Mod Idea, Need Help

(REARM V2) #42

Theoretical research is nice an all, but until you actually stop asking questions and start tinkering with modding, you’re just a dreamer. Start making something man. I for example am going back to my textures.

Beghins connects a Shipyard or something big to the back end of the Mothership in the old Complex. My guess it’s an infinite latch.

Make mods you would want to play. If you make it with your inner passion it’ll show.
…Providing you can finish it.

(Matthew Smithson) #43

Oh I plan to don’t worry. Just warping up a few loose ends. By the way since I have you here, If you ever got an angry raging comment awhile back about your mod messing up someone’s game, one might’ve been me. I apologize for that. I have since been able to play your mod and I love it. I’m ashamed to admit I haven’t touched it in a while but that might change. I’ll read the tutorials in a bit, kinda wanna play a game first. My day doesn’t feel complete until I do. Hmm…next time I can contact Beghins I’ll ask him about this.

(REARM V2) #44

Old Classic REARM ships are free to use for anyone BTW.

(Matthew Smithson) #45

I might borrow some of them as a starting point but that’ll come later, would I be able to use them to practice at some point? Might I ask 2 things, 1 how’s the latest R.E.A.R.M coming? and 2 any ideas why I get a General Failure every time Beghins updates Complex?

(REARM V2) #46

I’m not working on Classic anymore, so use whatever you like for your Classic modding.

REARM V2 is growing ‘slowly’ but steadily.

Answering technical questions about Complex mod is as far from my modding department as it can get.

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #47

So @Zero101213 you want to learn how to get ships to link?

Take a look here because that is what I’m into at the moment…

Why not join the Taiidan Republic Mod for a training season - if it goes well you could help us out and learn something at the same time…

(Matthew Smithson) #48

Hmm…I’m listening, go on

(Matthew Smithson) #49

Ah ok…I was wondering if you had heard of something like that before. And I might practice on classic but would it be better to make the mod for Rem?

(doci7) #50

The mod you have in mind, yeah, definitely, I do believe. Linking ships in HW2 classic might be possible, but I don’t remember anyone ever doing it, and I personally would not be able to. But because of the substantial work done in the Remastered engine to introduce formations (including custom formations you can implement yourself), linking ships might not actually be very hard, and it seems you have a clear means to try to go about it.

(ajlsunrise) #51

Lol, shameless recruiting… :slight_smile:

(jelrak) #52

Well if you have specific questions, feel free to PM me…I recall the days of reading reams of tutorials and receiving all of the information in the opposite order I was seeking…if you have a specific question I will do my best to answer or place you on the correct path.

Currently I mod only Classic as my Amalgamation Mod is not quite complete (probably another year to go)…

My forays into Remastered are restricted to the work I am beginning with Pouk on texturing…I hope to have that skill in hand as soon as possible so that I might actually be of some use to him on other aspects, but I am not there quite yet :wink:

(REARM V2) #53

Nothing wrong with that.

That notion is greatly appreciated. You have no idea how.

(Matthew Smithson) #54

Thanks :slight_smile: I came here for help and I’m getting it somewhat.

(Matthew Smithson) #55

True…it’s most likely better to do Rem anyway. I’ll probably use classic for tests and practice. This shouldn’t be too hard to do because it was done in Cat. I’m not saying being able to use the Cat codes and such would be useful but who knows, maybe they would help but that’s not an option.

(Matthew Smithson) #56

Like you wouldn’t do the same…

(doci7) #57

It’s important you understand that Cataclysm is a totally different game engine than Homeworld 2 and Homeworld Remastered. This is why even the game developers of Remastered had an EXTREMELY difficult time implementing some of the core features of Homeworld 1 into Remastered, and indeed, many of the fine points of HW1 will likely never be fully carried over into RM. There are many people who came before that tried to bring Somtaaw ships into HW2 with as many of the features as they could, but victories on that front were extremely few, because, in this case, the code that governs the linking system can’t simply be found, copied, and pasted into HW2. I can’t say it with certainty, and I’m not a coder by any means, but I suggested trying to do the linking system in HWRM because the formation system might allow you to… and because there is no analogue to that system in HW2. The difference between trying to do a link in HWRM vs. HW2 may be literally the difference between pretty darn achievable vs. COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE.

(Matthew Smithson) #58

True, I just use Cat as an example because it WAS done, so it’s not that impossible. If Cat wasn’t lost maybe it wouldn’t be so hard as it seems but with Cat’s codes lost it’s hard to say for sure. And I’ll also point out that in HW the Taiidan units always have folding parts when docking, that carried over one a single HW2 ship, the Vaygr carrier’s RU drop off, so making some combination animations shouldn’t be too hard to add in either, and with the way the ships are modeled, some just fit together perfectly so very little remodeling would need to be done. I DO plan to add some new ships though, I won’t use every vanilla ship. I WILL use the ones that I see have possible Combos like the Vaygr BC, Hiigaran Pulsar, Hiigaran Destroyer, Hiigaran Torp, Hiigaran Ion. I’m looking at Turret Loss and Turret Gain. The flak has no logical combo on a vertical level, I’m trying to have as few horizontal combos as I can, there will be exceptions however. The flak keeps 2 turrets if it’s combo is vertical. And yes, I’ve only found 1 mod that added Cat units to HWRM successfully, but it still wasn’t the same without the audio files, that is what made Cat unique to me. Each ship had a “personality” so to speak.

(REARM V2) #59

Game developers with source code and modders with whatever they are allowed to play with aren’t even playing the same sport.

(Matthew Smithson) #60

Good point. But you guys seem to be playing it just as well if not better. (Game devs don’t kill me)

(REARM V2) #61

No modder in the world could ever hope to do with formations what BitVenom did on his side.