(Dominic) #101

How do you guys feel about game modes that restrict player’s choices to a certain degree? These would be similar to the “Carrier Only” mode.

  • The first idea I had was to create a “Battlecruiser Only” mode, where you start out with a battlecruiser and a set amount of fighters, corvettes, frigates, and maybe destroyers. This would be a rather fast-paced game mode and would require the player to micro-manage effectively to outlast their opponents, since you would be unable to build any units at all.
  • After that initial idea I realized that the Kushan and the Taiidan would be at a disadvantage since their heavy crusiers are incredibly vulnerable to fighters and even corvettes… So I got a little inspired by AoE’s “King” gamemode and Sins of a Solar Empire’s “Capital ship victory” game mode, and I got the idea to give each faction’s cruiser special abilities! Since they would effectively be the flagship of your fleet, it makes sense to me.
    – The Battlecruisers and Heavy Cruisers would have 2-3 abilities that complement their strengths while also accounting for their weaknesses. (Ex. The Kushan HC could have an ability to spawn drones for a short time, similar to the Kushan drone frigate’s drones, in order to counter fighters & corvettes.)

What do you guys think of game modes similar to this, that restrict the player to a certain degree and forcing different types of play? Also, anyone have any ideas for more types of game mdoes? :slight_smile:


I like the idea a lot, especially the fact that players are limited to only certain units. You could have power ups scattered around the map to help players, like DoTA.

(Dominic) #103

Yeah! I thought about that too, possibly powerups that repair ships, or give you reinforcements, or etc.

(Not actually Jesus Christ) #104

You could probably use crates and edit them to do that. With different textures etc

(REARM V2) #105

Make that mod and polish it. I really want to see that.

(Dominic) #106

Will do Pouk. It’s been in the plans for my Mod for a little while now :ok_hand:

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #107

I once thought of having an “outpost” mode, where instead of carriers or motherships, the players have a static base (like the Chimera station, or the Vaygr outpost) and can only build collectors and strike craft…

(Not actually Jesus Christ) #108

I did that on some of my own maps, I did it with the Vaygr prison station thing (can’t remember what it’s name is)

(Dominic) #109

Cool! Was it Gehenna station?

(Not actually Jesus Christ) #110

Yeah that’s it! I think it cant build lance fighters or bombers but the normal station in mission 4 can build all of the fighters (or the other way around)

(Dominic) #111

Very cool! I’ve been thinking about checking out Gehenna, not sure though… I’ll probably just build my own.

On a seperate note, do you guys think it would be a good idea to create an art-dump thread for custom map backgrounds? I’ve been wanting to create a few backgrounds, especially some that are more “out in the black”, but haven’t really had the time to…

Not sure how many people are making their own custom backgrounds so I didn’t want to make a thread for it yet :slight_smile:

(Sastrei) #112

I’ve been wanting to create a few backgrounds, especially some that are more “out in the black”, but haven’t really had the time to…

For the love of god yes.

(Dominic) #113

Haha, if there’s a want for some backgrounds like that then I’ll try it out. However, I don’t know how to create the 360 backgrounds, is it the same as creating an HDRi image? Anyone know of any tutorials/have any advice?

(Sastrei) #114

There is a sample background as part of the Backgrounds/Asteroids/Planets GBX examples on Steam.

(REARM V2) #115

Want? …WANT? A hunger !

(Slaty) #116

Tractor beams.
Now i can’t receive a command to friendly ships “Attack friendly ship”.
Have not a that function :frowning:
I need that command for:
Tractor beam for friendly ships.
Tractoring friends to a repair place.
Inverse tractor beam for an enemy ships.

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #117

Tractor beams are possible by modifying the ion cannon to remove or lower the damage and bumping up the “push” effect. There was a thread about it on the relicnews forums ages ago.

EDIT: here we go

(Slaty) #119

impossible “push” friendly ships

(Slaty) #120

Fly maneuver changer button.

(Not actually Jesus Christ) #121

Well, I have started planning a Taiidan Rebellion mod (not the Taiidan Republic, the Rebels like Captain Elson) as well as the Taiidan Republic, mainly to help with my modding skills which have slowly decreased since the death of my PC but also since I don’t think there are many mods or any about them. As for the time relative to Homeworld this will be around the Cathedral of Kadesh/Supernova Research Station and I’ll probably start around when Elson was betrayed by one of his friends and in the Battle of Vorshan’s Rift.
This doesn’t mean I’m giving up on the Taiidan Republic, I’d rather mess around with my own mod so I can’t break much. :stuck_out_tongue: