[MOD] REARM V2 WIP thread

(REARM V2) #1834

Homophones play. :slight_smile:
Real life. We’re close to the release of our game, my time didn’t turn out to be as free as i hoped. But it definitely is on my mind.

(ajlsunrise) #1835

Huh, and here I was thinking it was more like the sound in poultry…

(REARM V2) #1836

I have this weirdest issue that I can’t troubleshoot. I don’t really expect anyone to make sense of it, but here it is:

I’m building a Destroyer hod in Hodor. And whenever I do that, the final ship has old textures.

The tga DIFF texture for instance. It’s in the right place, triplechecked. If I update it, or if I repaint it to colorful nonsense, the final ship in game has the older specific version of that texture with no updates.

Nevertheless if I delete it entirely, the final ship in game is white as it should.

And when I open the DAE file, it feeds in the correct updated textures.

I don’t get what my game is loading.
So that’s what I’m dealing with now.

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #1837

That happened to me once. I think I had to rename the material.

EDIT: I think the root cause was that steam had backed up the half-finished HOD somewhere and then it was always loading those materials.

(REARM V2) #1838

Thank you for the reply, that does sound exactly like the cause. At the end I was narrowing it down to “what the hell was my GPU loading if not the fresh assets”.
I did try to rename my material by putting underscore in there. It didn’t work, but I’ll go after it deeper. Maybe renaming the textures themselves. Thank you man.

It probably only needed only one of these changes, but I renamed both the material and the textures and it helped. Thanks. :slight_smile:

(REARM V2) #1839

Slowly moving forward:

A year later.

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #1840

Looking awesome as ever. Good to have you back!

(REARM V2) #1841

Thank you. :slight_smile: Good to be doing something rather than opening a file, not knowing where to start and closing it again.

(Goose3) #1842

Sometimes it can also happen that the conversion fails as the meshes or uv’s weren’t properly mapped and thus not properly exported which is why it loaded an older version of said assets which still contained a working functionality. I had that once myself. How ever in Blender though.

In my case Blender export to a game specific engine was bugged as the engine couldn’t handle my model that was way to intense for the engine to make sense of.

(REARM V2) #1843

Getting closer:

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #1844

I thought I would quickly fire up the REARM alpha build that I have access to, just to play around, ended up getting sucked into a pretty intense game against the AI…

First I started building stealth bombers and flying them around the map, because they look cool and so does the background…

Unfortunately they don’t make great scouts, and it was getting hard to find the enemy, until suddenly they appeared in my back yard. All my bombers were all over the map by this point, and I had no corvettes due to trying to fast-track to the heavy ships…

Fortunately I just managed to get my Missile Battlecruiser into action (it is literally on its own at this point) before they took out all my production ships!

Reinforcements are on the way…but this is a big map, so it could be a while. Still, enjoying the look of the missile destroyer :slight_smile:

Finally some help has arrived!

Ok, now I had a cruiser in action as well, I was getting pretty confident that this is going my way, even if they were still slaughtering the strike craft I was trying to bring up to escort the big ships…

And then oh my word where did that marine frigate come from and now I am fighting my own missile destroyer as well…

There goes my missile battlecruiser…

As you can see from that shot, I had basically lost control of my build strategy at this point, I had loads of resources and all I was doing was panic-buying. In the end I had to retreat and build up a decent frigate-based force to escort my cruisers to final victory!

Anyway, @Pouk where are you? Hope this inspires you to dust off the REARM files…

(REARM V2) #1845

Oh man you know this is so amazing and that it gives me a warm feeling inside. You know how great it is to see others to play your creation. Thanks, I really appreciate such a snapshot of your skirmish match. :slight_smile:

I wish I had time. But I’m in the area of my life where I practically have none. I promised my part on a project and while it shouldn’t take long, i barely have time even for that.

REARM is still on my mind. I’m thinking about it more often now. But damn, right now I can’t. I’ll get back to it when I can.

(Chimas) #1846

Hi Pouk,
Just played Rearm after some time to get screenshots
They are here,

Rearm V2 Album

If I could ask to finish only one ship right now, that would be the VGR Production Carrier. I know it kinda breaks the Vaygr “doctrine” for carriers, but it’s so cool to see those production modules.
HW Carriers, stock or fan-made, are iconic for me.
We really “need” this carrier.
For the Glory of Makaan …

ps: I published one fo the SS in Facebook

(REARM V2) #1847

Hey Chimas!
I like these pictures with the Artillery DDs with Assault Crafts in interesting angles. These ones:

Although it really shows the ship isn’t finished in there.

I have that google drive gallery bookmarked and I check it from time to time.

I would like to finish the Production Carrier and you know I can make it my next ship after this one. There’s no particular reason for any order. So why not this one, if it’s wanted.
The problem is the time. The whole January will still be completely killed by another project I’m working on for a friend. That one has a set deadline that has to be met. But after January it should be free enough for me to touch it again. That sucks but that’s real live.

