[MOD] REARM V2 WIP thread

(REARM V2) #1573

Awesome. What 3D editor you have is of no consequence. Blender will do just fine, you just need it to see the texture on the model, to have some feedback. But in what form the model will be presented is irrelevant to the work on the texture.

Now the texture work preferably would be compatible, but doesn’t necessary have to. But there are other things, like normal maps, that will require some creative workarounds or task splitting, if you won’t have Photoshop. See, many of us use this Photoshop plugin called NDo, that is an amazing thing for drawing the normal maps with in the Photoshop. And the normal maps then are used for the fake-ish ambient occlusion layer that you can use for basic shading of your texture. it does a lot of work for you. If you have a Photoshop CS6 and newer, you can even use the 3D texturing with DDO plugin Unifin presented in his video.

If you’ll stick with the Gimp, then either I’ll give you the basic texture after I’ll make the whole normal map. Or you’ll make the armor lines and I turn them into normal map and send the thing back to you.

Corel Draw isn’t relevant here.

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #1574

There is a normal map plugin for gimp but it isn’t great…

(doci7) #1575

Dang it. No wonder that one time I tried to use DDO I couldn’t figure out how to 3D-doodle.

(REARM V2) #1576

I can’t 3D-doodle either…
But at least I have two screens, so at least that helps.

(jelrak) #1577

I will see if I still have a copy of Photoshop at the office…I seem to recall us having it at some point, but we no longer use it there so perhaps no one would mind if it went ‘missing’ for a time (although I am not certain of the version)… :wink:

In the meantime we could certainly begin in as simple a way as possible with Gimp and Blender. I will likely have to learn the correct tools to use in each of these programs so something fairly basic as a beginning will help build my confidence towards something more useful. How would you like to pass over the files? I could PM you my email address…or…?

(REARM V2) #1578

Where is the Deathmatch file anyway?

(Sastrei) #1579

@pouk scripts > rules > deathmatch.lua

There is another deathmatch.lua in scripts > rules > deathmatch that contains the logic

(REARM V2) #1580

There it is, thank you.

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Mm, that looks great!

(Hell_Diguner) #1583

You might want to make smaller “windows” for the secondary (arm) cockpit. As-is, the secondary cockpit looks larger than the main one. The division between team and stripe is convenient for smaller windows, as well.

(REARM V2) #1584

It’s the primary cockpit that’s still way too small. Also it only represents the dark baseplate the Vaygr windows sit in, plus no detail should ever adjust to team colors -when you allign the lines on purpose, that’s the thing that looks awkward.
But you’re definitelly right that the gunner’s cockpit should be smaller, I’ll just make it smaller in comparison. I need to enlarge the pilot’s one.


Update on the cockpit:

(doci7) #1585

It’s extremely great to see this coming along; I’ve been especially excited about this ship ever since you first teased the model, but never knew whether it might end up taking years for you to develop it past that point :sweat_smile:

After all, any number of other ships might have come first in your to-do list.

(REARM V2) #1586

Vaygr ships shouldn’t take years. :slight_smile:
Anymore. :confused:

(Hell_Diguner) #1587

As a common pitfall to avoid, sure, but I’m not convinced that’s a hard and fast rule.

(REARM V2) #1588

To go out of your way to make sure your texture and team colors don’t ever meet, I suppose not. But to work on each of them separately and not let one shape the other, yeah I do that.

For instance here’s an example of a detail I’m quite unhappy about, where it just happened for the texture and team colors to meet by chance:

And it looks awkward. But I suppose I’ll keep it in…

So when I look at the cockpit, I’m not worried about whether it meets the team colors or not, that’s a non-issue, a separate matter entirely. The singular thing I care about is, whether I want the cockpit to continue so far forward it bends into a semi-front view. And I found out I do.
Also the Vaygr cockpits usually have a paint-free rectangle around them, so in the end the stripes won’t even reach the windows.

(REARM V2) #1589

Remember how the old HS Gate didn’t fit the Cruiser hangar? Now this one will. The HS Exit Gate (one directional travel):

Along with the Defender, this thing is yet another transformer:

And I’m sorry, this time I don’t care for anyone’s criticism that it doesn’t fold the right way, I don’t have time for this. :slight_smile: Only five people in the world will build HS Gates from Cruisers anyway. Even though it’s a cool trick.

(Siber) #1590

Looks ingenious to me

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #1591

I like it - can we see a comparison with the stock gate?

(REARM V2) #1592