[MOD] Homeworld Fulcrum Single player mission available

(Siber) #526

Of course, which is why moddb has been and will continue to be part of our releases, I even have the GOG version to test them out on. I don’t want GOG users left out, nor do I want the mod to be inaccessible if something sudden and unexpected happens to steam. But there’s probably at least ten times more downloads on steam than moddb, so, I do have to consider it the primary release method.

(Snake_B5) #527

Perhaps summoning @BitVenom here if he has any idea concerning this problem with the video files distribution ?

(B8factor) #528

Be very nice to figure out how to do WEBX via steam workshop download… might see some creation of some cool HWRM art that way.

(Siber) #529

I’m not entirely certain of that, the community had the ability to distribute movies for classic for years and never did much with it.

(B8factor) #530

Well… i was not part of the community then. :slight_smile:

(B8factor) #531

This image was designed to be a scene. Each element in the photo is its own layer… e.g. the fighter, BC, background, reflections, etc.

This enables a scene to be made with fighters flying by shrinking or growing as needed. Frigates moving deeper into the background as they shrink. Battle Cruiser lights to flicker on and off. You get the picture?

Just takes a little after effects, I do not even have to be an artist to make it happen.

But since I could not figure it out(inserting a video into a MOD), I just cut out the human (can see original on deviant art) and re-purposed as a cover for the mission.

The thing is, even if you are paying full price as I did, it cost very little to have one of these made and I am sure many of you have contacts to get art for free from HW artist fans. It only takes an artist a few hours to a few days to make one and these and the MODer can dabble to create the scene and viola you have a new piece of art (both picture and video) that can be used for your MOD.

(ajlsunrise) #532

That is pretty!

(Siber) #533

Not going to get this done quite as soon as I was hoping for, but still, getting closer… here’s a look at the work that’s going on!

A Command line from before processing, pretty much straight from the mic:

And after being worked over:

Thanks especially to David Renn of BBI, audio director on DoK, who gave me some pointers today by way of the homeworld universe discord chat. It was a very appreciated boost to my amateur efforts.

(Siber) #534

Further status update: Audio processing is done. The mission is now fully voice acted. In final polishing and funtesting phase, plus some general mod bugfixes are on the table.

(Siber) #535

Any volunteers for a private play-testing pass? :smiley:

(Siber) #536

(doci7) #537

Yup, me, but you knew that :sweat_smile:

(REARM V2) #538

Really nice. People are making actual missions and these missions look damn good.

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #539

Count me in!

(B8factor) #540

ummm yes

(miclebrick) #541

I would like to try it :slight_smile:

(Stuart98) #542

Yes please.

(Siber) #543

Eventually I’ll have to start turning people down due to being too close to release time, but we’re not there yet! I’ll shoot you PMs with the details.

(ajlsunrise) #544

I’d like to as well, but I already failed at testing @b8factor’s mission map before he released his… :frowning: (I’ve since tested (and failed at) his map.)

From the teaser video you released, it looks great though!

(B8factor) #545

NOTE: I was going to post a screen shot of my play of the missions then it occurred to me you may not want screen shots public yet?

First pass this is what I have in my notes (wont give any spoilers)

Impression when I start the MOD is cool, you have custom menu, GOOD voice acting with COOL audio affects. The space background is very cool. It was clear what I was to do so I did what was asked.

Where I had trouble was in getting my units in place on time. Some of that may be my lack of understanding of your units? I did complete the missions but not perfectly, which I like(hate it when things are too easy)!

What I did not see was explosions of units dying? this confused me… i was watching a battle trying to figure out who to repair (if I could repair any) and units just disappeared on my screen. I was not sure if that was by design or the units do not have an explosive death but either way it left me puzzled as to what was happening.

I was monitoring the objectives list and never saw me achieving any even though I did complete the mission.

Ready for the next missions when it is done! WOOT, WOOT well done!