About the Carrier itself and the Vaygr doctrine …yeah, it does kind of break it. In a way. We only see one type of Carrier in the game, the rest are fully functional Flagship and Shipyard that can manufacture the whole range. The Carrier does break the rule of one production slot for the class, yes, but from the lore viewpoint, the rule might be a perception illusion. Just because there isn’t an example, it doesn’t mean a ship like such can’t exist. (I know you didn’t argument against it, I’m just laying down my reasoning.)
The area where you could argue a problem is the gameplay, namely the unitcaps. Vaygr can simply build more Carriers.
But I find it rather self-balancing. Building these Carriers is cool, but if you’re going for production efficiency, the standard Carrier is the way to go. Much cheaper, because you don’t pay for the extra features you won’t use as often.

The reason this Carrier exists is the original plan to go with the 3rd level of specialized Advanced Research Modules for Hiigaran and 2nd level for Vaygr. They had themes to add a specific flavors to your fleet. Very cool ideas on paper, but I admit a failure in practice. They were too obscure to make an intuitive sense in them for anyone who didn’t make them (so the world population minus me) and even I never really committed to building them (too much hustle, other more pressing priorities in combat, unwillingness to invest the RU…). So the only thing they did was that they served as a gatekeeper for most mod units, which was ridiculous. So I removed the Advanced Research Modules and listed the mod units into a normal research.
The Production Carrier was there under the Mass Production Research Module. A fun little branch of tech for those Vaygr Zerg-like players. So that’s the history.

Despite that I still think they’re interesting, that they bring something new to the table. The new standard for units in V2 isn’t something that’s just cool, but a ship that brings something new to the table (and hopefully is also cool in doing so. :slight_smile: ). The Production Carrier does tick that box.

He pays for it in higher price and in the lack of Sensor slots (which is actually quite functional counter balance -you will get ambushed if you just send it into an asteroid field alone with an assumption that it’ll do just fine on its own. It won’t. :slight_smile:
Speaking of asteroids another thing I’m still not decided on is the lack of resource abilities. It may have them, it may not have them, we’ll see.
But as I said earlier, to me the biggest argument is the cost. If I actually want to swarm my enemy, I just build three vanilla Carriers that will generate three simultaneous production lines for the lower possible cost. The reason I don’t think it’s game breaking is that this is still a better option for a symmetric full scale war.
Also we can easily unit cap it to two Production Carriers for one Vaygr player.

(Chimas) #1848

Sure, take your time. “Do this first” is just a way to compliment your work.
Sometimes requests can be a siren song, so don’t lose your focus.

I knew you would have a comprehensive concept about utility. Sure, mods have to exploit gaps or ppl won’t use it. I really wish we could have some sort of HW convention so each mod could explain the concepts behind the ships. That would be a good starship warfare fest.

If it’s a late game ship, maybe the resource collection will be solved by then.

One option you could think of is a carrier that is able to pass HS inhibitors, so it’s an assault ship that you could load with fighters and corvettes for the jump and deploy “behind enemy lines”, or at least being able to deploy in green condition areas (not sure if this is codable). It would work like a special operations carrier, not needing a whole fleet to protect, or (cruiser carrier). And I know it would create some problems to counter it, once nobody leaves protection in Res Op areas and etc. Or It could be used to target subsystems and then to runaway.
But, anyway, just a thought. I’m already thinking of a spectacle rather than a strategic asset.

Another issue, if you have any new background that you want SS, let me know. I didn’t test all maps. Yet.

(REARM V2) #1849

I really don’t know if you could code a HS inhibitor penetration.
But in a way I already have it. I have Hyperspace Beacons in the mod that can build Carriers. So you can just send that fast probe-like thing anywhere and make a cluster of Carriers and Infiltrator Frigates in the enemy’s backyard. It’s a lot of fun when you can pull it off. Though it’s not really for direct attacks, it’s mostly for simultaneous attack on multiple fronts.

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #1850

I like thinking of inventive uses for probe-class ships. Like a super-torpedo --> quite slow but when it arrives it detonates with a big splash damage…or an EMP probe, simlar but with a massive EMP blast radius.

(Gregorymthompso1) #1851

I liked Cataclysm’s plasma canon for the mothership. that would essentially be a probe that blows up on arrival… you had to plan since recharge rates are so slow but also your opponents couldn’t plan to just sit around in one place.

what about a probe that inhibits the opponent’s sensors?

(Alpha 1) #1852

Sensor disruption probes do that. They hide ships from the sensor manager unless you have a ship inside their distortion field.

(REARM V2) #1853

They do. But I do believe that they’d be used ten times more often if they had smoke (or dust cloud, or film grain filter) effect…
I’m serious. They communicate their function by a vector line rendered bubble representing the area of multiplier applied to the sensor range.
Or you could just cover your army in smoke…
We all know what it does, but I doubt many of us use it anyway. A human mind just applies it better if it’s more self-evident.