate.

EDIT: Also, how did you get a grey ship in game? I find that with the new HODOR they need textures, or they are invisible…

(doci7) #474

Well, that work is pretty well taken care of in many respects! It’s not what I come up with… the assault frigate was Paul Hegel’s concept art, and the ion frigate will be too. Lest anyone forget, the Destroyer was as well. Suffice it to say I look forward to making the ion concept a reality! But first the assault frigate must be UV mapped.

There is in fact a texture; it’s just matte grey so it LOOKS like a grey ship, though actually the whole thing has the team color overlay, so the ship would be whatever team color you choose. So I didn’t happen on to any special trick, lol.

(Siber) #475

A ship (View in 3D)

Working on a thing. I’m curious how it reads to folks without more context

(REARM V2) #476

To me it says Imperial Taiidan Supercarrier.

(Chimas) #477

Side doors reminds the TDN flagship.

(geofreitag) #478

Taiidan shipyard

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #479

It does feel like a carrier, but I could also imagine it being really small, like a probe - I find it very hard to get a sense of scale.

It also reminds me of a star trek ship - that front section is disturbingly saucer-like…

(Siber) #480

Pretty close to the mark, good. Here’s a variant with a bit more context included

Confederate Throneship Take 2 (View in 3D)

@Dom2 I hear you on the saucer concern. I think it’ll be a non issue when finished, but I’ll keep an eye on it.

(Lazer72) #481

Looks like a large carrier.
Especially with that opening at the front where fighters might emerge.

EDIT: just looked at the 3D model definitely some sort of shipyard

(doci7) #483

The team has been working. Rather than go our more traditional route of showing progress piecemeal, I took a week off work recently and used both it and the subsequent two weeks back at work to see how fast I could push myself through a ship. Turns out three weeks was enough in this case!

It wasn’t by any means a singular effort though. This thing’s built on a pre-existing pair of textures by Dark Sentinel, and is also an adaptation of Paul Hegel’s concepts… he also did SUBSTANTIAL overpaints to guide me through every phase of texturing up to the very end. Constructive feedback was a virtually daily feature from all team members. So, well, I’ve driven around the point plenty already, so here’s the substance:

Vaygr Heavy Fighter

And the p3d file, now with enhanced shader support including glow maps!
Vaygr Heavy Fighter (View in 3D)

Our Vaygr now at last have a fighter. For those who remember the WIP models that have filled out the Vaygr fighter roster in the past, you can expect that those designs will also be replaced by ones more reminiscent of this new art direction (and ones that are more complete, lol).

Obviously my gratitude goes out to the whole team, but I’d also like to dedicate this work unofficially to some of the true, great artists who are sadly no longer with us.

R.I.P. Christopher Lee, John Denver, and Arnold Palmer :vulcan:

That is all for now.

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #484

Nice. It certainly looks suitably “heavy”. Well done for the quick work.

(doci7) #485

How heavy is heavy though? No need to ask, because I just did, and here’s the answer:

I fear without scale reference people will begin to imagine this as unbearably large or something. It has a bulky build but perhaps the thing that makes it most a Heavy Fighter is that it’s a heavier fighter than the Light Fighter :smile: