[MOD] REARM V2 WIP thread

You working at GBX doing stuff like this… Many, many likes! Current ships are amazing!

:smiley: Funny how you’re quoting Star Trek, when I can’t get rid of the feeling that it looks like some kind of Klingon (maybe) ship, that I forgot existed. Some old faded memory I can’t recover.

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I like it. It does look more “vaygr” when it is folded than when it is deployed… Not sure what I’d change though.

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Actually it kind of reminds me of the Breen ships… and I love the Breen; they are my favorite.

[quote=“Dom2, post:425, topic:127672”]
Not sure what I’d change though.

Sure it looks more Vaygr when not deployed, but it looks more like a Defender when it is deployed. It’s a Vaygr Defender, so I see no problem here :wink:

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If I worked for GBX, I wouldn’t be modelling my own concepts, it’s a cooperative effort, so no chance to “work at GBX to do stuff like this”. You can’t even give them the mod for them to turn it into DLC. Which (aside being genuinely ridiculously pretentious thought on my part) is something they said is never gonna happen. And I can’t do concept art.
Maybe I misunderstood what you meant by “working at GBX”. But whatever you meant, it’s a fantasy.

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yes, yesss, more animation, more animation!

The thought was that the armor panels would:

  • evoke “defense”, as being an armor.
  • evoke this kind of Vaygr fighter silhouette:

Maybe I’m not there yet.

That is also one of the points. Defender is a term that also means something and creates certain expectations.


People usually (and rightfully) have to stop me, otherwise I just might animate half of my ships.

to me, that’d be a huge selling point for a mod!

I suppose. But I’m subtle. You know Homeworld FX: amazing animations and effects, fantastic mod and exactly what my mind doesn’t want to produce. Better subtle, authentic, military sturdy than anything that reminds me of anime. Nothing wrong with that, just isn’t my style.

I do design things that are less blunt than authenic Homeworld would be. But I still try not to go over the top with it.


That’s entirely fair. Going too hog wild with animation can make things start to break down conceptually. An example I would use is this unit from a supreme commander mod: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYyWS4t93L4&t=1m26s I love it because it’s so over the top, but it really is rather silly. I’d totally play a homeworld mod that went all in on that kind of silliness, but that does seem out of step with the general feel of REARM as far as I’ve known it.

That said, animation has often been a good part of homeworld! The kushan probe and defender spring to mind as great examples, plus many small touches on taiidani strike craft. And personally I’d say one of the artistic weaknesses of hw2 is understated shape variance between ships of a class. Your defender up there still uses vaygr shapes, but uses them in ways the stock ships don’t, so that’s pretty nifty in my book. It might be worth experimenting with a central mast, perhaps a sensor cluster of some sort, that doesn’t move when the rest of the arms fold out, but I don’t think that’s absolutely needed.

Like that subtle hiigaran artillery frigate animation? :stuck_out_tongue:

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The first one?
No. :slight_smile: That’s why it doesn’t look like that anymore.

Yeah. The areas that I want to have animated are the Defender, obviously, and the Artillery ships. Probes, yes, but I just remembered that other Utility ships are often animated too (Collectors). So I think the Support Frigates could have an animation. The rest of them should probably stay solid, in one piece.

Well whatever you decide, just try really hard for my sake not to let anyone talk you out of the current Defender design. I just really really like it - not just for the epic (and UNIT APPROPRIATE) animations, but for the Lance Fighter lineage you mentioned… the Lance Fighter is one of my absolute favorite things from HW2.

I’ve got a great feeling about this Defender.


What will that do?

Just a curiosity, in your plannings, did you come to consider prior to starting the previous Rearm to make a complete new race fleet instead? Not implying that you should have done it, but if it had crossed your mind at some point?

Prior to the first REARM?
Well the story was like this:
I discoverred Homeword, in 2008-2009? I knew about it from earlier, but after playing Haegemonia I finally gave it a shot. Later I tried some mods, namely TFS, PDS, Battle Arena…

One day, completely out of the blue, a thought came to me that I could mod a game. I don’t know why, it just did. Not Homeworld, just the idea that I could actually be a modder for any game, I did have the skills.

I spent about a day contemplating whether it would be a near sci-fi mod for ArmA, or a mod for Homeworld. After I realized my contribution would be bigger in Homeworld, because anyone can make a near future military mod, I searched and looked and learned. One or two days later I had my first Hiigaran Double Platform.
It blew my mind how uncomplicated that was and how fast I could get into it. A tutorial about Keepers and giving Bentus some guns, CfHodEd, decompiled Data folder and I had everyhing I needed within a day. Export/import was obj, hardpoints were explained, nothing to stop me.

Then I made the Cloaked Fighter, some Vaygr Frigates and I didn’t stop for years. At the end I got paralized by the sheer amount of experiments I tried to implement, so for two or more years nothing happened at all, but then the HWRM came and with it a chance for a new and completely clear start.

No, there wasn’t really time for that before I started REARM, because the things were rather fast at the beginning.

But there were distractions within REARM. The Nassar race, if you know them. There was an idea floating around about a semi-random scrap parts Homeworld styled race. I also had an idea for a rather non-dignified and generally desperate evolution of out-of-the-garden Kadeshi… And I always wanted to make some Taiidans.
That’s about it.

Sorry for the wall of text.


I’d love to see the Nassar again one day (:

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I don’t even know how would that be done in V2.
I don’t want to make allies again and there’s not enough of them to represent a full race.

The best you can hope for is an NPC race for a map scenario.

If someone else redraw the armor lines (they’re terribly pixelated), made the normal maps and set up the HOD conversion, I could be thinking about using them …for something.
But I cannot give them my time doing all that.

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I’ll probably push for un-animating the armor panels on the Defender. Yeah it’s a small craft, and an archetype that was animated in HW1, but I think fixed panels would give the ship a more robust, ‘defender-like’ appearance.