[MOD] Homeworld Fulcrum Single player mission available

(B8factor) #506

Very good and thanks… i tried to work on it this weekend… but here in the East Coast USA, trying to get ready for winter, lol

Had to switch the house over from DoK weather (warm) to Homeworld weather (cold)! heading into the teens here soon.

(ajlsunrise) #507

lol :smiley:

(Siber) #508

@b8factor Off the top of your head are you aware of a way to hide the player’s cursor during an event?

(B8factor) #509

I believe there are a few but off the top of my head while at work, Universe_AllowPlayerOrders.

But be careful with this function… in single player the devs only used it at death of the player… there may have been a reason for that.

I used it often since I created scenes without NIS,I remember it not playing nice a few times…

(Siber) #510

Well, ‘poor man’s NIS’ is effectively what I’m doing right now too :slight_smile: I’ll give that one a try and see if it does what I want

(B8factor) #511

I posted some more info in a separate post in case it helps curb the learning curve for other mission development efforts. Most of it, if not all, you may already know.

(Siber) #512

If I can’t upload animatics to steam, well, I guess I’ll just have to handle it.

(B8factor) #513

I wanted to have some animatics made for my mission map but I never could find out how to get them on steam as well since they were outside the BIG file in the original campaign.

There may be a way but I gave up after several days of experiment and moved on to the things I knew I could do.

I will be watching in case you figure it out! It will be very exciting if you can as an animatic could also sub as a NIS for story telling.

(Siber) #514

Well, don’t get your hopes up for a breakthrough, my solution is more one of style than any new technical tricks.

(REARM V2) #515

Damn, I never realized this might be a problem.

(Lazer72) #516


(Siber) #517

Are you suggesting distributing a movie pack through moddb? It’s an option I’d considered, but complicating installation at all seems undesirable right now if it can be avoided at all.

(Lazer72) #518

I’m saying you could upload the whole mod there.

(Siber) #519

I certainly could, but the download numbers are so dramatically slanted towards steam that I have to consider steam my primary distribution channel.

(El Rizzo) #520

Couldn’t you link from your steam page to moddb citing the issue of uploading movie files to steam ? That way you would reach the steam audience as well.

(Siber) #521

That would be complicating installation. It’s a possible solution, but it will unavoidably lead to people passing the mod by or not reading the instructions and then complaining about errors or just deciding it’s broken and moving on.

(El Rizzo) #522

Yeah, but that is kinda unavoidable I guess, otherwise you would have to compromise your mod in order to abide by steam rules I guess :confused: .

(Siber) #523

Well, yes and no. Firstly if there was no room for compromise at all I’d have to just give up on modding and turn to coding an engine from scratch. Secondly, I haven’t actually made animatic videos beyond some proof of concept storyboarding stuff that never got updated to work with HWR’s codecs. So, given that the alternate approach I’ve taken is faster and easier than drawing HW style animatics, evokes the style to my eyes, and has so far received very positive responses from the people I’ve run prototypes of it by, I feel like this is the best option at present.

(and third I’d say it’s more working within limitation than abiding by rules, but that’s hairsplitting.)

(El Rizzo) #524

Sounds great ! If an alternate approach allows you to retain your creative freedom while also enabling you to continue using steam workshop to reach the biggest audience, that is great to hear :).

(jelrak) #525

Although those of us with the GOG version would be most appreciative…