[MOD] REARM V2 WIP thread

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Aaaabout that.

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Damn I really need that…

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@kinguard In 2004 there were several mods that wanted to do the same thing as REARM; wanted to be an unofficial expansion of HW2 that could be mistaken for an official expansion released by Relic. If Pouk had been modding back then (he started in 2009), perhaps you could have convinced him to join one of those other teams.

Today, there’s only one mod trying to be an unofficial expansion, and that’s REARM. I would encourage anybody interested in creating their own unofficial expansion to instead join the REARM team. Complex has different goals than REARM; goals that don’t interest Pouk.

Rather than “in-source” all models, the Complex team used to cannibalize models from other mods. At the same time, Pouk used to be completely against letting others use his models. There is some bad history between Complex and REARM. It was a different time in the history of Homeworld modding.

It would be nice if the two mod projects could help each other more, but that isn’t likely with the Complex team’s introverted nature and Pouk’s… shall I say “distaste” for the way Complex does things, now and in the past.

[quote=“Pouk, post:1386, topic:127672”]
But Vaygr don’t have wings…
[/quote] I suspect he’s talking about the structures the turrets are mounted to on the the Taiidan Heavy Cruiser and Assault Frigate. An aesthetic choice used even more heavily by this ship (Which, if memory serves, was not originally Vaygr, it was Taiidan. One of many “iconic Complex ships” that actually came from a different mod)

Something about the lighting on the stealth fighter and the carrier’s armor modules looks off. It might be worth checking to see if they also have borked reflection maps.

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Back on the track of the philosophical debate:

16th Sep 09: http://forums.relicnews.com/showthread.php?234033-R-E-A-R-M-alpha-0-0-3c
I suppose I missed the 7th birthday.

Thank you. And I must also say I greatly appreciate your support. It’s a relief to unload some of the tasks and focus on my part and to have someone else on the team. Not being alone in this after all these years is nice.

For the rest of you, @Fil_zp does wepons and balance, he’s a map maker and influences the mod in general. And he is right, the structure is solid this time and the goal clear.

REARM is fueled by nostalgia. It’s the images of book covers I saw as a kid that make me still being here seven years after I started.

The art.
To me it’s art first, the world, the atmosphere…
You know the feeling the Homeworld concept art evokes? I somehow want to create the same feeling, to build the same atmosphere.

As you both said, there are people who see it the same way and they’ll hopefully be here when it’s finished.

This will sound arrogant ‘as hell’, but I don’t know what other way to put it:
I’m not spamming this thread to fuel my sense of attention, I don’t really have one all that much. I’m spamming this place to contribute to it being alive and interconnected. To fuel the forum. I know how it motivates to see some life and I know I’ll be staying here for a long time. So I’m here… I’m glad it helps somehow at least a little. Homeworld is a ‘great’ game and it’s awesome we’re all here. Every single one of you.

This is very well put. Clear and simple. If that was our motivation, why would we be submerged deep in our own mods, when everything else is easier.

My cynical side says “yeah…”. :slight_smile: I’m at home in the void, so I have it easy. But hey, let’s keep the fire, this place is quite alive.

Everything in Homeworld clicked just right to me.

Steam will help. We can hope that with that the mod won’t disappear like they used to with dead download links.

I started modding in 2009. But it’s basically the same story later on. Experiencing the poorer environment gives you that previously mentioned resilience. Like in nature. :slight_smile:

I said I’ll reply to all.

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Yes, quite likely. In fact my initial impulse was to join @Battlecry’s TFS.
But I would disagree with the beginning of your statement. The fact that I couldn’t find one mod that aimed to look and feel like an official expansion was ‘the’ singular reason why I started REARM. TFS was focused on strikecraft dynamics, PDS made capital ships do immelmanns, Complex was the furthest from vanilla as you can go. I wanted the ‘pure’ Homeworld expansion that added some amazing units, but doesn’t attempt to redesign the whole game, or alter its systems and pacing. I played all these mods and though “gorgeous ships, if only they didn’t make barrel rolls”, or “if only they weren’t placed in an empire management mod”.
I wanted Homeworld, but deeper, with more ship -just that. And I didn’t find that.
So I started REARM.

I subscribe to this. REARM is the stable project (although ridiculously slow), but it’s an established mod and unlike @kinguard, I see it as one of the critical mass mods around. It would be nice to attract people instead of someone telling me I should be the one joining someone.
It’s somewhat in a disadvantage for not being a TC or HW1 mod.

Actually after the peace was made (before HWRM), when I said all my old R.E.A.R.M. models are free to use by everyone, Beghins told me I can ask him for help in return. I had some issue I wanted to be solved, I can’t recall what it was, but I could find the details. So I asked him and I never heard from him since.
He missed out then. I’m pretty sure his help was meant to be in the realm of “if I already made it, you (who are hopeless around codes) can try to search for it and separate it from the enormous tangle of code and use it”. Not at all about creating something custom, no matter how tiny.

