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This is a place to put all mod ideas that do not actually exist yet, but might be created at a later date. If you have a mod idea and you are reading this, post it here before making another topic for it.

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I think a good idea for a mod is one that adds many more ships to vanilla races like R.E.A.R.M but also focuses on adding more races at the same time like Homeworld:Universe.

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That hypothetical mod’s dev team has 30 members minimum… And such powerhouse could actually go and create a whole indie game instead.

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The thing about ideas is that everbody has one …or two or three. There’s not a shortage of ideas, there’s often shortage of time, experience, patience and persistance to turn that idea into reality.
And coscequently, the people with skill, time, or what have you, are working on their own ideas. The supply and demand of this thread is a bit backwards.

But that said:

  • Firefly Total Conversion:
    I almost thought about making one. Aliance against Browncoats unfortunatelly doesn’t have many (if any) ship references. The only thing we kind of seen was Aliance vs. Reavers.

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@Magitex made a great mod but needed mission scripters to make it more of a campaign.

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Battle-fleet Gothic (
A remastered starwars mod
a remastering of the freespace mod

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I think this’ll be a good place to redirect users that inevitably show up with the “ooh let’s make this mod, textures and coders needed plz” post.

I’ll add my idea - legends of galactic heroes mod - so much beam spam.

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The Andromeda Ascendant TV show had fantastic space ships, it’d be great to see a spacegame mod themed on it. Pity it didn’t really have the fanbase or staying power for that.

Also a hero based gameplay mod for HWRM would be potentially quite cool.

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Just a question, is there someone with a non-TC idea? Or were all the gameplay ideas already presented in the game modes thread?

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That reminds me, I have played around with some ideas on redesigining the gameplay of many HW2 ships to fit more in with HW1 design paradigms, like making the flak frigate into a proper assault frigate and making the torp frigate into an anti-fighter missile frigate. Shelved it due to my modding time all being consumed elsewhere.

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There aren’t many ship behavior or weapon altering mods for HWRM, are there? The mod type so common in Classic. Bullet mod is one I can think of. No easy hardpoint editing.

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I my mod I made different balance options for the players to choose in the gamemode setup, I saw the same idea previously in the freespace mod, not sure how they worked, but mine does using different versions of the same ship for every balance mode and some others are affected by automatic research and restrict, but the last update could help this type of mods. Some modders are still figuring out how to correctly use there new methods, I took the lazy path and kept using the same method I started back in HW2, since it worked I had no use to change it.

Also I made some options for squadrons toggling, new ship maneuvers and made my originally integrated bullet system optional through add-on, mostly because incompatibility with the HW1RM Campaign.

I think most of the Ideas like the ones I mentioned were already done in the past HW2 mods, but if now we would be able to change things like attack scripts, squadron quantity, price, hardpoints, weapons, ship stats and behavior, on the fly that would open up for a new world of ideas to implement.

To add for the almost impossible mods, I would like to make an Tiberian Sun based mod in space, I would mostly need a modeler and texturer for that, like everyone else.

I even tried modeling myself, with no success, I’m too bad for that, I’ve even bad for kitbashing LOL!

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My favorite idea I’m not working on probably goes to the Homeworld Cooperative Campaign mod. I’d love to see something like that, where you play through story missions with a buddy in some series of sweet joint-ops.

There are many huge obstacles of course. I am working on other things, and even if I weren’t, something code-heavy like this would be completely wrong for me. On top of that, I have no story idea for it.

Even more moreover, I’d have to decide how to approach the project from a progressive fleet perspective. You could have just one player whose fleet remains progressive between missions, freeing the other player to play as any one of several factions to support the main player throughout the campaign. You could have both fleets be progressive, but that limits the fun a bit since both factions involved in the joint ops would stay the same all the way through. There doesn’t seem much point in totally non-progressive fleets for both players though, because then the continuity of the story would likely be threatened.

In addition to everything else, this kind of mod would be better served if Cataclysm had also been Remastered. Cataclysm era is by far the best setting for joint ops, because the Turanics and Taiidan ‘Bandit Kingdoms’, the Republic and the various Kiith fleets (including of course the distinct Somtaaw fleet) are all still active at this point and have not yet mysteriously disappeared and/or congealed into blanket factions :wink:.

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Well, I was working on a Dynamic Campaign, but HWRM didn’t really go where I wanted it to go and somewhere along the line I lost interest.

Although functionality was fairly complete on the application side, I didn’t have much patience for scripting scenarios inside HW. Making the HW AI perform in an interesting manner was another story and a considerable portion of the AI is hardcoded which didn’t help matters.

In the end I couldn’t get a clear indication from Gearbox as to whether I was allowed to use their imagery/sound effects in the project and that finished off my enthusiasm for it. I’m not sure when or if I’ll take up the project again, chances are I’ll modify the system to work with other games someday, but I don’t know about working on HWRM by myself anymore.

[MOD] Test Mission Grid v0.15.1 - 2017/10/07
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Wow, that looks like serious business!

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Apature Science IN Homeworld…idk XD

Edit: WARHAMMER 40k, Endless Space, Mafia In Space! idk just random ideas

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Hey, coop campaign is an amazing idea. But I think you’re missing the potential it has. Where you see two players as a problem, I’d see it as an amazing feature. Or in another words, I wouldn’t hide it, I would support it, focus on it:

See the whole campaign could be based or rivality between two fleet admirals. Either old friends or young rivals. That’s what I would base my whole story on. The easiest way I can imagine is to give one player the strikecraft command, while the other the capital command. And throughout the story I would highlight one or the other in turns. In one mission it’s the capital ships that have to hold the defensive line, while the strikecraft have to flank and attack. There can be some in game chatter about “how bloody longer does he have to hold the attack and how come he’s not finished already”. (Even though the HW is usually stone cold emotionless.) In another it’s all the other way around, maybe there are grav wells and the strikecraft commander is damned without the capital ship help, or there are neverending swarms of enemy fighters and corvettes, while the capital ships have to attack the main objective…
At the end it would naturally evolve into joint operations where both players are co-dependend on each other and they have to cooperate to make it work.

That’s what I’d do. I would really highlight the fact that there are two people in command and I would do something clever both with the story and the gameplay using that very fact in my advantage.

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Having two people in command is great, but I have another idea: A campaign that you do together at some points, but you leave for your own ‘path’ and just when you are being beaten or are in danger, the other player comes in to help and you might stay together for a few missions and then split up later. This means you do not need to stay together all of the time and can do some singleplayer, but you can call for help when you need to at the same time as playing a singleplayer mission.

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Two players is a problem, but being that the concept is a coop campaign, it is also the whole point, lool. What you are describing I had not considered… basically two minds commanding one fleet. I hadn’t read that far into it; my thought was to have each player control their own faction… for instance, one’s a Manaani commander and one’s Naabal.

Basically the operative problem with a coop campaign is that there are bazillions of possible iterations of how it could be done. Personally I can’t decide which I like best, but I think I lean most heavily in the direction of having one consistent faction reinforced by one faction subject to change, E.G. the Manaani commander works with a Naabal carrier group for one mission and then with a Taiidan Republic fleet the next and maybe one of the Somtaaw command ships after that and etc. Heck, with very serious tampering you could probably even do it totally different than all of these options and have players choose a faction to play as for the long haul.

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I like all of the people’s ideas here. Co-op campaigns are some of the best ideas I have heard. Making it is a different story but if it is made then the modding community would be changed by adding a better feature to an amazing game.