[MOD] Homeworld Fulcrum Single player mission available

(Adkkes) #566

Any idea why it could be crashing everytime I try to skirmish? I see this on log file:

could not find family Fighter_hw1, All family names should be defined in data\scripts\FamilyList.lua.

Check that any families you’ve assigned to ships / subsystems / resources are defined in this lua file.
Unknown family ‘Fighter_hw1’ in the Unitcaps file. Make sure the family is added to Scripts\FamilyList.lua under the unitcapsFamily section – FATAL EXIT – unitcaps/99:! --stack trace–

(Siber) #567

it’s odd that you’re getting that failure there, I’ve run my copy in skirmish and it doesn’t die. Are you running with any other mods enable or just ours? Has it worked in campaign? Also, what is the name of the gametype when you’re launching skirmish?

(Adkkes) #568

I only have your mod enabled. When I click on campaign button nothing happens. The game type is Homeworld remastered, but it crashes as well with Homeworld 1 and Homeworld 2 Deathmatch modes. I think I will end up reinstalling the game?

(Siber) #569

Try these troubleshooting steps:

Step 1) Sometimes HWR installs themselves break unexpected for no good reason. Check if your game still works properly without any mods. If it doesn’t, verify the game’s integrity through steam. You can do this by right clicking on the game in the library, going to properties, then local files, then verify integrity of game files. If the base game still crashes after this, uninstall it and delete all the game files and mod files, typically stored at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\244160\ and C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Homeworld\HomeworldRM, before reinstalling the game.

Step 2) If the base game works but the modded game doesn’t, or even if the above steps didn’t correct the base game’s crashes, try lowering all your graphics settings to minimum. The texture size limit is probably the most important one to lower.

Step 3) If step 2 doesn’t correct it and the base game works fine, steam may have downloaded a corroupted version of the mod. This happens from time to time, with all mods. Unsubscribe from the mod, then delete the local copies of the mod. These are stored by derfault in subdirectories of C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\244160\ and C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Homeworld\HomeworldRM\DataWorkshopMODs\76561197983366846. The exact subdirectory varies from user to user, but it’ll contain a Fulcrum_pub.big file along with a few others. After deleting these, resubscribe and try again.

Step 4) If none of these steps work, put “-tracehods -luatrace” (without the quotes) in the options section of the launcher, launch the game again to get it to crash, find the Steam\steamapps\common\Homeworld\HomeworldRM\Bin\Release\hwrm or hwrm.log file and post it’s contents here using a service like http://pastebin.com/

(Adkkes) #570

I tried a fresh install of the base game which was working fine and a fresh install of the mod and it Works like a charm now! you made a great job with this mod! Willing to see the rest of ships with the finished textures!

(Siber) #571

Glad I was able to help and that you enjoyed it!

(Siber) #572

It’s been a while, so I want to talk about what’s we’ve been working on internally, beyond general visual development. At the moment my personal focus isn’t on making another mission, as while I do have plans for more there are other parts of the mod that need attention. Right now we’re trying once again to firm up the gameplay design of skirmishes for the UNH faction. We’ve got some competing factors going on in that. First of all is that our goal here is to make a successor to HW1, so diverging too far away from the classic gameplay is something that provokes some resistance. Second is that verisimilitude has always been one of the guiding lights of our design and the UNH of our story is a professional military that has updated its designs to respond to the events of HW1. Most significantly the mothership concept we’ve been developing is a radically different beast. The original mothership, especially in single player, had a passive role as construction ship and initial resource dropoff. HWF motherships so far are military ships with significant weapons. As motherships are so massive, even with a modest amount of space devoted to weapons they can mount a lot of turrets. Consequently our current implementation has more hit points and has more weaponry than a single heavy cruiser.

The question becomes how do we handle that in multiplayer. There are a number of examples in strategy gaming of successful superweapon or hero unit implementations, but starting the match with the most dangerous unit the player will ever have is a radical move. It’s how the mod is designed right now, and I’m not certain it’s broken, but it does make early game raiding artificially difficult. You can’t perform aggression with a few frigates when sitting right next to them is one and a half cruisers worth of ion cannons. For skirmishes, that kind of early game aggression seems like an option that should be preserved, otherwise the only way to victory is extended macro, and while that’s fun for some I don’t think it’s fun for all.

