(REARM V2) #41

It’s exactly what b8factor asked me to do, a non-attackable ship without a mesh. A quicky, there’s nothing special about it, it’s an invisible moving point you can screen cap from, that’s literally all there is to it…

Then again it’s not nothing either. You can circle around other ships, pan, move in any direction you want, or pretend you’re a first person fighter view, without an actual ship blocking a center of your vision.

(Not actually Jesus Christ) #42

Oh! So it is not a recorder or anything special, just an invisible ship that you use while recording to have a ship to follow.

(REARM V2) #43

That’s right.

(Not actually Jesus Christ) #44

Simple but effective.

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #45

An idea: an underwater mod with submarines. The maps are still 3d, but there could be depth effects, and bubbles!

(Not actually Jesus Christ) #46

Great idea.
I also have an idea: a mod that adds the Taiidan Republic to Homeworld Remastered with new ships. I have never heard that before! :wink:

(Sastrei) #47

I absolutely adore the idea of an underwater mod. Ohhhh i just thought of a way to make it happen in my purvue…

(Not actually Jesus Christ) #48

It is an amazing idea.

(REARM V2) #49

An underwater mod was a topic of discussion on the relicnews forum once quite a while ago. One argument was that the physics of the HW spaceships is already “underwater-like”.

(Not actually Jesus Christ) #50

And they are quite submarine like with torpedos and other weapons.

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #51

@sastrei this is for you:

Lego Ship Master Thread (Many Pictures!)
(Leviathans Wrath) #52

ZOMG i had that shark at one time.

(Sastrei) #53

That was exactly what popped into my head! Except, the ships in that theme don’t have a lot of weapons, it turns out. At most, they have two spear guns each. :-/

(doci7) #54

DUUUDE! I actually had that kit… must’ve been one of my very first, excluding Duplo’s. Which brings me to my other question… sastrei, how long are you going to keep us waiting on a Duplo mod???

(Sastrei) #55

(Not actually Jesus Christ) #56

Let’s see who would vote for one: :wink:

  • Yes!
  • No!

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(Chimas) #57

I have some MOD ideas, that I’m researching how to implement them.
In the “ship department”, I’m starting to design a VGR tanker, for example. if I succeed to do that, I’ll move ahead to other more complicated projects.

Another small sized project is a VAYGR campaign to be developed in a cooperative sense.
More details in the link above, but the missions are just illustrative.


  • Test Gearbox’s new campaign menu system;
  • No new 3D asset or special AI needed, just a notepad and/or editors that are functional and freeware;
  • Have modders working and discussing mission design at the same time;
  • Make it an open project where anyone willing to make its first map, can try and add it there, before diving on a full campaign or more complex mission making;
  • Stimulate and spread the usage of Random events to enhance replayability ( a missing feature in the stock campaign)
  • By consequence, help developing the old editors somehow;
  • Anyone part of the project will be a tester of everybody else, naturally.

I think this idea don’t go ahead because I’m the wrong person to lead it. I would need experience in map making and more skilled ppl don’t want to commit, at least now.
Some modders have told me that, if I get more ppl to come in, they would join. I can persuade ppl to be part, but I believe we would need someone more technically skilled to lead the process.

If anyone wants to make it or be part of it, just send me a message. If things start to shape up we can make a thread for it. If we use SKYPE (or any kind of messenger like IRC) associated with a SVN, it’s guaranteed that it will be fun.

(doci7) #58

Skype is an indispensable asset to a mod, I now believe. And your mod idea sounds really awesome; it would be a great vessel for training people up at mission making, and have a great deal of its own fun content as a result, no doubt.

(DoomLord) #59

Here is my idea [MOD IDEA!] Sword Ion Cannon Frigate n Stuff

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #60

An idea I’ve been thinking about for a while, sort of inspired by the Planet Killers:

###Cruise Missiles

These are very long range missiles launched from platforms or slow-moving destroyer-sized vessels. The missiles themselves are corvette or frigate sized and can be targetted by anything. Range = ~half a map size?

###How it would work

  • Attacker - build a launcher, send a scout to the target. As soon as the target is visible, attack the target with the launcher. Even if the player loses sight of the target, the launcher will continue to fire missiles at its last known location.

  • Defender - the first the victim would see is perhaps some suspicious scouting, followed by missiles appearing. Any ships set to “aggressive” would automatically target the missiles. The defender could track the missiles to work out where the launcher might be.