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@Dom2 I’m sure. I felt that the vaygr were so restricted to certain ships only being able to build certain things at a time. Out of all of the original playable races, the vaygr has the smallest ship varieties in the game. With the addition of subsystems and facilities, and only allowing the vaygr carrier to have one facility instead of three at a time, I felt the vaygr were at a disadvantage.

But that ends now.

Now this carrier has all three.

I also added in the Convoy Class Hive Frigate.

But these two aren’t my prized creations… No

This ship’s firepower has been reduced, but those guns though…

(Hero Crafter 1987 (Homeworld Universal Conquest Mod)) #49

Added the Somtaaw ship list. Tried to make it based on the ships they had in HW:C

I also added in the Kadeshi ship list.

(Hero Crafter 1987 (Homeworld Universal Conquest Mod)) #50

I have a question for you all, I want to add another ship for the Galactonian Armada. Do you want them to have a Hive Frigate, a Defense Field Frigate, or both?

  • Hive Frigate
  • Defense Field Frigate
  • Both

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You may feel the Vaygr were at a disadvantage, but they have been set up that way since 2003. In the early days some people thought the Vaygr were “broken” in some way, but others worked out that the Vaygr require a different approach to the Hiigarans. Experienced players will probably find your mod very unbalanced with this extra Vaygr production capability. Have a look here for instance:

(Hero Crafter 1987 (Homeworld Universal Conquest Mod)) #52

New Map

An 8p map: The Great Garden Of Kadesh

At the center of the map, you can find the Cathedral of Kadesh with a derelict Khar-Toba, a derelict old hiigaran imperial carrier, and other wreckage.

I also have a 5p version of the Cathedral Of Kadesh too

[TOOL] PayDay's Map Editor
(Taiidan Republic Mod) #53

Nice! There should be more of this sort of thing. Especially since it is so easy to do.

I think Tanis could be made into a good multiplayer map too…

(Hero Crafter 1987 (Homeworld Universal Conquest Mod)) #54

I could make a Tanis map for you if you want.

(Is this thing on?) #55

I keep reading that as “Tannis” and wondering if this is some strange HW/BL crossover universe thing…

(Hero Crafter 1987 (Homeworld Universal Conquest Mod)) #56

Tanis is the location of the first mission in the HW2 campaign.

(Gregorymthompso1) #57

i wish i could see it better…

(Caal-Shto) #58

I think the Guys who made the FX Galaxy Mod already has a Tanis type map. It is called the Plans of the Forgotten (FX). You can make a Tanis map, go for it :smile: