[MOD] REARM V2 WIP thread

(REARM V2) #1834

Homophones play. :slight_smile:
Real life. We’re close to the release of our game, my time didn’t turn out to be as free as i hoped. But it definitely is on my mind.

(ajlsunrise) #1835

Huh, and here I was thinking it was more like the sound in poultry…

(REARM V2) #1836

I have this weirdest issue that I can’t troubleshoot. I don’t really expect anyone to make sense of it, but here it is:

I’m building a Destroyer hod in Hodor. And whenever I do that, the final ship has old textures.

The tga DIFF texture for instance. It’s in the right place, triplechecked. If I update it, or if I repaint it to colorful nonsense, the final ship in game has the older specific version of that texture with no updates.

Nevertheless if I delete it entirely, the final ship in game is white as it should.

And when I open the DAE file, it feeds in the correct updated textures.

I don’t get what my game is loading.
So that’s what I’m dealing with now.

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #1837

That happened to me once. I think I had to rename the material.

EDIT: I think the root cause was that steam had backed up the half-finished HOD somewhere and then it was always loading those materials.

(REARM V2) #1838

Thank you for the reply, that does sound exactly like the cause. At the end I was narrowing it down to “what the hell was my GPU loading if not the fresh assets”.
I did try to rename my material by putting underscore in there. It didn’t work, but I’ll go after it deeper. Maybe renaming the textures themselves. Thank you man.

It probably only needed only one of these changes, but I renamed both the material and the textures and it helped. Thanks. :slight_smile:

(REARM V2) #1839

Slowly moving forward:

A year later.

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #1840

Looking awesome as ever. Good to have you back!

(REARM V2) #1841

Thank you. :slight_smile: Good to be doing something rather than opening a file, not knowing where to start and closing it again.

(Goose3) #1842

Sometimes it can also happen that the conversion fails as the meshes or uv’s weren’t properly mapped and thus not properly exported which is why it loaded an older version of said assets which still contained a working functionality. I had that once myself. How ever in Blender though.

In my case Blender export to a game specific engine was bugged as the engine couldn’t handle my model that was way to intense for the engine to make sense of.

(REARM V2) #1843

Getting closer:

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #1844

I thought I would quickly fire up the REARM alpha build that I have access to, just to play around, ended up getting sucked into a pretty intense game against the AI…

First I started building stealth bombers and flying them around the map, because they look cool and so does the background…

Unfortunately they don’t make great scouts, and it was getting hard to find the enemy, until suddenly they appeared in my back yard. All my bombers were all over the map by this point, and I had no corvettes due to trying to fast-track to the heavy ships…

Fortunately I just managed to get my Missile Battlecruiser into action (it is literally on its own at this point) before they took out all my production ships!

Reinforcements are on the way…but this is a big map, so it could be a while. Still, enjoying the look of the missile destroyer :slight_smile:

Finally some help has arrived!

Ok, now I had a cruiser in action as well, I was getting pretty confident that this is going my way, even if they were still slaughtering the strike craft I was trying to bring up to escort the big ships…

And then oh my word where did that marine frigate come from and now I am fighting my own missile destroyer as well…

There goes my missile battlecruiser…

As you can see from that shot, I had basically lost control of my build strategy at this point, I had loads of resources and all I was doing was panic-buying. In the end I had to retreat and build up a decent frigate-based force to escort my cruisers to final victory!

Anyway, @Pouk where are you? Hope this inspires you to dust off the REARM files…

(REARM V2) #1845

Oh man you know this is so amazing and that it gives me a warm feeling inside. You know how great it is to see others to play your creation. Thanks, I really appreciate such a snapshot of your skirmish match. :slight_smile:

I wish I had time. But I’m in the area of my life where I practically have none. I promised my part on a project and while it shouldn’t take long, i barely have time even for that.

REARM is still on my mind. I’m thinking about it more often now. But damn, right now I can’t. I’ll get back to it when I can.