[MOD] PDS Classic posted to Steam Workshop

Hi all - I wanted to let the community here know that the Point Defense Systems [PDS] is reviving with the inbound modding capabilities for HW:RM that wonderful GBX is continuing development on.

For those not familiar, PDS is a simulation-oriented, lore-friendly gameplay improvement and conversion for Homeworld 2. PDS has several iterations and forks dating as far back as 2004. PDS gets rid of the paper-scissor-rock gameplay of HW2 and does its best to focus on “realistic” space warfare, inspired by the current military facts of air and naval combat.

The PDS mod started with the idea to equip large capital ships with the point defense systems that have been lacking in the original Homeworld 2. Later versions became much more ambitious, completely overhauling the designs and armaments of both Vaygr and Hiigaran navies. Features such as defensive shields, hypervelocity munitions, and Newtonian flight modelling were added. The overall result was an exponential increase in the tactical depth of game play. The mod also includes a large number of custom maps and artificial intelligence enhancements.

You can visit the PDS community in the following link: http://www.pds.homeworldaccess.net/

I wanted to report that the classic versions of PDS 6.1 and 7.3.2 for HW2Classic have been posted to the Steam Workshop. You can find them here:

PDS v7.3.2: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=502339668
PDS v6.1: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=502319502

I have gone out of my way to dig through the archives and give appropriate credit to all of those previously involved. Please enjoy as we continue working on PDS:RM. Sincerely;


[edit] links updated - thanks early replies!

psst, your links are were broken

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Siber’s right about links broken.

As far as I know Ironwatsas took over the PDS now.
Have you two talked? Are you a PDS dev, or you picked up the mod you presumed dead?

Hi Pouk;

We’re coordinating over at the http://www.pds.homeworldaccess.net/ community home for those of the original community that are still active. Ironwatsas dropped by the forums perhaps a month or two ago; we are working as a community to resuscitate interest and prepare the PDS: Remastered roadmap. Always good to check;


Oh OK, great. Good luck to you folks! Sorry for the slight confusion there.
(PDS was probably the first HW mod I’ve ever tried, it will be nice to see the good old one in HWRM.)

How are you going to add Newtonian flight modelling in RM? Is that possible?

Dont suppose anyone wants to do a retro version of PDS for remastered that focus’s just on fixing the vanilla PDS weapon systems?

I know this was covered before in classic HW2, but HW2-R PDS systems are just as broken (especially on the mothership). Can someone refresh my memory as to why this is?

If we can gather enough interest and resources nothing PDS-related is beyond our scope, but it has taken a while to get some inertia on this. Hopefully interest will increase from now on.

Hi Lazer72 - the Newtonian flight modeling was from the ‘next gen’ series of PDS, reaching maturity around version 11. PDS remastered is taking a step back from this direction. We’re still very encouraged by adding agility to frigate class warships and defining more interesting attack scripts for capital class vessels - but the Newtonian flight models for all craft and the ‘rapid missile warfare’ of the latest generation of PDS will probably be on haitus for a while. You can find a classic version of the 11 series here on Steam workshop. If someone wanted to do a Newtonian mod for the remastered version, I can certainly offer some support with how later versions of PDS tried to accomplish this through attack scripts and balancing ship properties and severe tuning.

Hi Major_Stress - work is ongoing with the Remastered version and the roadmap is full of lots of feature porting from the classic versions. There’s good reason for addressing just the mothership and carrier point defense weapons and ironically that was the inspiration for PDS way back in the day! I don’t think it is out of the realm of possibility that a stripped-down, light-weapons only version of PDS that is integrated back into single-player is out of the question. As we are currently handling the patch pipeline coming down from GBX I will put a light version on the roadmap and see if we can get that out before the next big Steam sale. Thanks for the recommendation!

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You guys are awesome!

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Good news everyone!

PDS: Remastered is currently under heavy development between Myself, Typhoone, and the rest of our crack team of development specialists. Writing out lore and getting new scripts made.

We already have a working pre-pre-alpha, and a proper v1.0 is well on it’s way. We’re both writing out lore on the forums and planning things, and getting our shiny new scripts ready and juicing up the ships we already have. We have already integrated an intelligent strikecraft script (damaged fighters and corvettes will retreat when they take too much damage) by LeSunTzu, and a script that automatically names Capital Ships.

The general focus will be on deeper, more tactical engagements than most other mods. Intelligent deployment, maneuver warfare, force protection, and levying tactics against your enemy’s strengths will be key.

As time goes on, we plan to add additional races such as the Imperialist Taiidan (this time with real Taiidan ships, and not just various assortments of Vaygr Destroyers taped together). So, stay tuned.

Or better yet! Pop over to http://www.pds.homeworldaccess.net/ and maybe give us a hand, or just say g’day!

Or just pester me on Steam. Unless I start swearing at you immediately I’m generally free to speak to.

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Sounds awesome!