[Mod] [Pic Heavy] Homeworld: Past and Future

Hi, I’ve been working for quite some time on this mod, and I’m going to make the first release on ModDB.

This mod is a rebalance for the HW1 Campaign Singleplayer and Multiplayer and fixes some
small mistakes that the vanilla game had.

The singleplayer campaign tries to use the same balance that the Classic version had, still has some issues to fix and has not been completely tested yet but it should improve the experience greatly.

On the Player vs CPU and Multiplayer it provides many options in the Homeworld Remasterd Gamemode like:

-Fixed Build Speed: Ability to select a fixed build speed for all races in the match (it disables any build speed upgrade)

-Squadrons for HW1 Races: Allows the HW1 races to build fighters and corvettes on squadrons

-HW1 Ships Balance: Allows to select the balance for weapons and upgrades for HW1 ships (with this you will be able to select if you want a HW1 style balance or HW2, and allow upgrades. Right now only changes HW1 Races only)

-Starting Fleet: A slightly different way to select Starting fleet options (replaces the vanilla, it is going to be expanded eventually)

Also the HW1 races has been completely replaced, the HW2 Style Balance for the HW1 races is based on the Classic HW1 balance entirely, just using a series of multipliers to achieve the weapons range damage and armor results, matching nicely to the HW2 style.

A Ship Test Duel Gamemode is enabled to allow the player to compare ships between races.

Most of the work that I have used on this mod is material that I have researched and worked on during the development of the Homeworld REMASTERED mod.

Right now I’m starting with the basics making the HW1 and HW2 races working correctly, but I plan to expand it much more.
It would be great if I can get some support and feedback from the community.


The link for the Steam workshop version is:

For screenshots and more info:


Hi Krnt,
You can count on me.
Is this for HWRE or HWClassic?
Let me know when you have it available on Steam.

This is for Remastered, but its going to take a while to get it to Steam, weekends are pretty busy for me, but I want to get it up before monday.

EDIT: I haven’t been able to take the time to upload it to upload it to Steam, but since I have received no feedback or comments in any of the posts that I have placed around HW related communities its not worth the effort for the moment, I will keep modding it until I get it to a better completion stage.

The Raiders Retreat update adds a few additional features to the game and it’s most likely to conflict with the mod right now.

The next mod update (0.7) it’s likely to be finished at the end of this week, and will add a few features and bug fixes over the old version, some of the features are:

-Homeworld 1 and Homeworld 2 Deathmatch Gamemode now work correctly and balance the game matching the game they belong, ex. HW1 Deathmatch is using its respective Hw1 balance with no upgrades for all its races including HW2 ones.

-The Homeworld Remastered Deathmatch balance selection now affects HW2 races, enabling or disabling their updates and even changing their stats to match Classic HW1 stats and gamestyle if requested.

-Experimental ships and upgrades balance enabled.


Got it working properly and added a new map for MP, maybe you will like it:

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June 12 was the day I was going to upload a new release of the mod, unfortunately, my ISP decided to make important upgrades to the communication lines, and up to today I have still been unable to get the service back.

On the good side this has gave me a lot of time to improve the mod further, and fix all the necessary issues.
Now the mod works with 2 additional races Turanic Raiders and Kadesh with full AI, available for Skirmish and Multiplayer, they have some small details to polish but they still work correctly.

There are many other changes but I can’t remember them right now, the new version will be available most likely in 2 weeks, when I get my Internet service back.

The last update made me work in the mod quite a lot and I had to make a few sacrifices on the features side, until I can make a workaround, but I got the mod to work quite nicely, and took my time to upload it to Steam Workshop:

I would like to know your thoughts about it.

What sacrifices have you had to make, exactly?

Right now, I have kept the Kadeshi out of the race list, the AI is not using the special abilities in ships like, Missile destroyers, Turanic Missile Corvettes and Heavy Corvettes.

Some of the features in single player like the Kadeshi fuel have been disabled until I find a way to toggle them between SP and MP, also some other small and unnoticeable features too.

Also one last thing,
This Mod requires you to check the HW1Campaign box in the launcher if you want to be able to play the new maps without a crash, this method is used right now to keep the size of the mod reasonable.

For the moment avoid the usage of the new included maps for multiplayer, their usage in multiplayer will most likely cause a crash.

Seems that I fixed that last issue I mentioned, the maps maps used some Dustclouds and nebuale from HW1Campaign, I added them and the maps works in MP.

Kadeshi are back in the game!

Their AI and research tree are completely working, but they are a bit overpowered, JUST LIKE IN HOMEWORLD 1!!!

Also the Turanic Raiders are receiving some treats, nothing big just make them able to bring reinforcements.

Have Fun!

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Hi Krnt_13

Great work! I noticed in your roadmap you mentioned something of a Ship Test game mode:

This is something that Point Defense Systems had in classic versions of the mod that we are developing to bring back to HW:RM. Version 7 of PDS had a UI interface at the start of a match where you could select waves of ships, but given that the UI is all different now we haven’t gotten around to porting this over. What’s your plan on this? We have some development going, want to share resources to develop a great unit-on-unit test mode?


Yeah, the original system was developed by LeSunTzu, after asking him expanded it to 8 races in the old HW2 and then transferred to the Remastered, It worked right away with almost no tweaks, but the August update changed a lot of its core functions and requires quite a lot of work to make it work again, that was one of the few sacrifices I had to make to keep the mod working but I plan to get into it in a few days and get it working again.

I have no issue sharing it, also some help could be welcome for to optimize it a little because right now its a few thousands of lines and sometimes difficult to tweak or expand, also I disabled its cost calculator since I had no use to it and that part its still only compatible with 2 races.

For any more info you could send me a PM.


If multiplayer is to be balanced swarmers might need to be a bit more expensive :smiley:

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Yeah you are right, but I wanted to keep the price the same as HW1, and their fuel needs to be enabled, right now is disabled for compatibility, still I’m looking for other options, I’m planning some research for them, so they are not full power since the beginning also I may adjust their research time to delay their attack and I will keep the Kadesh resource collecting capability tight.

Another thing, you should use fighters and corvettes against them, I personally use scouts just like I did the first time I played their mission in HW1.

Yesterday I beat them in extreme difficulty using the Turanic Raiders, finding some issues along the way too.

But in the end, the Turanic and the Kadesh are still races that are there for fun, they aren’t complete and I will keep working on them.

I wouldn’t really think keeping the RU values fixed would make too much difference for fidelity to HW1 gameplay, as I don’t think the Kadeshi actually have to build all their ships. All it’d really change is how much money you get for retiring their ships if you capture any?

I will keep that in mind, thanks Siber.

BTW, have you ever tried the HW1 Campaign?

With the mod enabled? Not yet, but it’s on my to-do list.

Yeah, that is the most important feature of this mod, and the main reason I made it.

Having played a bit of the single player, I’m curious about two things. Have you changed/considered changing the RU content of campaign maps or the weapon ranges?

I have changed the weapon ranges in campaign, they are now the same as in HW1, originally I used simulated projectiles in there too, but I had to take them out because of incompatibility with “Diamond Shoals” but I will release it as an addon later.

About the RU content it would require much more work, and for the time its not worth it, maybe I will in the future.

A small video that I recorded a few days ago:

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