[Mod] Omega Fleet Reborn

After GBX’s update to Homeworld stuffed my mod (any every one else) iv said screw it and im starting from scratch with new models and everything!

I will start to implement the models when i know how! Stupid Gbx…

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Really? :confused:

I mean, it’s great to see you starting off with a clean slate but it took me just a week and a bit to go from patch-break to AI up and running. If I can do it it’s not that hard

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the problem i have is that 1. i cannot be stuffed trying to patch my old mod. 2. i can make much better models now. 3. i feel like i need a clean slate to work off!

Atm i have no knowledge of how to get my fleet back up and running…all i can do is get a race back into the game and that’s it…

Still its a start

Well it’s a shame the new norm is giving you fits; I don’t know much about REAL modding, just basic ship making (for HW2, not even HWR yet), so I can’t advise, but I am pretty excited about your new mining ship; it looks great, and even more impressive, the face count seems very, very controlled. You are definitely leveling up!

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Hey! Ship making is real modding. :slight_smile:

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Is that a resource collector? Mobile Refinery? I love the engine arrangement. I find it hard to be imaginative with engines.

Iv made edits to the model and its kinda like a Large ResourceController/Mothership

I will post more models when i have time :smiley:


i love to spend hours just making models of ships and weapons!

SWARDS FOR EVERYONE @Nathanius @Pouk @Dom2 @Xercodo !

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Lol, are you going to take up Skyrim modding too?

I could if i knew how to import models…i have a a mod for skyrim already! but i haven’t updated it in years.

Dude, your attention span.


Working on my Interceptor and scout!

dont know if i want to use HW2 squads or have it as single ships?


[quote=“Faction_Red029, post:14, topic:561714”]
dont know if i want to use HW2 squads or have it as single ships?
[/quote]I feel funny for recommending this, but the way things are now you would probably be best off with squads. Your guys are supposed to be Hiigaran offshoots, as I remember, so their fleet deployment would probably be more HW2-ish anyway. Right now, without functioning formations, the only real reason to even consider single build is if you were trying to make HW1 era content, it seems to me.

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after reading your comment i feel the same way about it :smiley:

still working on getting my ships INTO the game…i dont know why im having trouble doing it My brain just says Dafaq to the new file setup XD

It’s in places like

Yea i have all that setup…idk…it just dont work

i think for a while ill just stick to modeling and then ill do some modding when i have ships to put in :smiley:

Well there’s nothing wrong with that approach. At least I hope there isn’t because that’s basically my approach, lol.

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basically im doing all the models first because im trying to make a style + i feel like i need a break from modding and try my hand at Game Creation…i have a basic Fps in the works but hell its not even a shooter atm all you can do is walk around XD