Mod Idea, Need Help

(Matthew Smithson) #22

No worries, and that’s more or less the combining. I think

(Rufus Shinra) #23

Tutorials and ship examples, but do not hesitate to explore the contents of other released mods. By playing a mod and then looking at the files related to the units you just used, you can start understanding how the game actually works. You can start by doing simple silly stuff like giving yourself a battlecruiser that flies as fast and as tight as an interceptor or an interceptor with heavy ion cannons, then you can progressively widen the scope of your understanding and your modifications. There are few things that are strictly impossible to do with the game engine, the whole trick behind modding is to understand what it is you really want to do and how to ask the question you want to answer in terms that the game can understand.

(Matthew Smithson) #24

Downloads…I think I’m gonna need to get more memory, I’m only running on about 32 GB left. Something tells me this is gonna add up quickly…I still don’t get how I start, do I need a mod program or something?

(Matthew Smithson) #25

And when the game doesn’t understand that’s when you get bugs and crashes right?

(Rufus Shinra) #26

For the DL, you’ll need to download a few mods (Complex is a good example to work with, I’d say) and the community modding tools. Look for unfBig, which will allow you to extract the .big format in which all Workshop mods are. Unpack it in the \Data\ folder of your game. Get RODOH, HODOR and DAEnerys if you want to work with the actual files for the ships (the textured models and their joints, markers, etc.). Beyond that, a code editor like Notepad++ will help you to edit the numerous code files. Look for the functions and their uses there: (you’ll find a crapload of useful information there)

If you’re not going crazy with 3D and texture edition, it should remain a relatively small endeavour overall.

Get your modded files with the proper hierarchy in the \Data\ folder and launch the game by making a shortcut to the exe file of the game (in \Bin\Release). Right-click that shortcut and add to the target the following stuff (dash included):

-overridebigfile -luatrace

Whenever it crashes on your face, go to \Bin\Release\ and look for the file called HWRM.log, where you’ll find, with some luck, what made your game crash. :slight_smile:

(Matthew Smithson) #27

You guys make this sound so easy…can you maybe slow down a little? This is a little too much info at once for me to take in. Can you maybe dumb it down a little for me? I’m also still learning how to search files on my laptop so what you say to do might not work for how my laptop is set up. What would be a “basic” start?

(REARM V2) #28

I remembered (you mentioning the laptop with 32GB RAM) that you want to work on a Classic mod.

In that case the CfHodEd is still relevant, not the HODOR. It used to be the main modding tool with user interface back in the day.

(Matthew Smithson) #29

Well that’s how much memory I have LEFT. I’m…a gamer…I won’t deny it. And I just rechecked, here is my memory situation as of this post. 25.2GB free of 456GB. Yes I know…that’s sad. Might need to delete a few games if I can work up the nerve to.

(REARM V2) #30

Yeah I meant the HDD space left, my brain just isn’t functioning 100% to make a sensible sentence today.

Is PC upgrade out of the question? From obvious reasons it would make more sense to mod the Remastered. Modding Classic isn’t as perspective now.

(Rufus Shinra) #31

The mods are usually in a single large file (few hundreds megs to a couple gigs). The program unfBig can uncompress such files to a series of folders from “ai” and “art” to “subsystems” and “weapons”, which contain the actual files of the mod. You’ll want to get all of these folders to the \Data\ folder of your game. That way, with the shortcut using the “-overridebigfile” command, the game will look at these folders and will load the modded game. But you should really take a look at the tutorials to get a hang of the basics.

(Matthew Smithson) #32

Umm…I COULD maybe upgrade or get a new machine…but this was a nice deal 3 years ago, now 4. I have a $400 laptop I got the day after Christmas for $200. I would like to keep this until it just doesn’t turn on anymore, but that may change so…

(Matthew Smithson) #33

Alright I’ll try but I might not fully grasp it. I would assume I can ask any of you that have posted here if needed right?

(Rufus Shinra) #34

I guess, though please check tutorials first, it helps a lot and saves time.

(Matthew Smithson) #35

I plan to thanks.

(REARM V2) #36

Nothing beats getting your hands dirty in the files. No one can explain the whole thing to you. Dive into it, that’s the only way to get a grasp on modding.

(Matthew Smithson) #37

Quick question, how would I add that “platform” mode or the combine abilities and possibly animate them?

(Rufus Shinra) #38

That’s not a quick question. Seriously, dude, get to the tutorials and start messing with simple things first.

(Matthew Smithson) #39

I’m just curious as to how complex this is gonna be. Would adding custom animations be possible? Is that a better question? Also is this safe to pursue, it’s kinda re-creating what was done in Cat even if it’s not an exact copy it’s still the same idea more or less. Most of all do you guys like the mod idea and would people love it and play it?

(Rufus Shinra) #40

Well, IIRC, there was already some stuff like that in a version of Complex, with some ships combining with the Hiigaran Mothership, but that’s not within my modding knowledge.

(Matthew Smithson) #41

I’ve pitched this idea to beghins actually, he didn’t mention he’s kinda done this before. That sounds cool though, wonder why he tossed it. Either way he did suggest I come here for help but I got my starting advice from him. And what about people enjoying it? Would any of YOU play it? (You don’t have to but I just wanna know if this will be worth it, I’m sure you all felt this way too soo). Speaking of Complex, any of you have any ideas why I would get a General Failure EVERY TIME Beghins updates complex? I have to delete the files and re-download the mod each time. His latest update still gives that error and I have deleted and re-downloaded already. Not to break the rule of cross-topic stuff but I’m curious as to what is causing, atleast for me, the General Failure.