Mod Idea, Need Help

Ok so I’m trying to get a team together to make a mod for HomeworldRM Classic, if anyone is interested please contact me. I can’t do this alone, it requires modeling, animating, and anything else. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Firstly I have to state that I have my own project.

But I can comment on what you said:

-HW1 mod?
-You never said what kind of a mod.
-What will be your role? Since you’re looking for modellers, I take it you’re a coder, am I correct?


If I may quote this thread one more time, while it still exists:

At least tell us what your idea is! No-one ever applied for a job without knowing the job description or the company name…

EDIT: maybe that was harsh, but hopefully you get my point. I’m sure your mod idea is great, but what DeathWish says in the link above is right: you need to be prepared to do everything on your own - even if you get a great team together, they will get busy or disappear at times, leaving the work undone or half done.


hw2 mod, and I want to create a Combination mod, basically it’ll allow the combat classes to combine and I know nothing about modding sadly…but i’m not asking people to do all the work, i’m willing to learn the process if my machine is able to handle it but i’ll still need people to fill in any gaps

it’s not harsh at all, but i’m not asking for people to do this for me. i’m willing to learn the process if I can have teachers so to speak. i’d still like a team to help and I understand life happens, if I know the basics of what needs to be done I can do the work if they vanish. I want to create a Combination mod, basically it’ll allow the combat classes to combine. I can already picture the Vaygr Super BattleCruiser, the combination of 2 Vaygr BC’s, and a few other ships. At this point the mod is more Vaygr friendly. The only Hiigaran ships I can list are the Pulsar Gunships and Destroyers.

People don’t steal mod ideas. Because everyone has one or seventeen and the people who can turn them into reality are working on their own, not on something random they’ve read on the internet. It’s as simple as that.

Why don’t you join someone else’s team first to get a taste for it, to get some experience first? Or start with something simple, or a much smaller sub-part of your mod to begin with.
Or you can start working on a mod, make a thread for it where you’ll be posting WIPs and then you can ask people for solutions for your specific problems as they come up.


TBH, your best bet is first to take a few weeks or months and tinker with already existing mods in order to learn the stuff. For example, in order to have barely decent code writing skills for HW2/HWRM and the most basic competence for working with textured 3D files, it took me two good years of work. So, yep, I would really suggest that you choose any mod out there and try to understand how it does each thing, tinker with it, etc.

Heh, a nice challenge for you that will give you a decent knowledge basis. Take Homeworld 2 Classic and have in a campaign mission your starting fleet include a squadron of TIE Fighter from Star Wars, the Daedalus battlecruiser from Stargate SG-1, the Battlestar Galactica and the Enterprise from Star Trek.

Get them to work on your game and be able to fight the Vaygr units from the campaign and you’ll have the initial understanding to start working on your own mod: this is a much simpler and, more importantly, a very defined objective for you to reach first.


Do you mean these two ships link together to make the new one, or a brand new ship?

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He said “allow to combine”, so I Imagine an Acolyte Composite Vehicle kind of a deal.

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Pouk is getting the idea, it’s not exactly “original” it’s like taking the Cataclysm combining and adding it to hw. However I’d like to add units for the combining mod itself, I could take the original models and ships and adding the combining but I would like to have separate ships that combine. I used the Vaygr BC as an example because well…we’ve seen it. Just take one and flip it upside down and have it linked up underneath another. Like I said at this point I can picture most of the Vaygr units combining, Hiigaran is proving more difficult mainly due to the turret balance on them, like the BC, most of it’s guns are on the bottom, but those bottom side guns I don’t wanna block in anyway either.

More or less, you and Pouk are both right, but Pouk is seeing where this is coming from. It might be an easy matter to use the Cat features but with it basically lost that’s not exactly an option.

While I like the idea, I really wanna get this started soon while the ideas are fresh and flowing and not getting burned out. I could learn the best this way. I’m not asking for the team to hold my hand but to atleast maybe help me get started and I can handle it from there. If you see what i’m saying. Basically I wanna learn to mod while making my own mod if that makes sense.

I imagine the Hiigaran BCs would merge side by side horizontally. Like most if not all Hiigaran ships. It’s a logical direction, since Hiigaran are horizontal and Vaygr vertical.

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That’s re-assuring. I have 0 skill so I doubt I would be of use joining a team unless they let me just rip things apart XD but the starting work idea I could do…I just need help starting.

And this is why i’m posting all this here too. For input. Well with the Hiigaran BC that is true…but then it’s just too big and awkward. Not to mention the hitbox on it would be insane when moving so it wouldn’t hit things. I DID have a vivid picture of a Hiigaran Super Cruiser (That’s what I’m calling the combination BC’s) take the ship, have it combine like the Vaygr but the only difference is the engines have a shell, almost like the Vaygr Capital Fins. See what i’m saying there? Instead of a armed ship, the BC is the hull. Like most mods that add customization. Except the ship is in 2 pieces, if you want the “full” ship you HAVE to combine it. This might be a tad illogical though because it’s Vaygr counterpart is just the 2 BC’s which could act as separate ships if needed while you need to make the 2 Hiigaran BC’s and arm them before you can do anything. Something like that maybe but I kinda wanna avoid side combinations. I was also thinking about a “Platform” mode for the Hiigaran BC atleast because…come on, it’s like a mobile gun platform anyway. Also the Hiigaran Destroyer can do a Vertical Combo, what i’m looking at is Turret loss and Turret gain. Look at the Flak Frigate, a combo is kinda pointless because it’s still gonna have the 2 turrets unless it goes horizontal. I might allow those combos for Frigates atleast. I’m tempted because that might be the solution to the Vaygr Frigates, but the HIigarans have 2 Vertical combo frigates, Torp and Ion.

It says I don’t have access to that Topic, can you perhaps paraphrase it for me?

I would seriously suggest to write down the ideas and learn the stuff, because if you don’t know how to edit a .hod, what are the parameters of a .ship, or the file architecture, you are going to suffer a lot and will likely end up burning out yourself without achieving anything close to your vision. I had my initial vision for the mod I’m currently working on more than a decade ago and I could only get them to work after learning the ropes. Two years of tinkering and work was what I needed… by taking a LOT of shortcuts.

Check the tutorials that are around, write down your ideas and get yourself some experience either by modding other mods for your own usage or joining a team, that’s all I can say.

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And HOW do I start any kind of modding exactly?

My bad, sorry:

As he said, read the tutorials. Download the ship examples.

Honestly it really is the best if you set for something small for a start. Edit one ship, add hardpoints to it:

Put it into the build list for both sides, give it some special abilities, edit its unitcaps and call it a mod.