[Mod Ideas] [BL1] Differentiating the classes

I think the classes, at least, early to mid game, play too similarly to each other. In a remake, perhaps, they could make each character fundamentally feel different.

I was thinking of starting everyone with a basic class mod right when the game starts, all with a resale value of 0.

Lilith the Siren

  • +15% movement speed
  • +20% fire rate, magazine size and damage for SMG’s and Pistols
  • -10% max health

Mordecai the Hunter

  • +30% accuracy and critical hit damage with Snipers and Revolvers

Brick the Berserker

  • +20% more health
  • +20% more melee damage
  • +20% explosives damage
  • -20% damage for Snipers

Roland the Soldier

  • +10% more damage for Shotguns and Assault Rifles
  • -20% reload time for all weapons
  • -20% weapon swap time