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Or here’s another one: Sort of a “Dungeon Mastering” the campaign. One players is the protagonist and the other, the DM, is an antagonist with limited options and reinforcements to throw at the player. That could be a loads of fun. It would be a dynamic campaign with unpredictibility of the human factor, utterly filled with a lot of “oh sh*t” moments and evil grins followed by maniacal laughter.
It would be some experience to have and a lot replayability.

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OK anyway, that sounds like a good idea with the enemy actually being more intelligent than the AI that seems too easy in the game at the moment.

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So. Anyway, a question. The camera ship sounds like a good idea but how would it be done?

(REARM V2) #24

I’ve already made the Hiigaran and Vaygr Camera ships for b8factor a long time ago. I can pack them and send the files. It’s an unatackable scout with no mesh that has a Star as its TO.

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Thanks :wink:

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Alright, here they are:

The easiest thing is to modify starting fleets to have them in game.

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What do they need done to them to make them work?

(REARM V2) #28

Put the hgn_camera or vgr_camera ships into starting fleets, as I said. Or modify the build script. What’s the problem?

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When I start the game as the Vaygr or Hiigarans with the ship in their starting fleet, it crashes the game with no log file. It just says the normal windows Homeworld remastered has stopped.

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IDK, is your squadron size 1? It’s a single ship.

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Yes, it is

(REARM V2) #32

Screenshot from a double check 30 seconds ago:

It’s just a normal ship, I don’t see why it shouldn’t work.

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Strange. Maybe it is just me. I will try again.


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Still crashed. Strange. It is me :frowning:

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You can do it! Don’t give it up, it is a great Mod
{It is also a big change to the game and would be a great mod anyway without any more work.}

(doci7) #37

I do like that idea, but the one consideration I can think of would be that whatever communicative avenues are available between players in multiplayer, that those would be disabled in this kind of game mode. Nothing would kill the story quite like getting a juvenile and poorly spelled taunt from the Turanic Raiders :sweat_smile:

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Yep! :wink:

(Siber) #39

Regarding the camera ship mod: What does it do, though? Looking at the files I don’t see anything that would give it any special utility for video making or camera placement.

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That is what I thought.