[MOD] Homeworld: Lord of the Rings - recruiting

I’m sure you’ve all been watching intently, waiting for some kind of confirmation that the long-anticipated LOTR TC was at last coming to Homeworld. Well this is as close to that as you are ever likely to get. Yes… this is the Homeworld Lord of the Rings mod, and I, its extremely proud leader!

Sadly however, the mod is not off to a strong start. The truth is, HWLOTR is in desperate need of manpower. I’m doing the best I can on my own, but O, to shoulder this burden by my lonesome! I wish we had the classic animated emoji of the smiley slamming its face into a wall over and over, because that alone would properly convey my frustrations at being alone in this monumental undertaking.

So, short story long, I’m recruiting.

You may wonder - just what kind of duties am I hoping to delegate? I can happily report that I don’t have much need of coders, since all of my basically non-existent expertise in that field should be more than sufficient. I’m not trying to recruit any texturers either, because after my many years in modding I know better than to expect anyone to volunteer for that. Also, texturers are only needed when there are ship models to texture. The particular content of LOTR frees this mod from any pressing demand for such art assets, to say the least. That being said, it shouldn’t surprise you much when I say I probably don’t need any modelers either…

What I need is people. Plain and simple. Even so, do NOT apply to this mod without very careful consideration, because make no mistake, if you sign on, it’s going to be an uphill battle. You will have to work harder than you ever have in your entire life. Some of you may leave the project totally broken; mere hollowed-out shadows of your former selves. It is even possible that not all of us will survive. That is how hard we will be modding; the Tolkienverse demands nothing less. However, if we can really pull together and do this thing, it is sure to be an achievement the world will remember. Forever.

What say you?


I’m not applying, I’m not a LOTR fan in a slightest, but you totally inspired me to start a Game of Thrones Homeworld mod:

I, as a mod leader will obviously need a big ugly iron chair to rule from over all my subjects. Each House represented by a Homeworld race will have its own project leader. I’ll take Lannisters (the coolest army, also I always liked the bad guys in games, especially if they’re painted in red), but House Stark, House Baratheon, House Tyrell, House Bolton, House Greyjoy, House Martell, House Targaryen, House Frey, House Tully and the House Arryn can have their own liege lords / project leaders.

Now, the most capable modders who’ll apply will be assigned the rule over the best known Houses. House Stark, House Targaryen etc… The rest of the applicants will have to compete over the remaining branches. All strategies to gain controll over your favorie House are allowed. These may include but aren’t limited to assassinations, poisonings, beheadings, incest, securing politic superiority, controll over your opponent lands and armies, or ruining your opponents weddings…

The problems that lie ahead:
-Fire FX for space dragons.
-Implementation of magic and accurate future prediction visions.
-Really large number of races.
-Living and ever evolving MMO space.
-Mass capturing of fallen units by a race of icy monsters (if GBX makes Cata, we’ll use the Beast code).

Note: some of the Houses may go extinct during the production. The mod development will be very organic and extremely unpredictable.
No spoilers!

(We will also require a charismatic dwarf. That role is utterly crucial.)

Children of Hiigara, the winter is coming!

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I’ll do it as I’ve not got anything to do @Kragle

Excellent, Pouk! Your ideas already sound infinitely more honed than mine. Especially since I have no ideas at all. I’m quite convinced your Game of Thrones mod will go far! I would join it; the assassinating and poisoning sounds like a blast! - unfortunately, I am sure I am no more interested in Game of Thrones than you are in Lord of the Rings, lol. Plus, I can spare no more effort - between my continued work on HW@ and the ESSENCE-CRUSHING demands of this mod, there is just no way I can take on anything else.

@nathanielmattock, you’re in; welcome to the team! Or, perhaps I should call it fellowship! Prepare yourself for an utterly insane amount of work.

This thread is win. :acmaffirmative:

Where do we start or do we need many more people first?

When do we start?! Don’t be so modest - think of ALL WE’VE DONE already!!! But to be sure, we do need many more people. MANY more.

I just got those screenshots now, My internet is slow at the moment.

Screenshots? Oh wait… right… you mean those screenshots. Like all those screenshots that I totally just sent you. With all the very exciting mod content. Glad you got them.

We could send beta previews to other members

If anyone joins…

We’ve already got the “evil” mothership done and it is based on Sauron. Once we release it everyone won’t believe their eyes with what things thought impossible we already did!

Saurons folder

A bit of a delay in making it so there won’t be many posts in the next few days

Yeah, we hit a HUGE snag the likes of which you wouldn’t believe.

Good News! Work resumes again but since we have So much to do we don’t think we will get it done without MORE PEOPLE.


Is this still going…i could help if you want it :smiley:

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Thanks for the offer, but the project is on hold while we endure legal battles with Peter Jackson. Once we’ve beat him into submission, we’ll get in contact with you :wink:


Well if you were making a GoT mod like me, you could demand a trial by combat.

You won’t be getting me on board with that I’m afraid, regardless of the quality of your nudges. Game of Thrones is for grown-ups. I’m 100% juvenile and 100% geriatric and nothing in between, so it’s not my thing.

Besides, I already tried dueling Peter Jackson to the death. It resulted in a draw, which was particularly confusing since we were doing “best two out of three”. So we had to go the legal route again. I just hope all the copyright red-tape doesn’t delay his making the Silmarillion too many more years…

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