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The beam textures are in data > art > fx. You can probably re-colorize the TGA files in Photoshop easily. You’ll also need to change the fx files to point to the recolored textures, and probably copy the weapons files to point to the updated weaponfire scripts.

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Not saying that it’s not possible to do so, even if some parts of the UI would clearly behave differently because of some difference in the way the scale of the graphical elements are managed.
The main problem here is that it would take literally weeks (or more) of full time job to do it, and I don’t think anyone here have this kind of time :confused:

@Dom2 Hi mate ! :slight_smile:

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Actually I have a problem finding that path way. I bought my copy of Homeworld on steam and it’s the remastered, so I may need help.

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You need to extract the .Big files before you can get at them. Try this tool:

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Tool does not work, just stops working. Also, are you spoonfrog?

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Ok, I never actually used that tool I was just being lazy by linking to it instead of actually explaining.

In C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Homeworld\GBXTools\WorkshopTool or somewhere, you will find archive.exe. In that directory, hold shift and right click to open a command prompt (now called a powershell for some reason…)

Then type something like:

.\Archive.exe -a "C:\Program Files (x8 6)\Steam\steamapps\common\Homeworld\HomeworldRM\Data\German.big" -e C:\Users\Dom\Desktop\data_german\

This will extract all the contents of German.big into a new folder on the desktop called data_german. You probably aren’t interested in the German language files, so you should do this with:

  • Homeworld2.big
  • HW2Campaign.big
  • HW1Campaign.big
  • HW1Ships.big
  • HW2Ships.big

That should give you enough files to be getting on with. You can use notepad++ to search the directory of the extracted files to find what you need to edit.

When you are ready to mod, put the modified files in the /data/xx/xx/ directory (equivalent to where you found them). E.g. if I were to edit kus_supportfrigate.ship I would place it in the following directory on my hard drive:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Homeworld\HomeworldRM\Data\ship\kus_supportfrigate\

Then create a shortcut to HomeworldRM.exe and add -overridebigfile to end of the “target”. Double click on the shortcut and you are playing you mod!


New want to add new ship type
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This works for me. Now I see the problem, I just didn’t have the Homeworld Toolkit

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Alright, all the color replacements have been made, how do I make it into a mod then?

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Have a look here:

(A nutcase) #152

What do you mean by that?

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Well, are you making new ones or just changing the appearance of existing beams?

  1. Changing existing beams => just swap the texture files (keep the same names)
  2. Making new beams (e.g. for new ships) => need to edit the fx files to point to your new texture files.

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I think I did just swap them, but failed. What I did was change the tga files of the ion fx, packed it all it all into a mod through the HWRM Toolkit, and attempted to play it through the workshop, as in I uploaded it to workshop and tried to play it like the other mods in the Workshop.

Maybe I’m doing it wrong and I’m just suppose to swap the Homeworld2.big file?

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Well that takes ages. It is quicker to do what I said above and use -overridebigfile…

You only need to use the workshop tool when you are publishing a mod. For testing just use the loose files.

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Everything’s set, thank you for your help.

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that is what i like about this community, the people are all pretty helpful.

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After sometime of thought and searching around, I’ve decided try to assemble a mod that would create a Turanic Raider faction. The Turanic Raiders would have all the standard units seen in the campaign of Homeworld Catacalysm. The flagship would be the Attack Carrier and the role of shipyard would go to the Turanic Base. As for their capital ships, I would like to use the Derelict Cruiser and Carrier as well as the Junkyard Dog for mining and repair. The Derelict Cruiser will have 6 Projectile Launchers or Mass Drivers and instead of having 2 dual ion cannons turrets in the front, I would put 2 tri-barreled Heavy Projectile Launchers/Mass Drivers or 2 Heavy tri-barreled Plasma bomb launchers. It would be like HW1 Assault Frigates, but with upgraded weapons and chassis. As for the Derelict Carrier, it would be a light carrier which would only allow for the creation of strikecraft only, all to kick the price of these carriers down.
While all of this sounds well and good, I need lots of guidance. I really need a step by step instruction on how to make this kind of things. I looked around, but got a bit mixed and disordered. In short, I just need help on how to make a separate faction mod all together.

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Check this out for Homeworld 2 Classic…
For Homeworld Remastered Edition…

Both mods feature what you wished for + a lot more like playable Kadeshi, Progenitors, Bentusi etc.

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I’ve used that sure, but I’m just looking to learn it myself. Most importantly I’m just trying to get the derelicts of Karos into action rather than ambient statues and relics of the past.

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You are in the right place. People here can help with all of that. Ask away :slight_smile: