Mod Idea, Need Help

(Matthew Smithson) #62

Noob moment, what did he do? I only know HW had single units and HW 2 had formations.

(REARM V2) #63

Long story (very) short, sort of made formation into their own mini-strikegroups.

Were you around when the game released?

(Matthew Smithson) #64

Oh…so that’s why they have the strike group audio files now…I wonder if he can do anything to maybe balance the formations on some of the units, I’m OCD(not really) on that. The ships don’t always split even in formations, there’s either 1 too many or 1 short, this is more common with the corvettes but some formations don’t look right with 10 fighters either…

(Matthew Smithson) #65

Yes, I got HWRM shortly after it was released why?

(REARM V2) #66

Remastered HW1 had no formations. HW1 crowd considered it sort of a betrayal, because formations were a crucial element of HW1.

(Matthew Smithson) #67

Oh yeah…I remember that now didn’t bug me that much. I don’t use formations often anyway, I play way too defensive, I research and focus on getting a BC. Great against CPU’s, not so much online if I ever played online that is.

(doci7) #68

Lol, formations can be quite good for playing defensively in some instances.

(Matthew Smithson) #69

not if you love using the BC, but I lied, I do use formations sometimes but not often

(Matthew Smithson) #70

Well, with a little coaching from @Dom2 , I can consider myself a basic modder now. I’ve given myself the Dreadnaught for CPU matchs, is that a little unfair? I almost feel bad…almost…anyone know the code for sajuuk or is that a little too op?

(Rufus Shinra) #71

Kpr_sajuuk, IIRC. That’s the step 1 for almost anyone. Now try getting a unit from a mod in your campaign mission. To get this to work without crashing, you will learn stuff, then try getting units from two different mods in your campaign mission, that will teach you a lot.

(Matthew Smithson) #72

One thing at a time, but thanks. I might not try Sajuuk though…that wouldn’t be fair at all XD Yes i’m being merciful on CPU’s.