[MOD] REARM V2 WIP thread

The model is pretty much updated now (yeah, the part behind the module slot might have been left for a normal map):


Can you tell us how many tris the model had and how many will it have?

It has 3728 tris, which should be well within the limit according to Scole.

The limit was in the number of verts, not the number of tris. Nevertheless you should be well within range.

I go by these informations: [QUESTION] Polygon budget

But there is an actual technical ceiling for the number of vertices?


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Alright, I completely missed/forgot that info (even though I replied to it), good to know!

The ‘new’ HODOR update & HOD format coming soonish will have slightly different upper bounds - but will also be much more clear if you break them… I’ll put a proper topic out about it once it’s about to be released.


This is a matter (Verts, not tris) I have to update myself. Will do it.

@BitVenom Quick question, is it a relief for the game’s performance to have separate textures/materials for moving parts (engine flaps, turrets), so it maybe doesn’t have to reload a whole 4096px texture for a small piece of mesh, or it doesn’t matter at all?

Also pictures:

Looking good. It shouldn’t matter as the engine will load all the textures from a referenced race on map load.

That said, fragmented ships survive lowering the in-game texture limits better. Drop your texture size limit to 2048 and you can see this in action on the HW2 ships vs the HW1 ships.

OK, good to know, scaling of the texture size settings didn’t even cross my mind. Thanks. Although the best I think I can do with this model is two 4096 x 2048px and that wouldn’t make a difference.

Diffuse’s done (better late than never I suppose), now to the land of normal maps.


Can’t wait to see this finished and in-game… wow.

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:slight_smile: Believe me, me neither.

The next HODOR release (Mon/Tues!) will make your issue with innateSS go away, so you’ll have ‘final’ control over those mouse-over weapon systems modules. A bunch of other stuff too - plus I hope RODOH will be ready to go then as well. Once that’s out I’ll make the VERY strong push that people use it to prep DAEs for HODOR for their Mods for when the format changes. I have a few Mods I plan to work really closely with to bootstrap them to the ‘new’ ship-patching mechanisms too. April/May are gonna be crazy! I want to find a few groups looking to do crazy new shaders/FX too - as I have lots of stuff to share that nobody has even touched yet…


Amazing. I was slowly starting to think about asking when it’ll come out.
Also I had to search RODOH, but I don’t know how I didn’t see what it is, it’s all in the name. I know that thing will make a life of many people much easier (I’m more than very comfortable with the Max pipeline though).
It’s good to be excited again.

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Just an icon:


First test with specular maps (seems close enough):

(the last picture serves no purpose except for looking nice)

It would be nice to know if your approach to them was a case by case basis, or if you had some short and specific standard procedure to make them (apart manually blacking out the pieces that aren’t suppose to shine). It would be even nicer to know what it is, so I’m as close to the original ships as humanly possible. My way was to take the Diffuse, desaturate, apply sharpen filter, play with levels. That was all:

Now to the Reflection maps, that seems to be all about bare and scratched metal and the window glass.


@scole can answer you about the maps - I know he did plenty of work in a procedural surface design tool (forget the name)…

As for your ship icon - check out the style we’re using now (I dunno if this is in the last patch or yet-to-come…):