I’ve been wanting to create a few backgrounds, especially some that are more “out in the black”, but haven’t really had the time to…

For the love of god yes.


Haha, if there’s a want for some backgrounds like that then I’ll try it out. However, I don’t know how to create the 360 backgrounds, is it the same as creating an HDRi image? Anyone know of any tutorials/have any advice?

There is a sample background as part of the Backgrounds/Asteroids/Planets GBX examples on Steam.

Want? …WANT? A hunger !


Tractor beams.
Now i can’t receive a command to friendly ships “Attack friendly ship”.
Have not a that function :frowning:
I need that command for:
Tractor beam for friendly ships.
Tractoring friends to a repair place.
Inverse tractor beam for an enemy ships.

Tractor beams are possible by modifying the ion cannon to remove or lower the damage and bumping up the “push” effect. There was a thread about it on the relicnews forums ages ago.

EDIT: here we go

impossible “push” friendly ships

Fly maneuver changer button.

Well, I have started planning a Taiidan Rebellion mod (not the Taiidan Republic, the Rebels like Captain Elson) as well as the Taiidan Republic, mainly to help with my modding skills which have slowly decreased since the death of my PC but also since I don’t think there are many mods or any about them. As for the time relative to Homeworld this will be around the Cathedral of Kadesh/Supernova Research Station and I’ll probably start around when Elson was betrayed by one of his friends and in the Battle of Vorshan’s Rift.
This doesn’t mean I’m giving up on the Taiidan Republic, I’d rather mess around with my own mod so I can’t break much. :stuck_out_tongue:


That sounds interesting. Will the rebels have the same ships as the imperials, like Elson’s destroyer? Are you thinking of a single player campaign?

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Yeah, I’m thinking more about attempting my own single player campaign rather then making new ships since at the time the Taiidan all used the same anyway.


HI everyone,
I made some badges from YAMATO novel (universe), but I won’t create a thread just for that issue, so it’s being published here. For anyone interested, the link is below:

[details=YAMATO badges][/details]


Good evening!

I am not good at making mods. I have to admit I have wasted 5 nights after work trying to extract a .big file… I just am not good at these things.

I would like to commission a modder to make a mod for me.
I merely want the Kushan mothership to be able to move during single player campaign mode in Homeworld 1 Classic.
Nothing more.

I know it’s part of the story and so forth, but spare me your speeches. I’m an old guy that played the original when it first released and I absolutely loved it when it came out.
But the bloody ship couldn’t move.
Such a beautiful ship, could not even move.
It broke my heart, and I know I’m not the only one.

To me, that was like the Enterpise D not having an impulse drive. How ridiculous

Now, I paid a modder “spoonfrog”, bless their heart, $30 to make this very same mod for the HW1 Remastered version and it works perfectly but he doesn’t seem to know much about editing the classic version.
The mod he made is amazing.

However I would love to see one made for the Classic version.
I know the Remastered technically has better graphics, but there’s something about the original that had a more… Anime feel? I don’t know how to explain it but I just love the old graphics. Those were different times.

Anyways, If one of you jolly good modders out there could help me out and build this mod for me, and post it over at the Steam workshop (Not before I reward you of course) well then you get a nice $30 Paypal reward coming your way.

Cheers, and thank you!

This forum doesn’t support the exchange of services for money.

My apologies, it’s just that I been trying and trying to get help on this and I can’t do it myself and all of my questions seem to fall on deaf ears.

So I don’t know what to do.
It’s not like I’m trying to sell something here, I’m legitimately trying to get help even if I have to pay for it.

You should think of it as a contest. I did this same thing over at the steam forums for the Remastered version and it’s been getting downloaded like crazy.

Everybody will be happy in the end if you let this happen. Everybody wants the Kushan mothership to move, don’t you see?

Anyways, I’ll edit the post, minus the reward, but I’m not going to get anywhere on this project you see?


Hey, we just have to say that to protect the forum legally if something were to go ‘wrong’ with any such exchange. I’m sure you understand that many things can go wrong in these situations.

It’s a half hour job for someone who knows what they are doing with HW1C modding (not me). I don’t think the reward is necessary, in did the remastered one before you offered the reward, you just happened to post your reward offer a few seconds before I posted the solution. Of course I still took the reward…

Unfortunately I think this isn’t really a half hour mod, I think the disabling of the engines is done at (no pun intended) the engine level, so not really something that’s feasible to change except by high level hex wizards.

So it’s well worth the reward then, eh?
I mean, we can talk about that off-forum…

Probably, but that’s not within my abilities, I am sorry to say.