[MOD] REARM V2 WIP thread

(REARM V2) #1613

It’s a bunch of three things forming a round thing.
It came to me while I sat on the toilet.
That’s the whole (true) story.

But since that’s not very appealing or glamorous, I should probably say it’s a symbol of an offshoot branch of devoted Sajuuk worshipers, who don’t see Sajuuk as a literal god, but as a way to ascension by the means of technological advancement. And they don’t stop at nothing to reach their goal.

Or that they are pirates and smugglers who are having such a bad year, that their current business is smuggling bobbleheads of the Taiidan emperor. And man it’s tough, nobody wants them anymore.

That said I’m not good with lore at all. I skip it completely. Couple months ago I started writing a REARM manual. And Hell_Diguner mentioned something along the lines of “Oh, so you meant the technical and tactical manual, not the story”.

I might sprinkle at least some lore spice at my new custom maps, I think that’s a good idea. Not just say “two player map with large dustclouds formed in four arms”. But also “an ancient place that… something …sacred …Progenitors”.

(doci7) #1614

Wonderful! I’ll have to try this “toilet” some time… maybe I too shall glean much-needed inspiration…

That sounds like pretty solid lore to me. These guys would probably get serious backing after the fact that Sajuuk is a ship comes to light.

Are you kidding? Who wouldn’t want a bobblehead that looks like this(?!?):

Hecks yeah.[quote=“Pouk, post:1613, topic:127672”]
I might sprinkle at least some lore spice at my new custom maps, I think that’s a good idea.

Yes it is.

(El Rizzo) #1615

Isn’t the emperor just the little silhouette in the bubble not the entire upside down snowglobe ?

(REARM V2) #1616

Much inspiration is to be gained on the toiled.
-I should add that into the “The Art of Modding” thread as a part of the secret modding wisdom.
Wait, it was me who started that thread? I just found out I’m the author of it. Oh my god, I’m such a moron. :smiley:

Whoever wants it can keep it.

You know I could even spice the ship texts in the manual. By using things like:

  • “The Stealth Bomber was developed as a response to…”,
  • “The Vaygr Cruiser was used mostly as a smaller self sufficient patrol ship on the outskirts of the Vaygr ever fluid territory”,
  • “not often deployed and a rare sight on the battlefield”.

-These kinds of semi-lore, semi gameplay, yet reasonably sounding bits of realism. I like that, that’s a good idea. Thanks for the inspiration.

Bobblehead in the snowglobe. When you shake it, it snows ashes of a fallen planet and the emperor shakes his head in mad delight.
They fallen out of market. Now they still keep the snowglobe theme, they just replaced the emperor with exile Karan S’Jet standing on the surface of the burning Taiidan Hiigara. And of course even more popular one with Karan floating in her Mothership control room. The emperor snowglobe isn’t popular anymore. But they are still snowglobes.

(doci7) #1617

Yes, do it; that great assortment of deep insight should not remain buried where no one can find it, and there is no more proper and truthful addition to be made to it that I can think of.


-mind… blown

Nay, I do declare… no more so than the persona of “Fleet Command” is just the little Karan floating in the tube. In fact surely much less so. I think of an unbound persona as sort of a composite entity… the base person melded to the fundamentally foreign computer processing. The computer can be over-engineered to the umpteenth degree and thus it multiplies the faculties of the connected brain many times over, making it able to solve incredibly complex problems and process whatever input the computer is tied into (ship sensors and etc.). The brain brings to the table the self-aware will and purpose that is foreign to the glorified-calculator-nature of the computer. These might be extremely obvious facts about the idea of the neural interface, but because of this amalgamation, I tend to think of the whole apparatus shown here as the Emperor. He would be fundamentally different if not for his giant computer exo-brain-thingy, and surely over his many (MANY) long years in this state, being unplugged would probably be much worse than losing a limb.

I have to quote the really great thing that Aaron Kambeitz said in The Art of Homeworld. It was concerning Makaan, but when I read it I was instantly struck how he expressed so perfectly and concisely the way I thought of the Taiidan Emperor and what he must’ve been like:

Makaan is an example of the anti-Karan S’jet. He’s given himself wholly to the machine he lives in…
…He’s a full figure, but he lives in a tube, and the point is that he’s not even an important part of the machine. It’s not like he sits on a throne. A classic emperor sits at the focus of things. He’s at the center of power, so the visual designer enforces that. Makaan is not. He’s like a bit of biology stuck in a pipe somewhere in the machine. He’s like a great big tank with a hermit crab hanging off the bottom and a whole bunch of pipes, and you have no idea where he is. He’s not the focus - he’s completely lost himself to that system of power and life support that he uses to augment himself. His actual body is no longer relevant. You see the body there and it’s supposed to arouse pity.

(Snake_B5) #1618

Doc, is that you ?

(REARM V2) #1619

Great Scott!

I’m renaming the badge to flux capacitor.

(Snake_B5) #1620

\o/ :grinning:

(REARM V2) #1621

A bit closer to finish:

If I wanted to be fast, I could ‘easily’ cut the work right here. But my curse is that I’m not done until I’m done…
Damn I hate texturing.

(HWRM Resurgence) #1622

For me texturing is the best part, mostly because i see model or concept coming alive.

(REARM V2) #1623

I envy you so much.

(Snake_B5) #1624

a real beauty, for sure :heart_eyes:

(doci7) #1625

It’s truly magnificent! Of course I can’t know how much time goes into the texturing, but what comes out simply could not be more authentic… certainly not to my eyes.

(Chimas) #1626
click here

I know it’s not finished, but I got a good angle and details

(REARM V2) #1627

Steam version needs an update, from what I see missing it’s two weeks old.

Edit: Updated.

(doci7) #1628

Looks really great in bee colors!

(Chimas) #1629

emblem = “DATA:badges/VGR_D61LM.TGA”,
stripecolour = { 255, 211, 0, },
teamcolour = { 18, 27, 34, },

is the name of the color scheme I use for the Vaygr. I have one color scheme for each faction.

(REARM V2) #1630

Oh wait, these rotation limits aren’t set quite right:

(REARM V2) #1631

Diffuse texture’s done:

(doci7) #1632

“Done”? Oh, what a wonderful word is “done”! Especially where it pertains to diffuse texturing. If it was me, this would mean that the ship is now completely finished :sweat_smile:

It looks fantastic, and it does look done!