So far we have been considering two implementations. One is to have the mothership start the game fairly similar to a classic HW1 mothership, and then over time allow the player to spend RU and time to bring it up to its full power. Second is to have the player start with a carrier and later summon in a fully functional mothership, HW2 shipyard style, as a late-game superweapon type unit that would either let them expand their build capacity a lot(our motherships have a ton of parallel build slots) or spearhead a fleet, or both. Whichever concept we choose does raise further questions for other factions, as motherships aren’t something everyone in the galaxy have access too, but that’s a whole other can of worms.

Another gameplay concept we have been mulling over is what to do with research and tech progression. To me one of the positive ideas behind the changes to gameplay HW2 made is that production modules in theory create rewards for scouting and the ability to damage an enemy in a raid without outright destroying a production ship. While I don’t care for a lot of aspects of their implementation, this kind of tech scouting and raiding is an essential part of many strategy game’s designs and is worth exploring to me. To that end we’re experimenting with a research ship with specific research modules for different fields of technology that would let other players know what paths you are pursing if they saw it, and let them attack something besides your resourcing operations. If we elect to have each player’s motherships start with a high strength, introducing targets vulnerable to fighter harassment becomes even more appealing. Motivated by the thinking that resourcing operations are the natural ‘leading edge’ of a player’s expansion, we considered combining research vessels into resource controllers to create a ‘fleet auxiliary’ ship that might also have some limited build capacity, building things like probes. Even if this doesn’t make it into the UNH fleet it seems likely we’ll reuse the idea as a faction quirk for someone else later.

We’e also been experimenting with basic strike craft - the scout, vs the interceptor. Currently our fighter roles and stats are mostly lifted straight out of HW1, plugged into the old HW2 balancing tools. HWR 2.0 brings a ton of new functionality that calls for reconsideration of our old choices, and honestly we’ve never been super pleased with the design of fighters. Scouts in particular have been a headache. HW2 had it be a mobile probe with an EMP, HW1 Scouts may have been the best fighter for experts, but relied on arcane micro techniques that HWR did not seek to reproduce. When reduced to the raw HW1 numbers without the micro you’re left with a unit that feels like it has a lot of redundancy with either ints, probes, or both, so we’re considering the following options.
A) The dogfighter, inspired by the current HWR kush/taii scout’s performance as a decent fighter killer that falls away vs corvettes and such, the goal with this unit would be an anti-fighter specialist that works as a stopgap unit for someone who doesn’t want to invest in fighter tech. This unit may actually be slower than interceptors and a bit more of a defensive unit. While contrary to how it was in HW1, this would make it so that the unit named ‘interceptor’ would be the fastest combat unit and thus the most natural choice for intercepting something
B) The sniper, with a single high power, long range cannon comparable to a defender or corvette’s gun and an attack style to match. This might be able to harass harvesters from the edge of controller guns’ ranges or perhaps a bit beyond, but wouldn’t be able to dogfight worth a damn. Probably would work quite well in traditional scouting roles.
C) The light bomber, a unit intended to be an early game raiding/anti-capital fighter. I’ve had some rewarding thought experiments on how to design around early game raiding options with this being a ‘tech zero’ unit, available at the game start, but there is some question of how to make it work in the same universe as classic attack bombers without being made entirely obsolete or resorting to gimmicky damage multipliers.
D) The recon, a ship with little or no combat role and perhaps a low standard speed but an extremely powerful speed-boost power. Think of it as a reusable probe. Might remove the need for a probe in the ship list at all, but would largely remove the scout as a T0 combat unit.

We’ve got some prototypes of all these in a development branch, and have been doing some playtesting. Overall the challenge is beyond just scouts, and is to get fighters and strike craft in general in a place where early game skirmishes with handfuls of units are interesting at least, and also ensuring things doing breakdown when you send capped endgame fleets at each other. It’s a frustratingly complex problem.

