(A nutcase) #162

Know where to start?

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #163

Ok, so I would suggest that the first step is to get the Turanic Raiders working as a new faction with the existing ships. Then you can work on the new ships, weapons, etc.

@sastrei made a tutorial on how to make a new race here:

In general it is worth checking out the tutorials thread before you post a question…

@psychichazard please can you split post 141 onwards into a new thread - it ceased to be a mod idea and started to be a “please help me” thread at that point. --Thanks!

(Caal-Shto) #164

If you want to make a Turnaic Raider mod try extracting the models form the Homeworld Universe Remastered mod. (Sure the Mod is outdated by 2 years but it has the units that you need plus a few extra units to make it your own.)
Anyway that is my suggestion.

(A nutcase) #165

I kinda don’t wanna rip off of anyone. Just use the Derelict Ships and Turanic Raider ship models.

(Goose3) #166

Don’t you worry… The mod owners of said units vanished long ago… Back in vanilla hw1, hw2 days. Not to mention the HW modding community has been always helpful to one another and sharing assets where every they could or it made sense.

That being said I used to be a member of HWU mod for many years… I hereby grant you permission to use the units of HWU mod. Without them you will find that your custom factions will be fairly incomplete and hard to balance.

(A nutcase) #167

Thank you, one and all. I’ve managed to set up a Turanic Raider faction with a carrier capable of making it’s own units and setting a population limit for them in particular. It’s nice to see these the derelicts come to life, even if they’re no longer in their prime.

(mikefilmnerd) #168

okay so I want to make a short 60min animated machinima movie using homeworld 2. I’m in the process of getting the game, I’m learning to code in python and unity and have done time in Javascript, C# and C++. Also liberty basic and bbc micro basic on the acorn archimedes. So I’ve been coding on and off since my youngling times in the early 80s. I don’t really do modelling, but I’m comfortable with coding and my goal is to learn modding so I can make machinima. I was originally going to go with skyrim but somebody suggested homeworld and I looked it up on steam and yea it looks sweet and the min specs aren’t that crazy. anything I should know before I start? any tips?

I’m planning to spend 4hrs/wk tinkering with this project.

(raymondpembrink) #169

I have an idea of a Kadesh vs Raiders mod for HW1 multiplayer, but I cannot find how to mod HW1 or any modders that can do it.
I suggest HW1 because the engine is different and because both races have limited amounts of spaceships which means less gaps in comparison to each other that need to be filled to make them work. No longer would you have a mod with every ship type replaced but only the necessary ones like research ship, resource class ships and possibly some non combat ones.
Some things could be used from existing mods, there are already a number of mods featuring Turanic Raiders as playable race but they are all odd in some way, my vision is to make it feel as you play these races as authentic as possible, but I need to know if the possibility of modding HW1 even exists.

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #170

It is possible to mod homeworld 1 classic. In fact there was quite a good raiders vs kadesh mod…

Anyway, it will be much easier to get help with Remastered modding here. If you are making new ships, you could always make your mod for classic AND remastered…!