[MOD] REARM V2 WIP thread

(REARM V2) #1485

Just spamming and showing of new guns:

Nevermind I’ve shown the same thing about five times already.

(Siber) #1486

I’m not at all tired of looking at it.

(HWRM Resurgence) #1487

Looking good still :smiley:

(REARM V2) #1488

Thanks. :slight_smile:
I’m trying to finish the model ASAP to start UV mapping.

(B8factor) #1489

Do you know or have what animations this ship is randomly going to perform during combat? I hope it is going to have a spin!

(REARM V2) #1490

I wasn’t even thinking about flight animations, because the Vaygr Assault Craft doesn’t seem to have one (Hiigarans do), it didn’t come to my mind. But it’s a static ship, being a defender, it’s more about sitting tight and defend the outwards perimeter. It doesn’t really dogfight in the first place.

(REARM V2) #1491

Obnoxious spamming continues and I’m not sorry yet:

This would be a nice shot if all three REARM ships were textured.

I fixed the engine alignment.

(B8factor) #1492

are flight animations something that can be moded on ships or are the Hiigaran ones built into the engine? Working on scenes I witnessed a lot of behaviors of craft I found myself wondering if I could control for a scene. Some ships would occasionally spin on axis, some would cork screw, and then they randomly chose a different way to explode (my favorite was the slow fireball that looks like a comet as it tumbles through space to its inevitable BOOM!)

(REARM V2) #1493

I looked somewhat further and these things are in the ship file:

NewShipType.mirrorAboveManeuver=" ImmelMann, ImmelMann_speedy, OneEightyDegRightTurn, OneEightyDegLeftTurn, None"
NewShipType.mirrorBelowManeuver=" Split_S, Split_S_speedy, OneEightyDegRightTurn, OneEightyDegLeftTurn, None"
NewShipType.specialTurnLeftManeuver="EmergencyLeftTurn, NinetyDegLeftTurn, None"
NewShipType.specialTurnRightManeuver="EmergencyRightTurn, NinetyDegRightTurn, None"

Since the Defender is based on the Assault Craft ship file, it inherited them. I’m not sure yet whether I’ll have to calm it down. But it seemed fine so far.

(Sastrei) #1494

@b8factor Super moddable - I created an end for end flip based on the vipers from BSG. I can make it available to you both if you’d like it.

(REARM V2) #1495

I don’t have a particular use for it and I don’t suspect I ever will mod this aspect of the game, but it would be a nice thing to study.

(B8factor) #1496

Absolutely… as xmas nears, I am closer and closer to more free time. I am itching to do another mission, I have learned so much since the last mission and have a plethora of ideas to try! I just need the time to sit down and start typing!

(Hell_Diguner) #1497

I stitched this together for personal use.

I’m less fond of the tilted version in-game than when I was judging from just screenshots, so I more firmly stand by what I said: [quote=“Hell_Diguner, post:1478, topic:127672”]
…a partial redesign of the overall geometry might be best. Create the downward angle of the main body in flight mode so that you don’t need a “yaw 20° up” in the code red animation. Then add a little more complexity to the joint for the two upper arms so they can tilt 15° upwards while keeping their front profile thin.

(doci7) #1498

Another, easy-button-er solution you could consider is adding a thrust-vectoring flap or flaps to the bottom (and maybe top) of the main thruster. Not that ships flying with partial traverses in their thrust is really very un-Homeworld… I think of the happy good ol’ days where ships performing evasive maneuvers would leap up, down, sideways and diagonal and corvettes would circle-strafe, and all the while the thrust would be coming from the main engine as if the thing were somehow able to direct the craft in those crazy directions.

(REARM V2) #1499

That’s the thing, I like the tilted version more because of its more horizontal body and the whole bird-like shape it then creates, rather than just because it simply has its arms up.
It’s much much better looking, the only ever question to me was whether it’s authentic enough, not nicer.

Also it’s absolutely clear now that the top side has to have the animated shields, they can’t be fixed shields. The bottom ones can be and I’ll test them.

You’re running the steam version, right? Because the core build already has its guns updated and partially textured.

@Kragle I don’t really want another moving part, it’s a transformer already. But I think you’re onto something, I could add a smaller engine nozzle on the upper part, so when it’s tilted it flies with its engines looking right.

One thing I’m sure about is its profile when its folded.
…at least some victory.
I wanted to start UV mapping already, all of this is not helping.

(doci7) #1500

Starting with the guns??? You??? :smile:

(REARM V2) #1501

I’m doing it especially to surprise you! :smiley:

…Also maybe slightly because they’re the only thing I’m absolutely sure of at this point.

(Hell_Diguner) #1502

What do you mean by horizontal body? That the thruster aligns more closely with the ship’s center of mass?

[aaand the forum crops the image :cloud_lightning:]

These are lines of action. Orange is the engine trail, blue the main body, green the upper arms, red the lower arm, magenta the turrets and bullets.

The top image (non-tilted) has clean lines of action, but the figure is not balanced. Imbalance is not undesirable in general (in animation), but it is undesirable in this case since we associate the center of balance with the line of action of the thrusters (orange) for space ships with a single thruster.

The middle image (tilted) has its orange line of action in aligned with the center of mass / center of balance, but the orange and blue lines of action are no longer aligned. Many aesthetic elements of Homeworld ships (especially near the thrusters) are always aligned vertically or horizontally with the orange line of action. The trapezoidal structures attached to the port and starboard side of Vaygr fighters are such elements. “Blue” elements which to not align with the orange line of action look out of place; look unauthentic. No matter how much you fiddle with other elements, this misalignment won’t look right.

The bottom image is what I keep suggesting. Orange and blue lines of action remain aligned, but the green and red lines of action have been shifted so the overall center of balance aligns with the orange line of action. And I think it is still possible to create the bird-like shape you’re now focusing on. The red and green lines of action don’t necessarily need to meet at the same place to shift the center of balance in line with the orange (and blue) lines of action.

(REARM V2) #1503

I’m really sorry I don’t have time for a longer reply, I barely have any for this one. But let’s make what I can:

What I like is this profile seen below, combined with really tall “shoulders”:

Examples of tall shoulders:

The Vulture shows perfectly what I mean by “bird-like” - hanging down from its wings. Like here:

The design I made here is accidentally gorgeous to me. The birdness of it. I didn’t plan it that way but I fell in love with the pleasant surprise.

I wish I have time for more, but I have to fly. But pictures show more than words could ever do, so I hope you understand my appeal of it now.

I ‘will’ reply to you in more detail, but probably not even today, I have all day off PC.

(REARM V2) #1504

Your lines:

Current, balanced:

Perspective, as I like it:

Your suggestion Unedited. Unbalanced:

In perspective. Alright looking:

Your suggestion Edited to be balanced, exactly the way you draw your lines:

In perspective. It has a rather cuteness from a side perspective view:

But a cute turret is not what I want and its wide spread profile looks really bad from the front:

All made in a really big hurry.