[MOD] REARM V2 WIP thread

I don’t have anything new to say, but I feel like reiterating that you produce the best looking HW2Vaygr ships I’ve ever seen.

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Then again, people very rarely make Vaygr ships in the first place. :slight_smile:

Yeah, but when Siber says the best looking HW2 Vaygr ships, I believe he includes the stock models :wink:

Today was weird, out of tune, yet somewhat faster:


I shouldn’t spam every day, because then I’ll make people confused about why I’m posting the same thing over and over. There is a small chance that two or three days are enough to see ‘some’ difference.
Bloody texturing.


I’m enjoying “spot the difference”, and there is definitely progress there! Keep it up!


Yeah, that’s exactly what it is. :slight_smile:
A meta game you might say.


I admire your persistance. It is paying off! I am also aware that one day I’ll be texturing ships as big as this :fearful:


Oh yeah, that’s actually why I’m doing this first, so the smaller that’ll come after should feel easy.
It’s not hard if you know what you want and how to achieve it. it’s just a lot of it at once.

I’ve posted that tutorial / making of / whatever it is. It’s still not finished yet:


A WIP team color texture, the details aren’t even visible under all this paint.


This is extremely awesome-looking. All that hard work texturing is paying off. :+1:


Texturing is hidden under the thick layer of team colors paint, it will need some washing down at the end.

Can’t possibly call it a fleet, but soon I could almost call it a mod:


For the core of the mod’s fleet I homed in on 16 units.

So in another words, if I’m really fast it’ll take a year. :slight_smile:


16 being a number you felt appropriate, or perhaps you already have all your units in mind??? If so, do tell!

Also, goodness… the cruiser astride the MBC is a beauty to behold!

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It’s not an arbitrary number. These are all specific units with their own roles and classes, I just cut the number down to the most important ones, the ones that will affect the gameplay the most. So it makes 8 units for each race:

  Hiigaran:			  Vaygr:

Cloaked Fighter			Defender
Cloaked (Strategic) Bomber	Strategic Bomber

				Spy Corvette

Artillery Frigate		Artillery Frigate
Support Frigate			Support Frigate
Drone Frigate

Artillery Destroyer		Artillery Destroyer	

Cruiser				Cruiser

Broadside BC			Missile Battlecruiser

After this is truly finished, I’ll have the luxury to look at one of the 30 or so other ideas.


I had a feeling there were solid concepts behind each of those 16! Thanks for sharing!!! For some reason, I’m especially eager for the Vaygr Defender.

Right now it looks like this:

But I’m still waiting for the comments that I overdone it again.


It looks amazing at the moment! Nothing bad to say.

You, sir, just MADE MY DAY!

I hereby OVERRULE any and all feedback containing negativity or uncertainty, past present or future. Resistance is futile.