[MOD] Resurgence WIP

(BitVenom) #201

It shouldn’t be, no - post patch files built with HODOR will shorten the names/paths - and that should fix it. Generally though, you should split them off to their own texture - it improves the chance to re-use them, protects them from being used with a lower quality based on a card’s ‘max texture size’ setting (which can be lower than you think based on user pref) - as they’ll probably end up on a smaller texture that doesn’t need to scale down - where the ship won’t.

(REARM V2) #202

I think I’ll just remap it someplace else and leave an awkward hole in the original one. It’ll make me look like a moron if anyone ever looks inside, but it’s apparenty objectively an improvement to what I have now.

(BitVenom) #203

Yup, you own that awkward hole!

(Alex Alvarez) #204

Wow, and POUK says MY ships designs are way too OP . . .

(Alex Alvarez) #205

How does one establish communication with you OUTSIDE the forum, good sir. I may have a proposal for your models, IF you’re interested.

(HWRM Resurgence) #206

You can send me pm here at forums or at moddb http://www.moddb.com/members/uni1

(BitVenom) #207

You can also just PM them - it’s private (unless they add people), and still somewhat anon. Please don’t reply here with any personal or contact info :wink:

(Alex Alvarez) #208

as a new member, I don’t have PM ability . . . yet, unfortunately. I shall try to continue the conversation over on ModDB to keep from unnecessarily spamming this thread.

Apologies for the noobness . .

(BitVenom) #209

Nah, it’s okay! :slight_smile: I didn’t know newbs can’t PM…

(HWRM Resurgence) #210

Just a turret wip.
It’s supposed to replace dual barrel hiigaran mass drivers. Which is used in destroyers and such.

Also found that turrets in HWRM actually have teamcolors, but no stripe? :open_mouth:
Blue is teamcolor in pics.

(REARM V2) #211

Why would a DD turret need stripe colors?

(Sastrei) #212

Why not? :smiley:

(REARM V2) #213

Technically there’s no reason not to allow it, but that’s not what I’m pointing at.

In the big picture, on a big capital ship as a whole, the stripe colors are sparse and having them on all turrets from no other reason than that you could would feel incredibly forced.

(HWRM Resurgence) #214

I did not say that i was going to put stripes on em.

I guess “but no stripe” kinda gived that i was going to put stripes on this. Oh well… i am not.

Actually i was first going for non team/stripe colors turret, but then looked hw2 destroyer and found that they have team colors but no stripe.

(Chimas) #215

Sometimes coincidences occur.

Take a look at this:

It’s from one of those chinese mods, I think it’s called Fey Yali.
Source: http://tieba.baidu.com/f?ie=utf-8&kw=家园2

Not saying you should change anything, just letting you know.

(HWRM Resurgence) #216

I dont get it. what i am supposed to look at :smiley:

They have pretty nice things there tho.

EDIT: now the image actually shows

Yeah it haves some elements similar to my own.
But those long barrels are long gone from my design and flaps/wings are not really my thing with bigger ships.

(HWRM Resurgence) #217

Finished. Did some mesh changes and did normals from scracth again i think it’s better now.

Now time to do second turret.

(REARM V2) #218

I like the top part of the turret.

(HWRM Resurgence) #219

Reason why i was not happy with first one was primarily that it did not had gun depression that much. Now it haves -10/+55 and looks reasonable when being at those positions.

I try to make these turrets have much gun depression as possible. Gun elevation is not really problem as long i have more than 45 degrees.

I think it looks good too!
I didn’t bother to do that much little details as you cant really look turret from this close anyways. And it’s not really a big turret.

(HWRM Resurgence) #220

Flak turret.
It haves red color because original had too. Blueish is team color.
Depression/elevation -30/+55