[MOD] Operation: HOMEFRONT | Halo Mod | General Discussion and Progress

I haven’t actively posted here in a long time… I’m making huge strides, so I figured I have enough to show off now!

This is Homefront, same as the classic mod, but for Remaster. :stuck_out_tongue:
Everything going into the mod is receiving a face lift in both poly count and texture resolution. We’ve collectively as a community made great strides working on the Sins of the Prophets mod for Sins of a Solar Empire and I’m pleased to announce we’ll be doing a soft release in the near future!

Something I thought was pretty cool is that all the Covenant weapon FX are carried straight over from the first ever released version back in 2008 or thereabouts. Partially because FX for this game don’t make any sense to me and because they look awesome in the Remaster!

As of this post, the ship list for the Covenant has been filled from fighter to frigate. I took a break from doing builders because it took me a whole two weeks just to rig the Assault Carrier… lol. I’ll be posting here more frequently. It’s usually every two or so days I get a new ship in game.

Hope you all enjoy!


SOTP ships in HWR is pretty much everything I’ve wanted out of a Halo mod so this is very exciting!!!


Its not just SOTP ships. Homefront has been around quite a bit. All we’re doing is filling in the gaps. :stuck_out_tongue:

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So, is Homefront available for HWR as yet? If not, when do you project a release?