(REARM V2) #81

Push on @Chimas to work on his Twist of Fate mod. His project is the closest you can get to convoys, transport ships and alternative game modes.

(Chimas) #82

Probably the one made by Mr. Thi, where I based my ideas in the beginning.
Anyone willing to know more, check the PDF here.
And remember: a lot of undoable things in there, it’s not a mod yet.

(Goose3) #83

No it was actually a set of mission rule scripts for mp I downloaded it back then. It was located somewhere on the Relic forums for testing and contained this convoy idea and actually few other game modes. But as I said it was never finished.

The Twist of Fate mod approach sounds very similar though and sounds promising. Lets wish him luck that he succeeds.

(DoomLord) #84

I have seen this done before on a Homeworld 2 classic Mod called Fairy Empire(Yaodu)

(Chimas) #85


One thing I’m envisioning is the use of rails. Visually, it’s a fend, you don’t actually see the rails. It would be used in stations. Imagine a station that you want to use bridges outside the main structure, just like it happens with HGN and VGR. So, whenever the station is performing a particular job, the bridge can travel in that rails to the spot to represent that action. Imagine a horizontal station, if strikecraft are docking in one end, the bridge goes there and becomes a traffic control tower.
IF a frigate is latch docking in the other side, the bridge travels back to assist. It can travel to a LAB section to repair the hull for example (so, the bridge has a repair module with a repair beam, hmmm). I’m taking note to this feature, hope to make it happen …

(Civilprotection1) #86

Quick question.

I’ve been hoping to try my hand at modding, and I have some ideas for Homeworld that I would like to see in the game.
My question is this: With the major update coming up “soon,” should I go ahead and start now, or will the game be sufficiently changed that I should just hold off for the time being?

(Chimas) #87

If you’re going to alter Lua files or start modelling and texturing, go ahead now.

If it’s for anything else more advanced than that, then you could wait. Use this time to take notes of your ideas, get them against one another and cut out what is not feasible before discoverying it in practice.

(DoomLord) #88

I am proud to say that i have returned to this awesome modding community!!!

I shall Restart my Monkey Madness mod (first ever mod) My first Attempt at making a Proper Mod Its so old yet so Awesome!

(Goose3) #89

Welcome back @Faction_Red029… Let the mods role in…

(DoomLord) #90

Thanks @goose3 I will try hard to make my mod fun like it used to be :smiley:

(Chimas) #91

Feedback wanted, pls!

This is a Multiplayer FFA game mode meant for HW1. From time to time, the player receives an objective to send a ship to another player, while the rest has to attack and destroy it. That means, if you’re in an 8 player map, eight different orders will be issued, you’ll be sending a ship and might receive a ship.

If the ship arrives a research item is splitted among both. The list of upagrades enabled is sequential. So you start with your MS and carrier and maybe some fighter and bomber squadrons in the starting fleet. Probably the next thing to be enabled is the Corvette chassis, to be studied. And so on. An alternative is to enable a package like enabling the corvette chassis + the grav well, and so on.

In the end, when there is no research left then the game becomes a deathmatch. The computer can prompt which is the first player ready for deathmatch, for example, and so on.

About the ship to send, I don’t know what to do, but in worst case it can be a military capital ship without weapons that you capture with your salvettes (so there must be salvettes in starting fleets). If it’s a created supply ship, for example, the collectors of HW2 could be used to transport containers from the ship to MS and this becomes a secondary objective/target/bonus. I mean, you have to escort, defend, be captured (to take control) and unload the ship.

There are things I wouldn’t know how to prevent, for example the receiver deciding to attack the emitter’s ship, for whatever reason.

Just providing this for the sake of discussion. You can expand the idea anytime and to know if you’d like playing something like that.

(Yiryi-Sa) #92

Would anyone be willing to make a .TGA badge for me? I’m asking because it’s one file, rather than a group of files; otherwise, I would learn to do it on my own.

(Snake_B5) #93

what would you want ?


My next mod idea will maybe be called Homeworld Roguelike. All ship/build/research stats will be randomized each time you start the game. HODs will remain unchanged. (Though technically with the new patches system new hardpoints could also be added.)

Weapons will all have to use the ballistics system I think. IIRC the RNG system used to require that ships have strength or weakness parameters versus other ships. This I don’t like.

(Not actually Jesus Christ) #95

I could If you want.

(Yiryi-Sa) #96

I want to thank Dwarfinator for his (swift) contribution to making a custom badge for personal use. Behold:

(Snake_B5) #97

You’re welcome ^^

(Not actually Jesus Christ) #98

Damn! I forgot to send it to you. Next time… :wink:

(doci7) #99

Looks awesome! Better be glad I didn’t draw it because: A. It wouldn’t have looked that good, and B. It would have been a side-profile of a hooded face instead. Why? Because Stargate SG1, lol.

(Snake_B5) #100

Just to be more precise, @StarOfAnubys already had the logo, I just had to clean it to do the transparency effect. The colours are a bonus :stuck_out_tongue: