[MOD] Hw2 Pirates mod to HWR WIP

its been a long time coming. but i have decided to start working on the pirates mod again.
(mostly as i now have the time to do so :wink: )

my first steps are getting version K to the steam workshop. then research what i can do in HWR.

as of now i am attempting to find my old notes and concepts. i was lucky to find my old maya scenes and i hope those more practiced in HWR modding will let me pick you’re brains for help.

well back to looking thru files!

Dusts off his Pirate hat” Yarr!


You’re alive and still kicking, huh? I seem to recall the Pirates mod was one of the first major HW2 mods to see a real release.

possibly when Homer.jr from relicnews was running things.

most of my non ship modding was in the last release before life kicked me HARD.

i am having fun looking at my old designs, which where made with low polybudgets in mind and trying to come up with new things :microscope:

So Minor update.

been working on getting the last release from the hw2 days working with HW2c build that released with HWRM.

do any of the other modders know if i need to apply any additional fixes for HW2c???
i found an engine trails bugfix, just wondering if anything else is hiding.

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