Funny. In the cynical and sarcastic way.

…And in essence I’m repeating myself, but making a ship that becomes Complex’s iconic is my definition of defeat.
It’s quite enough when people mention that I took the Complex Carrier (the REARM Supercarrier).

Nevertheless, wings. There’s no reason to comment on them in the reply to you, because you know very well I’m not adding any wings to my Cruisers…

The ones I mentioned were maps specific.
The Carrier’s armor brightness of the reflection map is copied from the original ship. Its problem is more about overall sense of saturation due to the lack of dirt and details.
The Stealth Bomber isn’t finished yet. But its jammer gondola has fired up reflections on purpose, many remastered ships have domes and capsules way more reflective than the rest.

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This game is art and we love it.

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Thought I would add in my own comment regarding those made by @kinguard …the view he has expressed is understandable…we live in impatient times and the sheer scope of projects which have been abandoned is certainly distressing…yet equally I have no doubt that @Pouk will see this through to completion…you appear to have a great deal of the same tenacity I share in equal measure (though I am more on the programming side than the artistic). As such, I recognize this commitment to an ideal in spite of any obstacles or set-backs.

I am relatively new to modding, having begun with HW2, and my own project is nearing only its first anniversary (so I am merely an infant in comparison), but I have admired your work from afar for some time.

I have truly enjoyed this thread and wished to let you know I have been reading it over the past while between bouts of effort on my own mod…it has served both as continued inspiration as well as a well of information…I have used it as my reward during times of difficulties–I permit myself 10 minutes of reading in between tasks :slight_smile:

However, now that I have arrived at the end, I felt it was time I contributed something to the discussion and told you how much I appreciate and respect your fine work!

I look forward to more images of your fine workmanship in the months to come!

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This is one of the things I respect about Pouk and it helps keep me motivated as well.

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I should be few hours from finishing this thing:

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Looks super great, and super done! I’m really surprised by how narrow the bomb slits are, but I think I like it much better like this, rather than if it was a normal old big round black hole.

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Inspired by the vanilla Bomber:

I just thought the muzzle is the round thing. :smiley:
Apparently it isn’t, it’s the small vertical slit. At least according to the joints in the HWRM model.

I think I fixed the Stealth Bomber specullar maps:

The Carrier’s armor still isn’t 100% right, yeah.

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I didn’t remember the vanilla one having all of that business, but good appropriation for sure!

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The yet unfinished things include:

  • t̶h̶e̶ ̶l̶o̶w̶e̶r̶ ̶w̶i̶n̶g̶l̶e̶t̶ ̶t̶e̶x̶t̶u̶r̶e̶
  • some messy smoothing groups and open edges around the engine
  • animation-less lower LOD
  • s̶h̶i̶p̶ ̶i̶c̶o̶n̶

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We have a ship icon. In my book, no ship is ever finished without a ship icon:

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Yeah, and that’s a whole journey all on its own. You certainly know what you’re doing though. I can’t even make two buttons look the same as each other, much less like the template.

What the heck is a STRATEGIC Bomber?

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I have my routine way.

  • Render a ship with a flat lighting, save with alpha.
  • inverse the pic, desaturate.
  • add contrast with levels and maybe sharpen filter.
  • fix manually with pencil tool or brushes.
  • add the bright blue outline.
  • add blue overlay with previously tested RGB values and blending modes.
  • add a yellow layer with and the yellow outline.

I won’t lie to you, conceptually it’s supposed to be a complete rip-off of the TFS Strategic Bomber… It’s a good idea, a long range torpedo circlestrafe bomber. I will always be honest about it, I will always say the TFS bomber was an inspiration. And obviously I’ll make my own model, one that’s going to look completely different, because I am building it up from a whole another angle. But honestly I believe that’s fine, because no one really has a monopoly on the concept of the “long range torpedo circlestrafe bomber”, these ideas are really just bound to repeat in another mods intentionally or not. Not my proudest moment, but the mod will benefit and it will be a whole new ship model.

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Nothing wrong with copying stuff. As long you just give credits or tell that it was not your idea originally. Like you did.

Look at how many games there are who are copying stuff from each other in this world. Especially mobile games :smiley:

Sometimes once great idea becomes so common no1 even notices it anymore.

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OK, the Stealth Bomber is officially finished.

Let’s move on to another model.

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Wonderful! I’m not great with specialized tactics, but I surely do love using strike craft… I look forward very much to getting to at least try to use these babies effectively. They are lovely to look at in the meantime.