[MOD] REARM V2 WIP thread

(Not actually Jesus Christ) #1465

How come you used the HW1 Taiidan defender? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway nice work so far, and I bet there will be much more to look at soon.

(REARM V2) #1466

What do you mean?
Both HW1 Defender have the exact same weapon layout, two guns spread wide left and right and the last one straight down.

Plus the Taiidan one has that kind of lower gunner cockpit

(Not actually Jesus Christ) #1467

No, I mean you have the remastered Kushan Defender but the Homeworld 1 version of the Taiidan Interceptor in your post.

(REARM V2) #1468

I didn’t manage to google a picture of the Remastered one…

(ajlsunrise) #1469

Maybe could be part of the CodeRed animation? (And you just have the RootAnim joint setup like STC does)

(doci7) #1470

Dang, those few degrees…

Either way it’s a winner.

(REARM V2) #1471

Well yes, that’s the idea. If you think about it, of course it wouldn’t fly tilted before the open animation.

(Chimas) #1472

Without textures, it resembles the progenitor style.

(REARM V2) #1473

I figured out the gun joints:

Whether I’ll tilt the craft will depend on whether I can make the engine glows follow the body.

(Herbyguitar) #1474

It’s not intended for atmospheric flight so you could tilt the ship, then tilt the aft section back to the original orientation, or just tilt the forward section leaving the aft section stock…

(REARM V2) #1475

I don’t understand you. Also, aren’t both of your examples the same thing?

(doci7) #1476

I think he means you could consider adding a hingepoint that lets the engine continue to point straight back when the whole rest of the thing tilts up, or, you could just pose the arms such that they alone are tilted up those few degrees, and everything else stays straight.

(Herbyguitar) #1477

What @Kragle said

(Hell_Diguner) #1478

The closest would be the V-19 fighter, if its left and right wings were angled upward instead of downward.


If you can make the tilted version work, go for it.

When tilted, the slight upward angle of the two upper arms (from the front profile) and the downward angle of the engines (from the port/starboard profile) are appealing. When not tilted, the thin front profile of the upper arms and main body is appealing.

Knowing this, a partial redesign of the overall geometry might be best. Create the downward angle of the main body in flight mode so that you don’t need a “yaw 20° up” in the code red animation. Then add a little more complexity to the joint for the two upper arms so they can tilt 15° upwards while keeping their front profile thin.


Oh, and I still think the small animated “armor flaps” are overkill and detract from the overall aesthetics :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I think they should be either static and more beefy, a more integral part of the arm’s design; or removed so the ship has a thinner, more simple profile.

(REARM V2) #1479

Ah OK. What you just said made me realize another simpler solution, to just animate a lift of the tilted body up, so the engine meets and matches the original engine glow position.

Anyway, another hingepoint is an overkill, the whole thing would fold like a caterpillar and I don’t want that.

And animating just the arms would get rid of that new found bird profile I learned to like. Even though a couple posts back I was telling myself not to do it…

Oh they are very appealing to me, I love the new shape. That fact is not the problem. I’m just slightly worried I’m creating another overanimated japanese transformer, like the original concept of my Hiigaran Artillery Frigate. What’s in question is the Vaygr authenticity.

But I love it so much I find it hard to abandon. And I always just tell myself at the end that it’s OK it ends up looking nothing like Vaygr, that ‘any’ possible animated Defender would end up looking alien to the Vaygr Design. That it’s unavoidable in principle.
At least it has these triangle shaped shields that give it the Vaygr characteristics.
The ones that you don’t like.

On one hand, they are a guilty pleasure to me, I love them. On the other there’s a shitload of animation on that model already. I don’t mind it on a generic spaceship, I could even add more, but as you pointed out way back when I made that Hiigaran Artillery, too many animations is “un-Homeworldy”. So I try to stay self-conscious about it. And these shields, while I like them, also ring the “overly animated” alarms in my brain.

I could look into the built-in shields. Although they would be more humps than shields, because the upper ones cannot block the cockpit view. The animated shields would also be very hard to abandon, but at least I want to see how it looks like and to make sure I explored all possibilities.

(doci7) #1480

I’d still argue for the idea that the animated shields are fine. The Vaygry profile of all the individual shapes plus the inevitably perfect texture job are going to make the ship VAYGR. The extreme animateyness is what makes the ship a DEFENDER. Granted the Taiidan Defender was static apart from its giant turrets, but personally the Kushan one was always the version that had the biggest impact on me, and I’m probably not alone in this. In a game that had 0 other code red animations (AFAIK), that ship alone had three pop-out guns. That’s a big distinction. But to my knowledge, nobody ever stood up and said of the Kushan Defender, ‘This ship is not Homeworld!’

(Herbyguitar) #1481

…just tilt the front up about 15 degrees and be done with it :slight_smile:

(REARM V2) #1482

But then it doesn’t look like a bird. :smiley:

(Hell_Diguner) #1483

Ah… I associate that shape more with the Hiigarans:

(REARM V2) #1484

On one hand that is actually a good point.

On the other I realized I’m somehow building this into the Vaygr design library. The Carrier Additional Armor, the Defender and my very old weapon station concepts and actual Shield ships I made up in my head some time ago all share these shapes for shields.

So on one hand yes. Though the second one is just a concept. But a good catch there.
But I can work that in.