(Not actually Jesus Christ) #61

Now that… Is a good idea!

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #62

###Dock Control Tower

A subsystem, similar to the fire control tower. The dock control tower manages the docking of all strike craft within its radius. Damaged strikecraft are automatically docked for repair, and priority is given to the most damaged ships. Repaired ships are re-launched and sent back to their previous jobs.

No idea how to implement it!

(Not actually Jesus Christ) #63

Sounds amazing! But how to do it is the problem Like You said.

(Not actually Jesus Christ) #64

Also, I am sure it has been done or attempted, but adding a module with it’s own dock paths sounds good…

(Sastrei) #65

Over on the Facebook group, people are clamoring for Freespace and Colony Wars mods.

Oh, and there’s always Honor Harrington. :wink:

(Siber) #66

Don’t know if any of these are being ported over, but their creators might be okay with someone else doing it for them.

(Not actually Jesus Christ) #67

The blue planet is already remade, just not with the Aug. 20 patch…

(DoomLord) #68

Space Engineer ships for HW
like this scout i built in SE

or this mobile mining station/Carrier

(Sgt. Rootbeer) #69

Something I would really want is a proportional navigation mod for the missiles. I don’t want them to follow a target, I want them to lead it.

(Sastrei) #70

I’ll add to that realistic engagement ranges and speeds.

(Siber) #71

better missile steering code would be a godsend, the current missiles are… very fragile in their behavior

(DoomLord) #72

Warhammer 40k ships!!!

Space marines, Eldar, Chaos, Imperial, Necron, T’au, Orks and meny other races :smiley:
would be awesome…there is going to be a space rts based in Warhammer 40k but i think it would be better in the HWR engine :smiley:

(DoomLord) #73

Geometry Wars :smiley:

it would be way to easy to make but it would be kinda fun doing it XD

[IDEA] Geometry Wars
(Taiidan Republic Mod) #74

This was done for HW2 classic, but I think they only got Imperial finished…

Would be great to see it remastered.

(DoomLord) #75

Yes would love to see it remastered :smiley:

Or we can just buy the latest Warhammer 40k game that is like the mod :smiley:

(Dominic) #76

I’ve got an idea, superweapons!

If there’s one thing Homeworld doesn’t have that other “typical” RTS’s have, it’s some type of Superweapon for each race! (except cataclysm ;))

I’m working on the planning & concept art for a unique Superweapon for each race, but if anyone has any ideas shout them out! :grin:

(REARM V2) #77

Singularity Generator for the Hiigaran.

Drone Swarrm or Missile Barrage for the Vaygr.

Siege Cannon for the Kushan.

Headshot Asteroid for the Taiidan.

(DoomLord) #78

DeathStar Laser for Progenitors

or like a larger version Sajuuk :smiley:

(Trevorlesage) #79

I actually had two ideas. Both are because I’m extremely clueless when it comes to modding any game, ever. Either way, here are the two mod ideas:

Battleships. The idea is simple enough. (And I know adding this into the game is more complicated than that.) Adding another really powerful ship to each race that has a lot of guns and ions and… you get the point. Just something for fun.

And this next idea is something that is (probably) extremely simple, but I couldn’t wrap my head around it. I was playing Warlords for HW2C and had a lot of fun with 10’000 RU injections at 10 second intervals and instant build on a small map. Sure I nearly crashed the game doing it, but I had fun and that’s what matters, right? I wanted to replicate this but… well when it comes to modding I’m not exactly the smartest man.

(Goose3) #80

Basic modding ideas:

In a similar fashion than the Complex mod did more ships. But not just the same model with different weapon loud outs instead actual models.

We’ve got fighters, gunboats, corvettes, frigates, destroyers, Carriers, Cruisers, Battlecruisers, Dreadnoughts

Those marked are not in it just yet but would make for nice additions and mixes between the present ship classes. A gunboat would be a mix between fighter and corvette larger than any fighter but smaller than a corvette.

Battlecruisers would be an enhanced version of regular Cruisers more armored and giving slightly more damage. Dreadnoughts should be a first priority target they are 1.5 as strong as a regular Battlecruiser 2.0 as strong as a cruiser and slower. Not closely as strong as Sajuuk of course for balance reasons.

More mission maps in general. There are plenty of stories to tell within the Homeworld Universe.

Trade ships
Would travel between allied motherships and shipyards depending on where you sent em. When docked with their mothership your ally gains little ru when it returns to you the same goes for you.

Transport vessel + Personnel Transport
Instead of just transferring Ru and ships just like that to your allies you must build a Transport vessel first. Lets say the ship costs 500ru then you transfer that sum automatically to your ally once the ship docked with either a shipyard or the mothership.

To transfer ships you need to transfer personnel first so they can make usage of your ships. That would add a certain sum to your ally of allied pilot slots and then you can transfer em over till the amount has been exhausted. I believe in some vanilla HW2 mods a feature like that was already implemented.

New game modes

Convoy duty: There will be only little ru on the battlefield and in order to gain additional ru income periodically at a randomized time ally troop transports enter the field per hyperspace. On pre designated or random areas. You would then have to guard these as your opponent will try to kill these. Per script it would determine the position of your own vessels and the enemy vessels to find a far isolated region of space where the convoy could hyperspace in. The same thing happens to your enemy to be wary.

A similar game mode was already added in vanilla Hw2 but never finished.

King of the Hill: Defend a randomized number of ancient stations to gain points till your enemies runs out of their points. Similar to the game mode of Kharak of Desert.

Coop: Survive with your buddy against endless waves of new appearing enemies while also getting randomized sub quests in order to gain benefits from it. Unit reinforcements, new tech unlocks, specialized none build able ships enhanced sensor range etc. If failed your AI enemy may get bonuses instead. So far we’ve got this kind of game mode only in single player form in few mods hosted on steam.

Exploration mode: The FX team is developing something like that right now. It contains a map system where you can jump onto other maps per hyperspace on pre designated points. Then you can explore an entire galaxy and encounter npcs giving you missions or fighting you as well as many map specific units you can’t build yourself… To bad that the Chinese develop this. That means half the time we wont understand what’s going on. ^^