However, if we’re revisiting fighter balance, it’d be a damn shame to not work in ballistics features. The problem is ballistics are hard. Fighter balancing is already quite difficult. Flight patterns, weapon cycle times, movement and movement stats were already a chaotic, hard to control combination, which is why I’ve long had sympathy for the dice-style combat system of HW2. At least with everything else unpredictably interacting it gives a designer one nearly sure-fire way to turn damage vs a target type up or down in a way that’s visible to the player watching the fight. However, as mentioned when talking about motherships, verisimilitude is one of our design goals in Fulcrum and the magic of watching an interceptor lead its target perfectly instead of firing homing bullets is a cherished memory of HW1. Fulcrum is essentially a quest to create more of what we liked about HW1, so while using the ballistics system properly is hard, we’ve got to try.

In the past I’ve tried to get around the uncertainties of balancing by setting up fights in our skirmish mode. Spawn equal RU values of ship A vs ship B, make them fight, and then see how many survive at the end. It’s given useful data in the past, but it’s tedious and time intensive. So I’ve automated that process. We’ve got a testing framework in the mod now that lets pit sets of ships against each other and record the outcomes. With the -superturbo flag providing tens to hundreds of times speedup depending on the ships involved I’ve been able to get days worth of dogfighting tests done in a few hours, iterating through different test values. What that means practically is that if I’m not sure if a change to a value in the new ballistics system will improve or hurt a ship’s performance, I don’t have to guess or eyeball it, I can just do some fast iterative testing. Which doesn’t make balancing easy, but it sure helps.

If you’ve got any thoughts or reactions to any of this, we’d love to discuss further! And if you’ve got any interest in playetesting some of these design ideas against players or AIs definitely speak up, as they won’t be truly proven until people get a chance to break them!

P.S. I wanted to share something a friend did. A maker of physical models, of both spaceships and other things, he got ahold of his own 3D printer recently and asked for some model files. Not long after, he sent me these pictures!

It’s pretty flattering to have one of our models be given this treatment. so I thought I’d share it with all you guys.

(Sastrei) #573

Lots to unpack here! Love the 3D-printed model!

Just some quick early impressions. I’m sure I’ll come back to this post later.

Regarding scouts:
A - feels like you are describing a Defender.
B - reminds me of the Ghost from Starcraft. I like the idea of being able to snipe units.
C - no thoughts
D - seems straightforward. To differentiate, maybe degrade the probe’s abilities so it self-destructs/powers off after a certain period?

Regarding uber-motherships:
Deserts of Kharak’s model seems like the one to adopt, IMO. Being able to tech up and enable your weapons and defense systems.

(Siber) #574

To a degree perhaps, but defenders probably are shorter ranged, may have less vision, and definitely have less speed. More durbility and damage output though, most likely. Satisfying defenders are a tricky design space too.

I haven’t played very much DOK, but carriers definitely seem like a useful model. Isn’t the progression of their power system tied to artifact captures? Or am I thinking of something else?

(Sastrei) #575

I haven’t played very much DOK, but carriers definitely seem like a useful model. Isn’t the progression of their power system tied to artifact captures? Or am I thinking of something else?

It’s an either/or model - you can capture artifacts to get a free power boost, or you can just research that power level for your carrier. More power means longer range weapons, better damage output, better sensor range, and more missiles you can fire, up to unlocking your faction’s superweapon.

(Leonardo) #576

I think of a variation of this: player starts with its mothership and one or two carriers deployed in different corners of the map, which would be more vulnerable to early raiding.

(doci7) #577

Even if that wasn’t the default arrangement, it would certainly make an interesting game mode!

(jelrak) #578

I like the idea of diversified fighter units…I especially like the concept of the sniper and light bomber. Having a variety of fighters really allows a sense of tactical control, especially as the player can then feel as though they have a reason for having a diversified fleet. Multi-role fighters, though tempting to develop as a logical solution to requiring multiple ships, tend to reduce strategic play in my opinion.

In my mod I have attempted to divide the roles of my fighters into overall classes:

  1. Drones, a high speed unit available in large quantities, but with low damage. They are excellent against fighters, but lose any real ability to damage ships larger than corvettes.
  2. Scouts, slower than drones, but faster than any other fighter class. They are excellent at targeting drones, missiles, and probes, but cannot damage anything larger than a frigate.
  3. Light Fighters, slower than scouts, but very capable against other fighters and bombers. They are capable against corvettes, but cannot easily target drones or anything larger than a heavy frigate.
  4. Heavy Fighters, slower than light fighters, but powerfully built to tackle corvettes and bombers. They cannot target anything larger than a destroyer.
  5. Bombers, slower than heavy fighters, and vulnerable to other fighters, but designed to be very strong against any ships larger than a destroyer.

