[MOD] Mikali's multiplayer maps

Discussion thread for my multiplayer maps.

I am always looking for new ideas and maths functions.

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New map named “Go Around Cube”. 8 players.


WOW, cool! Can the AI do it? Or do they just smack into a wall? XD

Is that one big mesh or did you split it into multiple smaller ones? How good is the collision avoidance?

It’s actually kind of a dumb map. Not that fun. You can try it if you want to.

It’s three meshes. Collision avoidance is okay. AI doesn’t get trapped in corners.

AI tries to turtle. Maybe human AI (LOL) is smarter.

The map might be improved by placing a hole in its center.

New map “Hollow Cross”. This one works pretty well with AI.


Hey for multiplayer map packs how do you tag them? Just one levels_dm include?

I’d like to open up the STC mod to map packs but don’t want the ootb HWRM maps in there as they’re too cramped

@Dom2 how about you? You did a nice map pack as well

I did no tagging on mine, they should just work with anything.

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After checking… no tag is treated as an instant fail :confused:

Can you do an includes for levels_dm? That should give something for mods like STC to allow through

Hi Nathanius,

I struggled with the filters in our compatibility mod too, and I get it to work by setting it up like this:

1- The fail filters go in ConfigFilters.lua. The game will pretty much just load everything in the file structure, so pass filters aren’t needed here, but this is where you keep the races and game types that you don’t want out.

2- The pass filters go in the first lua file of the game type. So for instance ‘ModFolderName\scripts\rules\deathmatch.lua’ This where you set which races and levels are available for each game type.

Here are the files from Star Trek vs. Homeworld:

So the Configfilters keeps the normal HW deathmatch and the STC game types from loading:

-- Data:\Scripts\ConfigFilters.lua
--PassFilter="races_stc,rules_stc,levels_stc,sgf_gbx,sgf_hwrm" -- Normal restrictions
-- this was the last one PassFilter="races_stcg,rules_stcg,levels_stc,sgf_gbx,sgf_hwrm,levels_dm,levels_hw1,levels_dm_hw1" -- Normal restrictions PLUS default HWRM maps

--PassFilter="races_stcg,rules_stcg,levels_stc,levels_dm,levels_hw1,levels_dm_hw1" -- sgf s out

--try taking these out to get HW races in: it worked even though I though the tag was changed
--BasePath = "STC"

-- sgf = Strike Group Formation. Attempts to access a strike group formation which is blocked here will result in a divide by zero error and no errors written to HWRM.log

Then the deathmatch.lua allows all map types and only the races from the compatibility mod:


GameRulesName = "Star Trek vs. Homeworld DM"
Description = "Use this one for STRM 2310 vs. Goliath"
SaveGameVersion = 1.0
SinglePlayer = 0

ExtFilter = "rules_stcg"

Race_Paths = "Deathmatch"

--Level_Pass_Tags = "TMP,Random,dm"
Level_Pass_Tags = "TMP,dm"
Race_Pass_Tags = "race_TMPg"

eraoption = 3

GameSetupOptions =

I was thinking about your problem with the levels. You could allow all map types in the game filter, like in the example above, and then overwrite the \leveldata\multiplayer\dmhw1.levels and dmhw2.levels files to keep only the vanilla maps you want, or exclude them all.

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Hmm! Clever :smiley:

Thank you for sharing, only failing at the ConfigFilters.lua level and then passing per game rule is a nice approach :thinking:

Just need to vet it against what I exclude to make sure I’m covered, but I have a good feeling about this :smiley:


So with just these two lines in ConfigFilters.lua

BasePath = "stc"

Everything looks to be fairly good! I just need to overwrite the default HWRM deathmatch file with the STC one (as it’s unusable and gutted with the above filters).

Nice :smiley:

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Then I’ll have to put the old .levels files back in the compatibility mod to overwrite your changed ones. haha

I’m working on an update anyway, I totally want the KIingon and Romulan ships to have the right voices! I can get Picard and Kirk in there now too - yay!

Did you see the thing about the .Levels files? I just edited the post because the last paragraph was stuck in the scripting box.

You’re going to need to do a bit more than that to refactor for our next release I’m sorry :sweat_smile:

Ah crud. :b

It’s held up pretty well so far though. The scripts are mostly new. If you changed the nodes in the ship models that would probably super break it, but you guys wouldn’t do that… (gulp) would you?


Can you ask your model guy to add a capture node to the Grendel right at the front? I tried to get the HOD open in Blender, but just like the HW models, I’d have to type all the nodes in individually, and then I bet it still wouldn’t be right because I don’t know what I’m doing. =b

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