[MOD] REARM V2 WIP thread

(REARM V2) #1

The team:

@Pouk - Mod author, ship creation
@Fil_zp - Weapon balance, map making
@Hell_Diguner - QA, gameplay concepts

The gallery of finished ships:



(BitVenom) #2

The remastered BC has quite a few ‘signature’ lights and effects on it - stuff that didn’t exist before.

  • Lights that don’t affect the ship they’re on - but only ships inside/near (bay lights, etc)
  • Lights that affect the ship and can have a high-frequency flicker (look at the Vaygr BC’s side lights closely).
  • Lights that respond to the state of that ship’s thrusters - aka light-casting engines.

Hrm - actually I’ll just post that Example right now… Cole already wrote it, I just have to format it for the forum!

(REARM V2) #3

Yeah I was just watching all that lighting yesterday when I studied it ingame and took dozens of screenshots for reference. It’s quite impressive.

(BitVenom) #4

There you go - you can author your own .navs files quite easily - but this will cover the ones we used, and how to connect those to your own NAVL objects in a DAE (there are quite a few of those already in the released example DAEs to study).

(REARM V2) #5

Thank you!

(Chimas) #6

Hi BitVenom,

Now that you mention about navlights, in our MOD before HWRE I created Flash.navs for the service ship ZURB of HW1 cutscenes that we introduced in M1, check our DEMO712 here

These are the specs:

climbTime = 0
topWaitTime = 0.05
decayTime = 0.05
bottomWaitTime = 0.8

The effect of flash lights was done combining 3 lights that turns on and off in sequence giving the sense of spining.
And it’s doable to any service ship like collectors, controllers, repair corvettes, scavenger, etc.


Beautiful Pouk!
Looking forward to seeing the MBC in Remastered (:

(REARM V2) #8

Today’s progress (I wish it appeared as a bigger change). Added some details in the geometry as well.

My deepest respect to the people who remastered this game.

(BitVenom) #9

I know this is WIP - but if you spent the time to get this exporting to HOD you could do your WIP shots in engine :wink: I could even show you a trick that would make doing an animated timeline of your WIP in-engine really easy :wink:

But still, looking great!

(REARM V2) #10

OK OK OK :slight_smile: tomorrow I’ll finally try to get some engine shots, you convinced me.
Afterall, until that happens I can’t even call myself a Homeworld Remastered modder. :slight_smile:

(Nakamura14) #11

Nice job, Pouk.

(Alewx) #12

Thanks for the example with the new navlights, but I have one question.



Do I understand it correct that this whole part is the name of the navlight, while all the other Things are attributes for the parser?

(making space ships) #13

NavLight_BigBay is the unique name, nav_bays is the type of NavLight (doesn’t illuminate the ship it is attached to), it has a frequency and phase of zero (so it is static), a size of 7 (if it had a sprite, this would be the size of the sprite), and the color is full blue with a lot of green and a little red. I suspect I ripped the whole thing from the Hgn_Carrier .DAE. Oh, and radius on it is 700 so it is a good sized light.

So yes, all attributes that define the NavLight.

[TOOL] DAEnerys - DAE Ship Editor
(REARM V2) #14

OK now I can finally go to bed! It was a struggle.

(Alewx) #15

Thanks for the clearance of this points.
Bitvenom should add your answer to the Mod Resources about the Navlights.

(Chimas) #16

this is looking good, fleet …

(REARM V2) #17

Team colors. Thanks for the Ships #2 example.

(BitVenom) #18

That’s why we put them out there! This is looking really, really great! What’s next in terms of getting that ship complete?

(REARM V2) #19

Thank you.

So many things, I take my time with it… I didn’t even start the normal maps, because the diffuse isn’t completelly done yet.
Today I’ll take a look at the badge and animations (it has a retractable sensor array to fit into the Shipyard), at the first look at the Fuel Pod I think I get it.

It doesn’t even have working weapons and subsytems yet. Or collision mesh, or the engine glow, or the engine flaps. Or the engine innate subsystem (I don’t think we have any information on what shader these damageable subsystems use).
As I said, I’m thorough and that doesn’t make me the fastest modder on the planet.

(BitVenom) #20

Badges are easy, you’ll get it fast.

The key with animations is that when you set the start/end for one - make sure keyframes on the animated channels exist for the parts you want to animate - if you aren’t getting animations, you probably mis-aligned (or just didn’t do) keys on the start/end of each region.

When in doubt about shaders/materials - go look at hod_alias.manifest - you can pretty quickly figure out what does what and why it’s there. I think innate subsystems use ‘innateSS’ shader to have that ‘glowing boundary’ visible when you mouse-over them?

But you’ll get it! Really, really excited to see you taking on this level of work.