Mod Q&A Anyone out there?

Long story short, Pouk’s poke pulled me back into Homeworld and I got the bug to do a little modding. I am rusty and getting a little hung up on some of the basics… like loading mod local… difference between DATA and LOCAL when flattened out, and a couple other things. If anyone is still around and has a little time to chat it out on discord, that would be helpful.

I have muddled through pretty good so far but as I get deeper in wanted quicker turn around. I have successfully converted the mission 08 into a Vaygr mission with a few AI tweaks to increase the personality to be more human like… as well as added Higgys to force some 3 way action trying to secure Sajuke. Now I just want to polish and that requires a lot of restarts. hehe

I lost a hard drive that had all my modding notes, setups, batch files, utility apps, etc. It has been a pain in the but trying to round everything back up.

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I haven’t been able to divert much energy into homeworld modding of late, but I’m still around and keeping my eyes and ears open. I’m also in the homeworld universe discord and keep an eye out for people in the modding channels doing things or asking questions

Cool. I am not looking to do some EPIC MOD… just take a few select missions in the Homeworld RM campaign and switch Higgy to Vaygr. I have one map almost done… probably be faster if i stop playing it and keep tweaking it. Once I get mission 9 done I was going to move on to the next mission i felt was “Missing something”.

Let me ask you, am I reinventing the wheel here? Has someone else already converted the campaign over to Vaygr? Might save me some time. lol

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Not to my knowledge no. Campaign modification is pretty rare.

Well… it is likely i will be the only one that plays it… but that is okay with me. Maybe people will start to flock back to the scene closer to HW3 release… needing their pre game fix? ROFL.

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Pouk’s poke. :slight_smile:

Flocking back into Homeworld near the HW3 release is literally what I’m counting on. :slight_smile:

But for me it’s no longer about finishing my mod for people, it’s about finishing my mod to prove myself that these years of investments lead a to fruitful end.
But I will play the Vaygr campaign for sure.