I also appreciate your mothership dilemma. I consider your best approach to definitely be one of starting with a mothership that can be greatly improved up over time. This definitely gives the player something to achieve and allows for those who may wish to play defensively to invest the resources into doing so should they so wish.

I am not the type who approves of rush attacks to eliminate opponents from the early game as this tends to remove the inexperienced too early for them to gain an appreciation for all of their options. Further it tends to force all players to focus on similar tactics simply in order to survive.

In my mod the mothership is simply not readily destroyable by anything less than a cruiser so players have a certain breathing room in which to experiment and lay out their fleets.

I have also implemented science vessels for the very reasons you have considered: they make excellent alternate targets and are suggestive to one’s opponents as to which level of research the player has achieved.

In addition to this I have added a focus heavy platform. The player is able to choose from among 7 different focuses, which are mutually exclusive, in order to either unlock stations that assist with either improved defenses, improved attacks, faster ships, stronger shields, etc. Since each focus platform is unique it is possible for one’s opponents to know the basic strategy of the player and to act accordingly. In such a way it is not always advisable to be the first player to arrive at each milestone as the opposition gains a valuable strategic advantage in pacing themselves in second, third, or even fourth place.

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #579

Hey guys, we haven’t heard from you for a while! What is in the works?

(doci7) #580

Well, there deserves to be some answer here. Though really there isn’t much to show; not of a finished or WIP nature; at least nothing I personally have on hand, and I seem to be the only part of the team that’s been around the forum lately.

There’s a decent amount of new concept art, and some well-developed art that has progressed to a pretty noice WIP model for the new Kushan bomber, but that is all being handled by Talhydras, formerly Avatar II of Relicnews fame, who I am not sure has ever set up an account here at Gearbox.

Incidentally the Kushan Interceptor mesh is virtually finished, but the team has in mind to develop the entire Kushan fighter family tree before going on to the texture phase, so that all shared geometry can be handled most effectively from a mapping and texturing standpoint.

There are occasional advances on a number of Frerrn capital and super-capital ships. But this is handled by Dark Sentinel who has numerous other projects to juggle, including a lot of work he has been doing for the Star Trek Continuum mod. There is also somewhat sporadic work being done on a Taiidan Confederacy Throneship.

As for myself I’ve done exceedingly little of substance to the mod in a long time. There is something that I’ve been working on that could one day be a very tiny part of the mod but it is the very definition of fringe canon in every sense. It really wouldn’t be suitable to any use other than as a boss wave in survival mode, where there are already some ships that cast off rational explanation in favor of being eldritch fleet-chopping monsters.

Basically we are in a lull. But there remains a lot of internal chatter and discussion, so the team is not disbanded and the dream lives on.

(Siber) #581

My time has been heavily monopolized by a non-homeworld project since late may(look at this video or blog if you’re curious), but I’ve never fully pulled away from the project and I’ve gotten the itch lately to start moving the ball on a few things again.

Partly sparked by that, and by some increased experience in relevant tools, I’ve made this for anyone who wants to experience our mission but for whatever reason can’t or won’t play it.

Feel free to share it with anyone you think might be temptable into getting the game or mod!

I came across a bug in the mission that crept in at the last moment while making this, so should happen soon fixing that and a minor graphical issue I cleaned up a while back. This won’t contain any of the wild balance things I’ve been discussing before.

(Siber) #582 is now available on steam

(Eville Jedi) #583

wondering if this is a reference, influence? http://www.projectrho.com/public_html/rocket/

you can easily get lost on that site for weeks…

(Siber) #584

If you mean for my other project, probably a little of both, but more of reference. The communities that brought me into contact with that site initially were a stronger influence. If you mean for Fulcrum, I suppose it probably still has a hand, but a smaller one

(Siber) #585


Ended up playing around with another background today. I think it’s turned out alright.